which animal should go extinct?

  1. So fun fact- pubic lice are now an endangered species due to modern standards of 'landscaping'. Best thing the porn industry ever did.

  2. Had a flea infestation from an upstairs neighbor with a neglected cat. I tried all the tricks, vacuumed for 2 hours a day for 2 months straight, I tried all the natural shit, washing, etc, the only shit that worked was this chemical called Precor 2000. God bless the makers of it lol. I hate using chemicals but that product is amazing.

  3. Frr I have 3 dogs and a cat and one of them brought those little demon spawn into my house and now we have an infestation😔✌️

  4. Literal offspring of satan himself….Atleast with mosquitoes and bedbugs you can crush the little fuckers for taking a chomp outta your ass with ease but fleas? Good luck even trying to catch the fuckers let alone crush them. Fruit flies can also fuck right off they serve no purpose other then being annoying.

  5. Yuppp. Me and my girl were moving into a new apartment and didn't realize until after the fact that the place was infested bad. They landlord also failed to mention he had sold the building just before we signed the lease, so he wasn't going to be the one handling it. We also didn't know for several weeks who the new owner was, who to pay rent to, etc. So we were on our own to get the flea problem removed.

  6. seeing as how my legs and ankles are chewed to shit because of them: mosquitoes and chiggers (those little red sons of bitches). they fucking suck and contribute nothing to the world

  7. Ugh, I never even knew what chiggers were until I visited my grandma in SC. She had me help her harvest some vegetables in her garden and the next morning I woke up, I had these huge itchy red bumps that eventually became air blisters that took a week to pop.

  8. Once saw a dokumentation about mosquitos. The researcher studying this animal said that they are the worst animal/insect of all and that he would be happy if they all went extinct so hendoesnt need to research them anymore.

  9. Man, my buddy had a birthday party and we all got trashed and went out into the woods and ended up stuck out there all night because our torch went out. We all went to sleep sitting up against trees and I was the only one who got eaten by chiggers. Most miserable two weeks of my life. My entire right leg was covered in them. Thousands of bites that itched for two weeks and didn’t heal for a month. Fuck I hope I don’t have to go through that again.

  10. Agree. I had to run at the nearest skin doctor to ask what was happening to my skin. It turn out to be bedbugs. My doctor asked me which was the probable location where I got them. After all the goddamn tracing, I got them from the cinema seats.

  11. I've had these piece of shit vampire apple seeds twice. So hard to get rid of unless you have a spare 1500 dollars laying around, and their bites took forever to heal. Gotta sleep in the bed too because then they spread. Might as well just throw your shit out and move.

  12. All bedbugs can go straight to hell and stay there. I caught them from my college and had those sons of bitches for nearly two years. Tried everything we could think of to get rid of them: bombing, scrubbing, steaming, mattress covers, even taping or gluing the damn cracks shut. I pulled some tape off one of the holes once and saw a bunch of them pouring out like a scene out of a horror movie.

  13. My parents used to say ‘sleep tight,don’t let the bedbugs bite’ and I thank God even tho we were poor I had no idea how horrible they actually were.

  14. I got them back in 2016. My POS roommate said "my coworker said he got bedbugs last time he stayed in this super 8 but theres every chance you brought them in too." We got mattress covers and it solved the situation until the cat snuck in my room and clawed the shit wide open. Ruined my life

  15. oh god i'm getting flashbacks to 2016 when i had to deal with them. i took 3 years to fully remove them because its an apartment. the landlord didn't give a shit. at least not until everyone complained.

  16. I caught the little fuckers when I stayed in a Knight's Inn. Don't know why they chose me, but maybe it's my big juicy man booty. Didn't know what the fuck was going on when I got back home, and started itching like the dickens. Thought maybe just the skeeters were bad that summer. Nope. Soon as I seen the tell-tale signs of infestation, I had to do something. So I brought the spray... Didn't work! Finally went to big lots and replaced my mattress and box spring. Think I spent a total of five-hundred dollars. Did the trick. All in all, I was damn lucky it only cost me that much to rid myself of the hell spawn blood suckers.

  17. bedbugs, ticks, fleas, mosquitos, lovebugs (not to be confused with ladybugs), gnats, chiggers, horseflies, deer flies, no-see-ums to name a few

  18. I'll normally work with my company when it comes to where I stay when I'm out of town, if it's on their dime, but I won't sign for a room until I've seen it. Heard of way too many guys taking bedbug infestations home because some company cheaped out, or even if "nice" accommodations were infested.

  19. no ecological niche. Seriously mosquitos are vital food as larve but bedbugs are pointless. They don't even kill off humans they just exist.

  20. The BBC Natural History Unit reports of a man who was bitten behind the ear and was kept awake at night by the sound of the botfly larva eating the flesh inside his head.

  21. There are also native to Ghana a species of fly that causes what are commonly called mangoqorms. Beware looking them up if you're squeamish (although there are amazing videos of their removals on youtube), as they can literally leave holes in flesh with hundreds of maggots inside them.

  22. My BF does MMA and got scabies from there. At first only he was itching and went to the doctor but they said it was just ‘eczema’ (he is allergic to dust and what not) so we didn’t think much of it. Until I began itching and since I do not have any type of allergy, I started to get suspicious. BF said maybe it was some type of food allergy, whey allergy or anything we could come up with, since scabies was not something you immediately think of. After a while we got so itchy we couldn’t sleep anymore, we were scratching without even noticing it anymore. So I went to the doc and turns out there was a mini plague in our city, and we were taking part in it. Now I live with 3 room mates and my BF also has a room mate, we all had to do the same treatment at the same time. Now saying that scabies go away easy is a big no for me, we had to do these treatments over and over again. Probably bc one of my room mates didn’t do it properly or follow the washing instructions or whatever, and after numerous treatments and ‘scabies scares’ later we finally got rid of it.

  23. Take works Tape Worms can alleviate auto immune diseases because your body actually had something to fight, then again it's all those parasites that cause your immune system to become so strong creating the autoimmune disease in the first place

  24. Got a good trap for deer and horse flies I've had success with. They're attracted to the color blue, heat and movement, so I cover a hat with blue painters tape and then smear tanglefoot onto the tape, then wear while mowing the lawn and stuff.

  25. Last time I went camping at the lake, I was cooking dinner on the grill after dark and had a flashlight clipped to my swimsuit top so I could see. Fucking black flies kept flying up and biting me on the tits. Finally got angry enough to give up and eat my dinner half cold in my tent

  26. I got them a ton as a child, like a couple times a year until I was about 8 or 9 a ton, what makes them more gross if you’re a female?

  27. Came here to specifically say that the aedes aegypti mosquito, the one that's most responsible for spreading diseases, can die. The ones that don't spread diseases can stay.

  28. Carpet beetles are the devil incarnated, im probably poisned by the amount of bug spray ive put all around my room to keep them out

  29. From what I've read, they pollinate more, produce more honey and are more resistant to disease. The crossbreeding with/displacement of other bee types is a problem, but we're already losing bees as is; eradicating the Africanized ones would be irresponsible.

  30. I've been hearing that we're going to be overrun by these fuckers within 5 years for 3 decades now, these things are bunk. It's just a bee that's more territorial and defends as a swarm, it's not some super megabee that's a weaponized killing machine.

  31. I remember people losing their shit in the early 90s because they thought huge swarms of the killer bees were heading for the US and they were going to kill everyone or something.

  32. Same with cats. Munchkin cats are bred to be tiny with legs and hips that don't work like they should, just so they have the short-legged aesthetic. It's so sad watching them struggle to walk in a straight line without limping or dragging their paws.

  33. "Consider the bulldog. A grotesque monstrosity born of relentless inbreeding. Riddled with sinusitis, crippled by joint pain. Chronically flatulent. A kindly pet, or humanity's cruelest mistake?"

  34. Agree. I love all dogs but it’s crazy that bulldogs almost always have to have c-sections. That’s not evolution.

  35. My wife’s friend has a tiny pug like dog that she is breeding and it is currently pregnant but this breed cannot give birth naturally due to the size of the head so requires surgery.

  36. People just need to stop breeding them like this. It's animal cruelty. If I can hear your pug dog rasping and struggling to breathe as you walk it from 200 yards away, there's a problem.

  37. So every bull dog ever? They are literally bred and born with medical conditions because of their fucked up genetics. Im sorry i know people think they are cute (i disagree hard on that) but they literally shouldn't exist anymore.

  38. fuck lice, I had head lice for months because my elementary school refused to do head checks so I had to suffer over the bathroom tub every day. I was begging my mother and crying for her to shave my head so it would all be over because this school Said they couldn't do head checks. lice literally made me hate my life because the damn treatments are disgusting and I'd have to spend hours leaning over the tub (ow my ribs) and getting my hair combed and picked at. It was even worse because I've had a fear of bugs my entire life so having your mother comb your hair and then having a bug fall onto your lap is the scariest thing little me could go through. I was literally crying my eyes out every night. children shouldn't ever have to go through having lice. I still remember the sound of the electric comb we had...

  39. Good news is, a lot of countries are now putting regulations that to breed them "back" into their original forms, others straight up ban them from breeding/import. Same thing goes for docking ears/tails in some places.

  40. Also those ugly cats with the pushed face(how do people think that's cute?) And the munchkin ones with small legs

  41. Bot flies, my religion teacher showed us a video of them extracting larva from someone’s skin…. I never ever want to see that again and they’re evil vile things

  42. I saw an immature bot fly eating its way out of the ass of a mouse my grandma caught in a trap when I was young. It was like a scene from alien... I thought about it randomly because I never knew what it was... I always wondered...

  43. Tell me why cockroaches are the hardest fuckers to kill, but the second I need to breed them to feed some lizards, they die because I had the heat on a degree too high or that the food I gave them caused them to die.

  44. My cousins killed a cockroach by spraying bleach on it, and we’ve used that same method for year. For some odd reasons, bug spray or Raid only made those creatures gone mad and fly towards us.

  45. Agreed. My dad had an infestation at one point. It sneaked up on us, just seeing the occasional cockroach in the open that you’d kill immediately. But hidden from sight they were breeding like crazy. I opened a school text book and had eggs in the spine. I lifted the cutlery sorter in the kitchen drawer and there was a mountain of cockroach poo. So many pellets built up under there that there was an odour. A modem had to be thrown out because they were attracted by the warmth and had slipped through the cooling grill and in such numbers it wasn’t salvageable.

  46. I’ve read about this before and even a mosquito biologist said it’d probably be worth it to at least kill the ones that spread malaria

  47. Good news! There have been MASSIVE advancements with using Judas mosquitoes (term coined long before the new Jurassic World movie) to infect mosquito populations with a gene that makes mosquitoes be majority male! Male mosquitoes don't drink blood or spread disease.

  48. Fleas, my little kitten almost died from those evil shits. Damn near ate him alive making him anemic and gave him worms as well. Poor thing was so sick for a month, not to mention we had to fumigate the house. What a nightmare.

  49. After working in Louisiana for a couple weeks, conveniently during their mating period, yeah they can go to hell.

  50. It’s a breed so idk if it counts but… bulldogs . They have a multitude of breathing issues for one, for two bulldogs can’t even give birth on their own: they need csections. They’re so high price bc it’s a high price to care/take care of one(aka all the inevitable doctors visits…) they’re just constantly having a hard time breathing. It’s not a good life at all, their entire existence is practically animal abuse. If u want more elaborating explanation watch this

  51. I've heard a lot of things about why bulldogs are a terrible breed, but I've only just found out via this thread that they need c-sections. That's so crazy to think about. An animal that can get pregnant but can't give birth?!

  52. King Charles Cavalier Spaniels - you are virtually guaranteed to have a dog with a heart defect and chronic pain.

  53. They eat a ton of stuff that eats our crops. In fact, many millions of tonnes by weight, of insects, every year. They eat aphids, caterpillars, spiders and more, including other wasps. They pollinate. They are one of the key species that make oak apple galls, which were a crucial part of human history, for making some of our earliest inks. The Codex Sinaiticus and many of Leonardo Da Vinci's works were written in gall ink.

  54. I woke up one morning when I was ~15 hearing some really weird noises. Like a crunching and some humming. Then I feel something on my hand. Didn't think much of it. My palm itches, whatever, I'll scratch it. Well, I moved my fingers the tiniest bit and it suddenly felt like I had just been injected with acid. So I opened my eyes and found that I had not one, not two, but four wasps sitting on the palm of my hand. So I leapt out of bed, swinging my hand around. They stung me 5 more times on my hand before I got out of my room and slammed the door shut.

  55. I feel this one. I like to call them "suicide flies." Mainly because if, when they're swarming me, they see an uncovered bodily orifice, (nostrils, mouth, eyes, wouldn't be surprised if they tried my ass every now and then) you better believe they're gonna get in there and die in it or die trying to get in there and die.

  56. There are the biggest reason why I don't like being outdoors during the summer. Because these random fuckers like to fly into my ears all the time.

  57. In the evening in Central Park, you’ll pass by a street lamp next to a path and see a group of millions of gnats hovering right where people walk. I have long hair and have had them stuck in my hair it’s a total nightmare.

  58. They're gross, but they're super important decomposers. Roadkill would be stacked in mountains without them.

  59. Silverfish. These little fuckers have been infesting my home and I don’t know what they’re even useful for. They look ugly and apparently love to eat my clothes and books.

  60. Use dry insect poison outside your house 3 times a year. Ventilate your crawlspace or basement better. Like termites, they need the wet.

  61. Had to scroll way too far down to find this. These fuckers are the absolute worst. I couldn't go anywhere on campus last fall without having at least one try to crawl on me. Three baby ones managed to make it into my bedroom about a month or two ago - one crawling around the foot of my bed. So frickin gross.

  62. i saw one of those in my cafeteria during study hall in school, my friend and i screamed so loud and one of the actual okay sporty boys in my grade threw a hard piece of bread at it. good times.

  63. The Lone Star tick. It’s bite/saliva can make a person permanently allergic to red meat. Even to the point they can’t be in a restaurant where red meat is being served, or being downwind from a barbecue.

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