What movie is so perfect that if it would remade, it would be a crime against humanity?

  1. The amount of sheer effort that went into the production of that film is mind-blowing, especially when you consider the fact that the animation was still done using the old cel animation process! There is NO topping that.

  2. Disney+'s new Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers movie plays on a similar dynamic. I enjoyed it as a fun watch with my family, but still think Who Framed Roger Rabbit did it better.

  3. So only mildly related but I get so annoyed at the internet meme of imagining muppet remakes where only one person is a human. The muppets only did two feature length adaptations of major works (Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol) and the major thing in them is that the world is a blend of muppet and human. The muppets are accepted as part of the human world, the humans aren't visiting the muppet world.

  4. It would be impossible to remake that perfect movie. The cast, story, and practical effects are wonderful. A remake would be full of CGI and a bullshit script.

  5. One time I was wearing a FR set of coveralls for welding and someone told me I looked like Ripley from Alien and I think it was the best compliment I ever received.

  6. I feel like a Jaws remake could be good but I don’t think it would be good. I just don’t think we’d ever be lucky enough to get the perfect storm of it being different enough from the original to stand on its own but respectful enough to the source material to not be insulting.

  7. This movie could never ever do the original justice. I get there are so many good movies here and Jaws also probably would suck, but this one could never be re-done.

  8. I rewatched it a few months ago and my God is Anthony Hopkins an amazing actor. The very first scene where he's looking directly into the camera before looking at the picture was chilling. I thought he was looking at the picture first but he was staring at Jodi Foster. I felt that creepyness through the screen.

  9. Not a remake but I would have loved to have see how they tackled the story in Hannibal the tv series. I loved the way they adapted Red Dragon.

  10. That opening voice-over is still some of the best and most succinct bits of storytelling ever. The book opening was great but the movie made it even better.

  11. My son is approaching the age I think he should watch this movie. It will be a big deal for me. This movie is a right of passage. At 40, this movie still holds the test of time

  12. I have a funny but crazy story. I worked at a record store in the 90’s. We had a box set with the VHS, the book, extra scenes booklet and poster in it.

  13. Schindler is an escalator manufacturer. Every time I ride one, and I mention that it's Schindler's Lift.

  14. If they tried to remake it today, I don't know if they could do that beautiful epilogue where the actors and the real people they portrayed go to pay their respects at the real Schindler's grave. I would imagine a lot of those people are no longer with us.

  15. Without John Candy that would be like trying to remake the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in a Denny's with only Ketchup and Mustard. Just a tragic, ill-conceived imitation.

  16. First one that jumped to mind. Nobody could match Morgan Freeman's narration of the story, and it's a period piece so nothing could be done to make it look or feel more like the time in which it takes place. It's just perfect.

  17. it’s actually scheduled to be released april of next year which is a tragedy all around since it’s clearly not gonna live up to the original

  18. JAWS. There’s no way it would be made today without CGI and the fact the shark would have much more screen time would take away from the fear of the unknown. How the shark had such little screen time is what made the film so terrifying.

  19. You want a remake? I can get you a remake, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don't wanna know about it, believe me. I'll get you a remake by 3:00 this afternoon.

  20. The best part of fight club is the fact people unironically agree with what the main character says, despite it being a criticism of how dumb the main character is.

  21. One thing they could never replicate was the fact that it was produced during the war. Some of the bit actors were displaced persons. Part of France was occupied, and the other wasn't truly autonomous. Think about that during the "Marseillaise" scene next time. It's no small wonder why so much emotion comes through.

  22. DEAD POETS SOCIETY. The fact that studios are currently trying to remake it is so heartbreaking, both because it's a wonderful movie, but also because... you know, Robin Williams :(

  23. I’ve watching this movie at different stages of my life and at each stage, I pick up on things I missed the first time. It gets sadder as I get older. Rest easy Robin.

  24. I once made a reference at school. I was singing out of school for an appointment, which they knew so I was a smartass and wrote "mission from God".

  25. In order to remake The Room you have to intentionally try and make it horrible which imo is harder to do without being mean. The part that made The Room so great was it's sincerity. I can honestly say that.

  26. It's not exactly a remake, but there is a Korean movie called "The Good The Bad The Weird" which is loosely based on it but set in 1940s Manchuria. It's fantastic.

  27. When they re-released that movie, I got a chance to see it on a really big screen. Most movies are better such, but Lawrence much more than average. The early scene where the lone rider, originally barely visible in the haze and shimmer, approaches is one of the more memorable I've ever seen.

  28. My favorite fun fact is that all the songs initially were not thought to be in there. For internal previews etc. famous songs often are used. And for license reasons later replaced with different songs. But everyone who watched the first version with the songs insisted that they need to stay

  29. Any studio Ghibli movie, in an alternative universe Disney bought the rights to studio ghibli and made so many live action remakes. Tis a dark universe

  30. Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellers Day Off, Goonies, The Princess Bride, Friday, Dazed and Confused, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas… just to name a few… handsoff hollywood

  31. The funny thing is, if it were remade today, I bet they'd get someone like Jason Momoa or Chris Hemsworth as McClane, entirely going against what Die Hard did to buck the "action hero has to be a big muscly dude" trend.

  32. Every. Single. One. Please, 21st century, start coming up with your own original ideas and stop trying to redo things that were done by others just because you can now CGI things.

  33. My sister works in the industry and said that they’re making more movies every year, but the same number of good ones.

  34. Kung Fu Panda 2. The plot, the characters, and everything was written well. Yeah, it's a "kid's movie," but the creators actually cared about telling a good story. For a "kid's movie," it has a dark undertone to it. Lord Shen is the best written villain in the trilogy (in my opinion).

  35. The Matrix.. I seriously hope its never remade, it can only get worse as its already perfect!

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