When is the least appropriate time to moan sexually?

  1. When I first started in my current workplace (ICU nurse) I was putting a spinal board under a patient. To get these boards in a bunch of you have to roll the patient one side (keeping their spine aligned and then put in half the board. You then roll them the other way and stick in the other half and click the two parts together at the top and bottom.

  2. My brother used to work at a local independent pharmacy. An older gentleman who everyone knows has no family that live nearby brought in a prescription for a steroid cream. Turns out he had a severe itchy rash on his back. His script was ready to go and my brother thought that was the end of it. Then one of the techs came up and said, “ummmmm, so the guy is still here because, he needs the cream applied to his back.” My brother, wondering what life choices has brought him to this point but knowing the guy has no other options begrudgingly agrees to apply it for him. Goes to a back room to help the guy out. He started applying it and the guy immediately starts moaning. Loudly. And my brother, for 15 minutes, applied this cream to the back of an erotically moaning 70 year old. I’m pretty certain Heaven doesn’t exist, but I’m also certain if it does my brother is going.

  3. I've done that often hooking up a bear hugger. And once when sticking o2 tubing onto the flow meter - that one was a bit much, my colleague looked at me, laughed and shook her head.

  4. Any time you put something into something else. Such as when they are bagging your groceries. I like to add a “yeah, stuff it real good daddy” to the moan. My wife hates me for it though.

  5. In a quiet classroom of about 60 kids while taking a test. A girl actually did this at my college and it was the funniest shit in the world 😂😂

  6. Whaaatt?? Teenage students make moaning noises in a classroom full of people when it’s supposed to be quiet?? Never heard of this!

  7. There was a strange man at work that would do it during presentations. Instead of nodding or saying "ok" he would moan. Made everyone very uncomfortable.

  8. Not quite a playground, but I coach HS soccer and one kid pulled off a move that sent his defender off balance and the kids watching were like OHHH!!!! and then as the cheers were dying down one of them went OHHYEAAHHH!! MMM!! and everyone stopped to be like "dude, wtf?" It was fucking weird.

  9. I was at the movies with my gf and there was a scene of a bakery with some heavenly looking food. She let out a loud moan that was directed at the food but instead sounded weirdly sexual... Thankfully there were only five other people in the theatre doe every single one looked at us

  10. I actually did something similar, involuntarily let out a shocked 'wooh!' . The doctor thought it was pretty funny, and I had a good chuckle, and apologised out of politeness.

  11. That shit made me so uncomfortable when I was a kid. What am I supposed to do here, just whip my dick out in front of a bunch of old drunk dudes.

  12. I do it when a TSA agent pats me down. Amuses me and makes them hurry up. Bonus points if it's a guy... Since I'm a guy lol.

  13. I disagree with this statement. What about after the first sip of a cold beer after working in the sun all day? What kind of a man would I be if I didn't audibly inform everyone of the amount of pleasure I received from letting the liquid nectar pour down my throat

  14. I think someone should organize a mass reddit orgy considering there is a sex related question every hour and get their sexual urges out 🤣

  15. I high school my friends and I used to do this during applause, like at talent shows and such. We grew out of it eventually.

  16. I would say if I did that just when my son was about to be born. Cant imagine how the doctor/midwife would react lol.

  17. for sure NOT behind random strangers at the supermarket. I don‘t and will never understand what‘s funny about that.

  18. We had a patient once who sounded like she was climaxing every time she was taking a dump. So that’s my vote. You could hear her even with the door closed.

  19. This is a strange one that happend irl so we were playing a game called knuckles where you put your fist down on a table as if you were punching it and someone slides a coin as hard as they can into your knuckles, well I was going against a friend and there were a few other people around it had been going for 20 or so minutes until my friends slids the coin into my knuckle and I moan for some reason, everyone looks at me laughs and then we continue with the game, I won

  20. Take this, all of you, and drink from it: for this is the chalice of my blood, the blood of the new and eternal covenant. for the forgiveness of sins...

  21. When stretching in your office at work. Cause stretching feels good. I've done it by accident before and got really weird looks. I felt like I needed to explain myself but I didn't because that would make it worse.

  22. When they start lowering grandma's casket in her grave and everyone's got their heads down and that somber look behind their shades.

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