What’s an unusual body feature of yours?

  1. Do you find that this has made being emotional more difficult? Do you find yourself suppressing the urge to cry when you may think you might?

  2. I've always attributed my large calf muscles to all the weight on top of them that they have to carry around.

  3. I realized my calves were big when watching a plastic surgery show and this guy got calf implants and his circumference was still less than mine.

  4. I waa born with tumors inside the bones in my one of my feet, that grew so quickly, they permanently disfigured it. Also, my penis is two different colors, brown and vitaligo, yet the rest of me looks like a white guy. It's like my Hispanic side and white side decided to fight it out on my dick.

  5. Do you mean if you go outside at -10° you don’t feel cold? Or do you never feel hot and therefore don’t sweat? If you touch a hot stove, does it feel hot? This is very interesting. Also, how’s the tumor situation? Was it cancer? Hope you’re ok.

  6. My Dad had 4 nipples. The extra two were on his abdomen on either side of his belly button. As a kid I just assumed all men had 4.

  7. When I was on the swim team in high school, there was a kid with a sternum like yours and another kid who’s was protruding. We made them hug. It was magical and unlocked Narnia

  8. Mine is long as shit and sits on my tongue. Sometimes if I get crazy with a drink and chug too fast I'll swallow it and it tugs and hurts like a mf.

  9. Mine are generally high and tight as well, though they hang pretty normally after a hot bath or shower... but my cremasteric reflex is so INSANELY powerful that they end up in my lower abdomen-- often above the base of my penis-- as I approach orgasm.

  10. God i wish that was me. Balls that flop around and get crushed under my own weight and twist in all sorts of unholy formations is the bane of my existence and a big reason why I have trouble sleeping at night

  11. I have two different ears. One is wide enough for ear buds, the other isn't. My twin brother has the mismatch on the opposite side.

  12. Much like people can suck in air to burp when they want, I can do that from the other hole and fart when I want.

  13. I knew a guy who could do that, and he used it to suck up pool water and shoot it at people when he was really drunk at parties. Equally horrifying and hilarious to a bunch of wasted teenagers

  14. I have alopecia but it doesn’t affect my head at all, have a full head of hair at almost 50…but my legs are bald as a baby’s ass and I’m a dude.

  15. I have Arnold's cough reflex. Anytime I stick a q tip in my left ear it triggers my gag reflex. Supposedly it only affects 2% of people

  16. Saaaame and doctors didn’t know until my first c section. I have two kids and one can from the right and the other came from the left. I call it the duplex.

  17. At least you have a belly button. I have an indent where one should be. But I never have sand or lint getting stuck . It just washes right out.

  18. I have a rare heart disease, it's called Wolff Parkinson white, and so when I am attached to a heart monitor my heart rate is different than everyone else - it beats weird

  19. I've softened mine through decades of folding my ears into the earhole, they are very floppy nowadays. At least it stopped me from biting my nails

  20. I have to wear socks at all times, otherwise my feet start sweating, which makes my hands sweat for some reason. Having sweaty feet is annoying, but sweaty hands are the worst.

  21. For 29 years I had an abnormally fibrous septate hymen (basically a vertical band of flesh dividing the opening to my vagina in half and restricting access) and my idiot family doctor declared me normal after every pelvic exam. I struggled with intimacy my entire adulthood and just thought that's the way sex is supposed to feel and that I just don't get to enjoy it.

  22. Holy fuck I had the same thing! Finally found out after I got a tampon stuck and had to have it taken out at the hospital.

  23. I hope you have many glorious adventures with your partner. Since they actually took the time to get to the problem you two should have a great time. Congratulations!!!!!

  24. This has just reminded me of a bloke at work who was nearly thirty casually asking one lunchtime "how do you stop the two holes peeing in different directions?"

  25. At birth, my son had this. We noticed it while changing his diaper early on. The doctor clipped it and it healed. No issues aftewards.

  26. I was born with a floppy windpipe - apparently it was way too big for me and made my crying sound like a donkey. Apparently it’s a pretty rare birth defect, my mum just thought it was hilarious that she could always tell if it was me crying.

  27. Oh boy! So I was born with Prune Belly Syndrome. So in my case I have only a very thin layer of stomach muscles, and a whole heap of muscular-skeleton related abnormalities, not in the slightest helped by muscular dystrophy. I've got a Mitrofanoff in place where my belly button would go, but now I catheterize through my penis. My abdomen is basically folded into two. I've got a bunch of scars from various surgeries, and I've got 2 kidneys, but one has been removed, and another one put in somewhere else. Also my bladder is very thick and like HUGE and floppy.

  28. Mitrofanoff here too! Born with a tiny useless bladder which was augmented with bowel, catheterised from age of 6. Mitrofanoff aged 10 and cathed through that ever since! My mitrofanoff is on the right hand side of my belly so looks like I have 2 belly buttons. Had one kidney removed at 4months and other kidney is duplex and shit. Had around 26 ops so with you on all the scars. Got other stuff too but yeah, I can relate! When did you get your mitrofanoff?

  29. You are the first person I've come across who has the same thing, heat allergy. I've had it for long enough at this point that I sometimes forget it's not normal to want to rip open my skin when doing exercise...

  30. I can dislocate my thumb for ez and when I open my mouth my left eye lid goes up, because the nerve of the lid is connected to the nerve to my chin.

  31. HEY!!! A few months ago i noticed i have that too!!! A small patch of pure white in an otherwise black bush. I've never heard of anyone else that has it, omg i'm not alone :'DD

  32. My patch of white hair is on my mustache!.. For a long time, when I left the bathroom in a bar, some rando would ask if I had any to share and it took me even longer to realize wtf they were talking about.

  33. I have naturally huge trap and calf muscles. I didnt think much of them until college and then dudes started asking me for tips. Specifically my calves because well you can see them when I wear shorts. I just had to say genetics when asked.

  34. I can flex a muscle somewhere in my head and it will produce a buzzing/rumbling sound in my ears. I've told this to people in my social circle but no one can do it. Atleast there's a subreddit for me and my rumbly brethren

  35. I can put my tongue up into my sinuses. Showed it to an ENT once and he visibly recoiled. I guess the opening between my sinuses and throat is oversized - if I sneeze while eating, food gets up there and I have to go fishing for it with my tongue.

  36. I have a disproportionately long torso compared to my arms and legs. I'm not tall (5' 8") but when i sit in a smaller vehicle, i often find that my head is against the roof and i can barely reach the pedals. My MIL was the same height as me, and whenever i would drive her car, i had to lower the seat and bring it forward before i could even sit down. I also have an enormous head (cannot find a hat that fits unless i want to pay to have one custom fitted, store bought XL i can barely get past my hairline). I am the reason baseball caps usually say "One size fits MOST". I jokingly refer to myself as the world's largest dwarf.

  37. I produce a lot more earwax than normal. If I don't get my ears thoroughly flushed out every few months (or excavated by an ENT's tools), my hearing declines.

  38. I got my ears cleaned out once and felt like Daredevil for a full day. I startled myself getting dressed when I heard the fabric of my shirt moving.

  39. Had that exact same issue. A 1 hour surgery took care of it. I'd really recommend speaking to your primary care doctor about it if you haven't already.

  40. My eyes are symmetrical to the thousandth of an inch. My optometrist said it was rare. Everyone varies a little bit.

  41. i guess you took all the symmetry from me cause my eyes are FUCKED in relation to each other and my optometrist is just like "yeah, you just gotta deal with that" lol. i can also move my eyes independently of each other at will (although one day i'm afraid it might become not at will, lol)

  42. Oh I’m jealous. Mine are not symmetrical (not by a lot but enough) and it makes putting on eyeliner a chore.

  43. I’m biologically intersex due to a chromosome translocation, so I was born externally male but my testes don’t do anything and I have internal ovarian tissue that only produces estrogen. I have X, Y, and hybrid chromosomes, which means I don’t fit any typical chromosomal profile.

  44. Im Always hot/sweating. I keep my apartment 50 Degrees even in the summer. In the winter I just turn my heat off and only turn it on to keep my pipes from Freezing. I die in just 72 degrees outside and feel like im gonna die from heat stroke but I have walked butt naked in -15 Degrees and even made a snow angel, Stayed outside naked for like 25 to 30 minutes. It felt good.

  45. I have the opposite, my resting heart rate is 118bpm. I've had all the tests, health wise and medical wise and absolutely nothing wrong apparently.

  46. Back when I was training very hard, I was plotting my resting heart rate as it feel from ~55 down to 38 over the course of 2 months. Guy at work pointed out that at the current trajectory, my heart would stop completely by Christmas...

  47. Me too, in the 40s in my sleep. Wore a portable ECG for 48h to be sure but I’m fine according to my GP. Low heart rate and low blood pressure runs in the family

  48. The only thing I can think of is that I never got one of my bottom middle teeth. Only dentists comment on this and ask if I knew it was missing and what happened to it lmao

  49. My eyelids are asymmetrical and I didn't notice for the longest time but now that I have I can't stop noticing it and I hate it. One is flatter and more hooded than the other. In general my face is not symmetrical

  50. I was at a theme water park this past week and was in line to get something to drink. The man behind me goes, "look! She has the same toes as you!" to his little boy. I have full syndactyly on my second and third toes on both feet with a cut here on the dotted line tattoo on each. He had partial in both feet and the look of excitement on his face was just amazing. He LOVED my tattoos and we all had a good laugh.

  51. Can move my eyes independently. I can keep my left eye looking straight ahead and move my right eye. Or video versa. I tend to freak people out when I look at them with my eyes crossed, then I'll move one eye back to looking straight ahead while other eye is still crossed.

  52. My 6 year old does this. We thought it was lazy eye and has no control over this, but he proved me wrong when I read your comment and he said “like this?” then did it voluntarily. The more you know.

  53. I can eat eggs, but my hands cannot touch eggs directly or they will get itchy and inflamed and takes forever to heal. The same goes for every other food that has flavor. Eat, yes. Touch, no.

  54. Insane hearing. I can tell when a car starts a block down the road. When the army base is doing artillary drills 30 miles away. When there's a mouse running through the kitchen. When a squirrel is running through the driveway and crunching leaves.

  55. I also have spectacular hearing but background noise makes conversations hard to understand. One on one is fine but with extra chatter it's almost impossible to understand some people.

  56. Loud screams (especially at frequencies of kids/babies) give me vertigo. I had a bad ear infection as a kid that nearly killed me and put me in the hospital for a week and I figure they must be related somehow.

  57. I had this unusual "defect" 2 years ago when I woke up with a burning sensation (sounds worse than it was) in my right testicle. I went to the doctor who couldn't see anything wrong with it. My left lower back (but more inside my body than the muscles) was also hurting so I thought and still think it was my kidney. I had it scanned a couple of times but again nothing wrong. I also started pissing foam which has not stopped since then, even though the testicle pain faded quickly and the "kidney" pains lasted a few days or weeks at most. There must be something wrong internally, but it's not serious enough to worry a doctor, it seems.

  58. My fingers can bend backwards & i have a weak muscle in my eye which is when I create suction in my mouth my eyelid goes up fsr

  59. Really, really high bone density. X-ray images look like cartoon skeletons. No one can tell me exact what’s going on.

  60. Very small group less than 8% of population have this most never know till xray. Don't remember what it's called but I bet you don't float well.

  61. A brief googling suggests that 2 or 3 pacemaker nodes is normal, but it's not really clear to me what constitutes such a node in the first place..

  62. Spicy food burns my ears. Actually, I can feel any throat pain in my ears. I’ve never met anyone in real life who has even heard of this.

  63. Your middle ear and throat are connected by the Eustachian tube, that's why people often have ear pain/pressure in conjunction with sore throats. Also why yawning can make your ears pop.

  64. I have dry skin in general, but I've never met someone else who has (periodically) extremely flakey dead skin in their ears like I've had since I was a little kid. To me it seems normal, and I have a compulsive habit of peeling it out that over the years I've learned to manage in public. The crisp sound of catching a good flake and slowly pulling it out to keep it as big as possible is so satisfying. I know it's gross, but I really don't want it fixed. It's only usually in the cold, arid months, and most of the time I use lotion to mask it if I'm going out. But I'd be lying to myself and everyone else if I said I wouldn't miss it if it were gone.

  65. Another person mentioned the uvula in this thread and described it the other way. Instead of a nice heart shape, they said it was like a little nutsack.

  66. Samesies. Before getting T1D in my 30s i was very rarely sick. My immune system as so good it did a false flag operation on the homeland to get some attention.

  67. I can dislocate my shoulder at will. If you put your fingers at 2 specific spots on my shoulder, you can feel something separating. Update: It makes a tiny sound when doing this, never realized because I do it very rarely.

  68. The dimples on my cheeks go out instead of in. My mom is the same way so I guess it's genetic! I don't even notice anymore, but I'll still get an occasional toddler asking what's on my face hahaha.

  69. I have really long toes. Everyone notices and thinks they’re weird, but I can pick more stuff up with my feet than they can, so… who’s the real loser here 🤷‍♂️

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