What addiction is seen as completely normal by society?

  1. Why I use reddit on the website not the app, I can tell my self I'm having a 3 page break then I go back to whatever i was doin

  2. That's something that kills me more than anything on social media and reddit. I never have to change pages. Especially on instagram's explore page, I can pick a box and scroll for several hours while 100% on autopilot. Most of the memes are ones I saw five years ago on pinterest. And yet here I am, still scrolling. Just because it's easy.

  3. My attention span has improved so much since deleting it!! I also feel like the app was purposely feeding me content that made me feel insecure and then feeding me ways to “fix” those problems via products

  4. I had to delete tiktok. My app screentime was approx. 6 to 8 hours a DAY. It became so problematic that I put an hour timer on it and deleted it completely ever since. I feel much better now and I'm actually doing my hobbies again that I haven't done in months. Please, don't download Tiktok.

  5. So I had heard about how good at keeping you into it before I had actually downloaded it, so I did a test. Every day, I would watch 1 hour of tiktok. In 2 weeks, I couldn't stop. Like up to 6 hour marathons. So I deleted the app and had no issues since. If you are addicted to it, delete it. It's that easy.

  6. Alcohol, honestly. Like yeah it can get bad enough that people see it as a problem but it is way later than it should be and Alcohol is so much a requirement for people to have fun that it's kind of sad.

  7. Attention, some can't see the truth that they are out there trying to compete against one another and can't understand why people don't like them,so they try harder.. it's an endless loop because they will never be happy with what they have already.... life.

  8. It's so weird to me how some people will go do a thing, and when they're "doing the thing" they're spending the entire time taking photos of themselves or having their photos taken, and if they're not doing that, their head's down at their phone checking how many likes their previous photo got.

  9. I know many people who are addicted to "Bargain" shopping. They haunt these return warehouses that sell goods returned to big retailers like Costco or Target, or goods that just never sold well in the first place.

  10. the feeling that something is always on its way to your house. The feeling of opening a package that you forgot you ordered. Very normal, very addictive. And we're trained young for it too.

  11. I see a lot of comments about the amount of packages or items bought. But, there is another side to shopping - browsing. I really think there are a lot of people that spend hours browsing and adding items to carts, only to never buy. It has to be some type of addiction on its own

  12. Absolutely. I always had to know that a package was on its way to my house, clothes, makeup, whatever. I ruined my finances in my early twenties. Took me a while to come back from it. It’s definitely an addiction.

  13. Yeah 😔 Made worse by TikTok and instagram cos people want the new trends in fast fashion. Then you got the shopping haul videos

  14. I worked with someone for about 3 years, and I could swear I never saw her wear the same outfit twice. She was a fan of those gaudy "embellished" sweaters & stuff of that nature, so it was pretty distinctive. And gods only know what she crammed into her house.

  15. Yep. Shopping can be a serious addiction. I had a friend who ended up in jail and rehab after embezzling money from his job to pay for his shopping addiction. Unknown to us, he had storage units of clothes that he had only worn once.

  16. And so many people differentiate their shopping, so even if they recognize a problem in one area, they stop and its "fine" even if they don't stop anywhere else. I have a friend who has at least a hundred pairs of sneakers, and he was really into the new releases and hunting down limited editions, etc. He'd travel to go to shows and spent a lot of time online on different sites and in different groups. He stopped buying sneakers after realizing how much money and time he was spending, so that's good. But he just transferred all that to vegetable gardening supplies and before he was into either of those, it was tshirt printing...shopping and hobbies are often so intertwined that shopping is "okay" because its in pursuit of another activity. And sometimes that activity never happens because the person is so busy trying to buy everything they "need" to get started...

  17. Oh god. The pandemic made me a shopping addict & it was such a hard thing to come to realize & accept. Now, I’ve massively purged my closet multiple times, listed everything on eBay & am trying to pay down a mountain of credit card debt. Yay.

  18. I have tried to explain to people that my mom has a serious online shopping addiction that's destroying our family and people laugh like I'm exaggerating or being sarcastic.

  19. I don't even get the point of most people consuming them, since it's often done while sitting on the couch doing almost nothing that requires physical or mental sharpness.

  20. More caffeine than energy drinks. If coffee didn't make me poop and could drink tea on an empty stomach I would switch to those. Sugar free energy drinks fills that caffeine addiction.

  21. I'm addicted to specific kinds because I notice an improvement in mood regulation and lowers my autoimmune disease symptoms.

  22. I have a friend who wastes at least a third of his income on scratch offs, and just gambling in general. I watched him clean off a scratcher for $100 just to go spend it all on more scratchers that only ended up winning 10 bucks. Then complained about being broke and asked me for money lol.

  23. Omg yes. I live in a small town and I watch this one lady go to the local gas station and buy tickets 5 or 6 times, then go to the gas station up the street to buy tickets 5 or 6 times, then go to a gas station further away to buy tickets 5 or 6 times.

  24. I'll never understand how people find scratchoffs fun. Might as well just buy a card, then when you flip it over it tells you if you won or lost.

  25. The “stupid tax” run by the state is really questionable ethically, imo it should be banned. Government shouldn’t take advantage of its poorest and most desperate.

  26. you go to college and find that everyone smokes weed. then you get into the professional world and find everyone does cocaine lol.

  27. I didn't know any of my friends did coke until I started. Every one of them did it in the shadows and I didn't see the light until I picked up on the wavelength. Glad to be far away from temptation now cause Holy fuck is it hard to quit when your actual friends just have it.

  28. In Vancouver it seems like everyone I meet has a healthy cocaine habit. It is bizarre. I guess it's kinda cheap though. Where I'm from in Australia it is triple the price which is why Australia has a meth problem instead...

  29. Cocaine is hugely accepted among regular people too. Most people I know have taken it and I’m just a regular joe soap, regular job, regular car etc.

  30. I really can't help but wonder how kids are affected developmentally by technology- not by themselves using it, but from mothers and fathers who are addicted to it.

  31. This has actually become a significant point of contention with me and my girlfriend. It's the first thing she does when she gets home and usually the last thing she does before falling asleep. It's often the first thing she does in the morning as well. I feel like trying to communicate or interact with her means that I have to break through the phone barrier first. It's very frustrating.

  32. It's such a weird thing how much this takes center stage for people at some point. I feel like once people earned money for some years all they talk about is what they bought, how much it cost and how much they think I thought it cost just to tell me that they paid 20% less than what I expected.

  33. I really wish that we simply had more free time, skills, and raw materials as apposed to mass-produced single-use products.

  34. The worst part is not only is it normalized, but with the amount of directed advertising going on these days you can't get away from it.

  35. God, especially fashion. Maybe women's fashion in particular, where articles of clothing are worn no more than 10 times before they're discarded.

  36. This! It’s not the flex people think it is to tell me they spent gobs of money they both don’t have and won’t ever have to buy dumb shit that’s not necessary and they’re going to want to upgrade to keep up with the joneses in a short period of time. We create our own financial downfall most of the time by our own habits. Notwithstanding like a big disaster happening to your housing situation that sets you back emergently, hustle culture followed by buying the dumbest of stuff for the sake of having more stuff. It’s a trap.

  37. I have a few friends whose self esteem and self worth really suffers when they use social media too much and so quit. I didn’t really find social media very harmful to myself but decided to stop posting completely and rarely scroll through it though haven’t set a hard rule about that. I was surprised to find there was a noticeable increase in my self worth when I stopped posting and lost all sense of perfecting how to portray myself or wondering how I would be perceived and trying to find that perfect balance of not looking like an attention seeker but remaining “interesting”.

  38. I have a couple friends who are constantly in pubs. Like as soon as they finish work on a Friday they're in pubs all weekend, every weekend. UK drinking culture is strong.

  39. My wife was born in England and in the early ‘00s we went to visit her relatives and JESUS CHRIST. I had no idea that going out for drinks was an endurance event that lasted from 4PM until closing and that dinner consisted of a bag of crisps at 6 and then a really skeevy kebab after closing.

  40. I lived in the UK for a few years and that was indeed crazy, people even go out for heavy drinking during normal weekdays.

  41. The drinking culture in the UK baffles me. Spent a year there for my postgraduate, and hearing people talk about how smashed they got the previous night like it was something to be proud about was very strange to me.

  42. I was a barmaid in England for 10 years and I can confirm that you guys drink like you hate being alive. It's the only place I've seen women publicly urinating. I don't know why, but that struck me. And the work Christmas parties. Oh my god. And the hen nights, I'm still traumatised. It's all so normalised.

  43. Smartphones in general I'd say. So many (myself included) are unable to put their phones away completely during social settings. The phone follows you everywhere now. I remember the days when I would read the ingredients on the nearest shampoo bottle while taking a shit because there was nothing else to do.

  44. Lunch time at my work place is boring as fuck, everyone just staring down at their phones like some zombies, and the worst part is when they watch some stupid Instagram or tiktok videos with the volume on... You can no longer have a decent conversation with people.

  45. I've gone from drinking a 750ml bottle of whiskey per day, smoking like a chimney - roughly a pack per day to now 3 years completely sober. I still can't curb my sugar addiction.

  46. This is a tough one for me. I grew up in a household where no sugar was allowed. None. We could have sugar on special occasions (visits to grandparents’, vacation, a special trip out, etc.), but never in the house. Not in cereal, no gum, nothing. As an adult, it created an insanely unhealthy relationship with sugar and I’ve tried unsuccessfully over the years to kick my intense sugar addiction and I simply cannot.

  47. Took a while for his one to pop up, fully agree, people don't realise how addicted they are to sugar, it's literally in every processed food.

  48. It’s not only an addiction to sugar, but the fact we are inundated. I want to drop a few lbs so the first diet I do is no more sugar. A few carbs from quality sources are ok, but no sugar.

  49. I’ve been fighting this (unsuccessfully) for months. The cravings and dopamine release when eating something sugary is scary

  50. I was just thinking this morning about how humans crave sugar and carbs because it’s how our body makes energy, but never has there been such an overabundance of it in our food supply.

  51. I came up diabetic (type 2) almost two years ago. I'm in my 50s. I cut sugar out of my diet, but it was harder than I expected. One, I am a cookie monster, but also lots of snack cakes etc. Two. It's in a lot of the stuff you eat. And I didn't know that. It wasn't pleasant. Thankfully there are lots of sugar free cookies, candy etc. available where I live. And I lost 45 pounds quite unintentionally LOL

  52. Food addiction, I feel, is definitely overlooked. I used to be obese because I just love how good tastes and also using it to cope or when I was upset. It took a LOT of self control to lose weight. I lost 90 lbs and am a LOT healthier! I even feel better too as a lot of my health problems poofed away.

  53. Wine addiction And then they say "i'm not an alcoholic" Lady you drink a bottle a day I'm pretty sure you are because wine is still an alcoholic drink

  54. Also the normalization of "wine mom" culture and all the clothes/decor/paraphernalia that they make because "teehee I need a drink to get through little Timmy's soccer game"

  55. Anger addiction. Certainly being outraged about social problems can result in effective social action. Being outraged feels more powerful and active than sadness or empathy. Try expressing "thoughts and prayers" and take a look at the angry responses from people who associate anger with empowerment. Walking around in a constant state of outrage, even if it's justified about a certain thing, may eventually cause people to redirect their anger toward every minor irritant in their lives because it has the illusion of control and power. Anger can also escalate into destructive behavior that is not effective in addressing whatever problem needs solving. Being angry all the time can't be good for mental, physical, or emotional health or for the people who have to encounter the angry person.

  56. This is an excellent take, and so true. I notice it especially with people who get upset in traffic or at other drivers. Their driving becomes more aggressive and dangerous because of the anger, and at the same time the anger does NOTHING to change other drivers' behavior. It's a total no-win and very dangerous for everybody.

  57. This is so real. Unfortunately social media thrives off outrage so we all get things that make us angry directly from our phones 24/7

  58. The true genius of Facebook was coining the euphemism “maximizing user engagement” for “showing people whatever will enrage them the most.”

  59. In America, living to work. 60+ hour work weeks and never taking vacation out of a weird loyalty to a company that will lay you off without hesitation if the bottom line is at risk.

  60. Always hated the idea that you are supposed to give your workplace a two weeks notice, and yet they can drop you on the spot for pretty much any reason they want. And if they really want to, they will find a reason.

  61. I work 40 hours a week, and my boss actually gets mad if anybody on the team sticks around longer. He almost forced me to take more time off when my son was born last year. Just gotta find the good ones, took me a while to find it, but I'm very happy where I am.

  62. Sometimes one is so shit at their job that they secretly have to do extra hours to catch up so they don't get fired. To some degree this is okay if it helps them learn and get better otherwise it's work or dole queue.

  63. For years I loved working. Maybe because it was more freelancing, and it was something new everyday, but 100hr weeks were common, especially in the summer. Then covid hit. Couldn't work except for one job part time. So I had a lot of time to just relax and do whatever I want. I did a complete 180 on working. Give me an easy WFH where I'm able to survive.

  64. I got gratification from working and my family needs the money. It was when I moved into management and started salary that it stop being gratifying and I stopped being rewarded for the extra effort that I put into it, that's when I realized it wasn't worth it.

  65. I work the oilfield. I don't have a life I don't have rights. Oh you need a day off to go to a funeral your fired. Oh you brought up a safety concern? Your fired.

  66. I work in politics. One time, I was at an event with a candidate. Another politician (who would become governor a year later) saw me yawn, looked at me, and told me that I can sleep when I'm dead.

  67. I will still never forget my high school job in the mall. I was one of those super picky eaters and would only get mcdonalds while working. Finally I realized that I was burning to much cash and started bringing lunch to work. After about a week I felt like utter garbage. Got myself some nuggies and felt fantastic. Fuck mcdonalds.

  68. Drinking and smoking are the obvious ones. But sugar is a hidden demon. I've been weaning myself off it for the last 2 months, my quality of life is night and day in comparison.

  69. This is so aggravating because it trickles down into every day life and how we're viewed by men. I keep true crime and serial killer documentaries and podcasts on and like 99% of the men committing heinous crimes against women have stupid amounts of gore and just 🤢🤢 all types of obsessions and addictions to pornography and that's so scary. Also the expectations they set for us are just unrealistic like please stop. People have been kidnapped and trafficked to make those videos and folks happily contribute to that???? 🗑

  70. Surprised I had to scroll down so far for this one. I feel like no one talks about it or dismisses it but I've known plenty of folks who can't even orgasm without it.

  71. I was definitely addicted to porn when I was younger. Now I’m 19 and recognised that it’s an issue I don’t get the urge to take a look very often anymore

  72. Quit caffeine a few weeks ago. Went from a pot of coffee a day and sodas to zero. Felt like some one hit me in the head with a brick on day 2.

  73. Yep. I had a brush with alcoholism and stepped it back. Realizing how much my friends drink was very eye opening. I’m a midwesterner and a lot - A LOT - of our hangouts and events are alcohol focused. Especially in winter. It’s a huge bummer. I have some friends who are sober and said they basically lost their friend network because they can’t just go to bars on the weekend all the time. A lot of my friends also go out and get drunk on weekdays. I’m in my 30s.

  74. Very true, although it's not as much accepted as things like coffee and sugar, watching porn is seen as a common thing especially among young people

  75. Money. So normal that I can't find anyone mentioning it. People are encouraged to get as much as they can, more than they need, and any attempt to cut them off can provoke anger and retaliation. Instead of being addressed the addiction is tolerated if not defended. A billionaire may often be portrayed as a success rather than someone with a worrying socially damaging problem.

  76. I think the most obvious indicator that it is an actual addiction for a person is when they will abandon all of their morals and beliefs in the pursuit of it when they don't actually NEED any more of it, or when it is the sole motivator of their life and their goals revolve completely around money.

  77. A fake lifestyle. Social media (of course) is the root cause, but is sprouted this narsicism culture of always bragging----and if you run out of actual things to brag about, you invent it. You fake it.

  78. Gotcha addiction. Rather than trying to have useful conversations, a ton of people are just looking for ways to make other people wrong about stuff and to one-up them.

  79. Totally makes sense and hadn’t thought about this being an addiction. But yeah, it probably is satisfying to feel like you one-upped someone and I could see that being a drive to continue to try to one-up others.

  80. I really have never understood this one. I would love love LOVE to sleep more but I just can’t. Why would you brag about not sleeping?

  81. Because our society prioritizes profits. Things are meant to be addictive to sell, sell, sell so people buy buy buy! Sugar is worse than caffeine. Our food supply is inundated with packaged garbage, much of which is targeted to children. We can’t get adds out of our face. Profit over people.

  82. This one, 100%. There's some serious denial going on amongst hash smoking circles, and the attitude is insidious. I've seen it ruin people's lives, in a way that the addict's entire existence is organised around being high, and no one talks about it.

  83. surprised I had to scroll this far to see this. everyone I know who smokes too much and has a dependence on marijuana is in deep denial about it. using the justification that it's medicine (always the people who don't have a legitimate medical reason to be using it), or believe it's impossible to be addicted to.

  84. Yeah, people love to talk about how its not addictive yet turn into total rage heads if they don’t get their fix in time. Can’t deal with anything without their weed security blanket and are complete assholes to everyone around them. Willing to spend all of their money to stay “medicated”.

  85. This one. My so many of my friends and family need it to function. I understand a move to legalize it was important because I don’t believe in criminalizing drug use, but that I think a lot of us took that as a free pass to do it thinking it won’t have consequences on our bodies and minds. No judgment, I just wish it weren’t seen almost like they’re taking a supplement.

  86. Strong agree - also the people I know who are almost constantly high (very different from the occasional consumers) claim driving while high is fine. Terrifies me.

  87. I think it’s worse if you start when you’re younger too. I know two people who I honestly would say have a weed addiction; my best friend’s older sister and a friend of a friend. Both of them started later in high school, and both of them are at the point where they basically spend the whole day on it and thinking about their next high. Friend of a friend spends basically half of her income on marijuana now. Both started in late high school, and I swear the people they were before they started weed and after are extremely different.

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