You just inherited the Disney Company and have access to their whole portfolio. What is something that you'd immediately do?

  1. Hell yes. 20 years ahead of it's time. Well developed characters both hero and villain, voice acting is fantastic, animation is always good to great, a complex mythology, great action, Shakespearean drama and it has some great comedy moments.

  2. If there was a way to ensure the officially Disney porn site was unviewable by anyone underage, I'd greenlight that in a heartbeat. But that probably isn't possible, so that would be the thing holding me back in this scenario

  3. tbh id feel as if he would just marvel at how big the Disney company is now lmfao. I just went to Disney world yesterday, fucking P A C K E D filled with people everywhere I go. It was like a fucking ocean made primarily of people. It was amazing to think of how everyone here is from across the world all banding together to look at the fireworks and shit. I did also think how it was funny how people literally only came in to see the fireworks and just immediately left as soon as they finished

  4. Build a fifth theme park in Walt Disney World themed after the villains and catered to adults over kids. Make the most advanced dark ride/hybrid roller coaster with inversions, use Chernabog as the Central Park icon, have bars in every section and great ass food

  5. I could just imagine what an RMC coaster in a Disney park would look like. Would be nice to see some true thrill rides in the parks though.

  6. Fix the parks. Stop making rides that are clones of other rides, rip out some of the worst attractions (Mike and Sulley), and update the questionable classics (autopia). It’s like they have just given up control to accountants rather than imagineers at this point. Very little new and exciting things that really push the bounds of tech or lean on creativity. So many paid opportunities rather than small spontaneous magic. Then again their revenue is through the roof so what do I know. Also pay your park employees they really are what makes the trip.

  7. Rise of the Resistance is one of most amazing things I've ever seen, just the whole Galaxy's Edge experience in general. It's really telling of what the creative teams behind the parks are capable of, and it's a shame they aren't given more free reign on all their projects.

  8. The parks and hotels are already so crowded. If you set them below what the market will bear, or artificially limit capacity it will cause more issues.

  9. Make a Choose-Your-Own-Star-Wars feature on Disney+. You can choose which version of all the changes you want in your movie

  10. Personally, I would rather move away from the 2010's era of at this point "traditional" 3d animation a la Frozen, but not necessarily try to recapture the old Disney hand drawn style either, because it's not going to happen to the same success in a modern context.

  11. Honestly this is probably the best idea because lately Disney has just been riding the coattails of former successes so this would be like throwing them out of their safety nest learn to spread your wings or fall to your death

  12. Before any park changes, or character reboots, or TV series for my favorite characters: release "Song of the South" to theaters, TCM style.

  13. I went down a rabbit hole looking into the history surrounding Song of The South a few years ago. I was surprised by the amount of consideration that went into trying to make it not end up problematic (which ultimately failed).

  14. I'd start tweeting Star Wars lore that nobody asked for like Rowling. Did you guys know that the sith used to initiate members like a college frat? And also the night brothers are all bisexual. Except Maul, he's a power bottom.

  15. Apparently, it's to do with the fact that the original negative of the movie was lost. They managed to boost everything up to high def except that one scene, and the drop in visual quality was too noticeably large to keep the scene in.

  16. RELEASE THE PORN! Disney owns everything their artists create during their employment, so Disney artists have been creating porn for DECADES knowing the company will confiscate it and put it in their vaults. And Disney doesn't get rid of ANYTHING, EVER. Supposedly, there's raunchy animation going back as far as Snow White (1937).

  17. A few animators made a porn of Mickey and Minny for one of Walt's birthdays and he immedietly fired them for it and had it destroyed, so I doubt that there's any "official" Disney porn...

  18. Disneyland Paris has been running at a loss for quite a while IIRC, so I don't mind paying a bit extra if it means it can stay solvent. I'd like to see them pay their staff better though, and giv them better rights and priviledges.

  19. Make a stationery shop in disneyland/world akin to stationery shops in Japan and Korea but with disney characters. Because who doesnt like crazy amounts of cute washi tapes, papers, planners, journals, note stickies, pens etc etc.

  20. Make Atlantis 2 a thing... (The one that exist is actually just parts of a scrapped TV series, that they cobbled together).

  21. Is that still a thing? I could have sworn that mandate stopped at some point. Or maybe I hallucinated some pieces of Disney Princess merch where unrelated characters made eye contact

  22. Stop the bs censoring. No more limiting representation of controversial characters to short clips, easy to remove in arsehole countries. No more photoshopping tobacco products from Walt's hand. So he was a chain-smoker. Big deal. Adults will understand it was a different time, and kids care for the movies, not for the guy whose company produced them. Also, make old movies available the way they were. We can't fix past racism, but being all hush-hush about it is like claiming it never happened and almost invalidating it's victims. I much prefer companies adding a "product of it's time" disclaimer, though I wouldn't distribute these to children.

  23. That's one thing Disney+ has done right. They haven't removed things like, "What Makes the Red Man Red," from Peter Pan, but they've put a disclaimer at the beginning of the film that makes that clear. I thought it was a really elegant way to handle those films.

  24. Atlantis and treasure planet live action. If they dont have it yet then black cauldron aswell.

  25. Stop suing places like nurseries/schools for using characters like Mickey or Winnie. They aren't using the damn characters for profit, they just wanna make the place more friendly for kids.

  26. I'd get projectors rigged up and play old classics every Saturday night projected on to building in major citys all over the world with a live orchestra let people share the majesty of the films how they were intended to be and let everyone find unity in watching them

  27. My girlfriend’s kid watches this show and holy shit is it quality. It just has that it factor that makes it great

  28. I would release “Song of the South” on Disney+ (with a disclaimer, of course) for historical reference. It’s important to learn from our mistakes, and I believe that Disney is doing the wrong thing by keeping it locked in the vault. Is it outdated? Yes. Do I disagree with it and wish it had never been made? Yes. Is it extremely racist? Fuck yes. But it’s a painful part of history that we have to acknowledge and reckon with in order to make sure those kinds of things never happens again.

  29. Was the movie racist or what it depicted? Showing 1870 Georgia without racism would be weird. I don't know which state it was filmed in.

  30. I'd get a group together in some basement with a bunch of whiteboards and single lightbulb and brainstorm ways to use the supermassive influence I've just acquired to try and fuck with the powers that be, get absurdly rich, use morals, and once I've had my fun I come up with some spectacular way to crash the entire company

  31. You could get really creative and try to take over and then crash the world's economy,.. or maybe just the economies of certain countries that have Disneylands in them :)

  32. I would take Disney back to its roots, create content for the people, run the parks for the people and put a stop to the unnecessary commercialisation.

  33. Get the rights back for Mickey’s House of Mouse. Big part of my childhood and I’d love to see it on Disney Plus. (Mickey’s House of Villains is on Disney Plus but not the complete series)

  34. Why? We already have all the EU stuff. Why want a probably watered down and poorer version of stories we already have.

  35. Honestly, I think they should've just done it like the MCU. Pick out the best stories and characters, change them a bit to work better in a visual medium, make movies.

  36. I don't even necessarily need Daft Punk back, there's a ton of really good EDM artists out there. Just get rid of Jared Leto's bitch ass

  37. Get Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford in to shoot a short where he wakes up as Luke and then calls Han and tells him about a weird dream he had where he was stuck on an island drinking weird green milk and had abandoned all the principles that he'd lived his life by.

  38. "Hey, you know all that woke shit and pandering to China? Yeah, we're just going to do dope shit from now on, none of that pussy shit."

  39. Get into a dick measuring contest with the Florida government. Then sell everything and buy the state of Florida because I now have 204 billion dollars so might as well do something inconsequential.

  40. Leave all the aquired companies to have the creative freedom they want, remove the PG-13 face of Disney, and ask writers to make something new instead of rebooting all the old movies and also, to not follow the modern woke culture and Fuck the ESG Rating... Giving money to the families the company has harmed and then, if I have more time to live, fight the big cooperations fucking the world.

  41. Hire competent writing staff so what while Im still flooding the market, it would be with so much shit. Ill also slow down release schedules to give animators time to actually finish their work, instead of driving them into the ground and their work suffers for it.

  42. I'd bring back Ducktales for three more seasons and a movie and greenlight the Darkwing Duck spinoff for three seasons. Blank cheque to Alex Hirsch to do whatever. Same with Matt Braly. Renew Owl House and give Dana Terrace a higher budget and a new development deal. Reopen a theatrical 2D animation studio, extending offers to Mike Rianda and Genndy Tartakovsky. Let Pixar make only new movies and guarantee theatrical distribution. Reopen Fox and Touchstone to make small independent movies again.

  43. Start working on a KotOR adaptation by only bringing in people who actually truly care about the old lore. No changing races, no weird subplots to pander to anyone, just the story and mystery that was the old Sith and a dark time in the galaxy.

  44. Make the parks affordable and accessible to the middle class. Quit with the sequels. (Walt hated them). Reopen cinderellas castle as the opening to fantasy land as it was originally intended. A myriad of things that would probably bankrupt the company.

  45. Stop making sequels. Not one movie will get a sequel, live-action re-enactment, or a half-baked, direct-to-tv spinoff. Any story will be a complete standalone story, but there can be crossovers to a larger universe in general (like they've done with Star Wars and Marvel). The only exception to this rule are stories too big to be contained in a single movie (book adaptations). But in these cases they're shot back to back, and production is ongoing at the same time, and released almost back to back as well. Like in the same quarter close, if the first part was a huge hit "in theaters at the same time" close. No more cutting a story short, Disney with their billions of dollars can fucking take the hit of developing two movies long enough to release them almost at the same time.

  46. While I agree that there should be less sequels, I don't think it's a good idea to never have them. Not all sequels are bad.

  47. Listen to the fans. Make the new Star Wars Trilogy non-canon. Use legends as an influence. Make cool shit, like Treasure Planet 2.

  48. Stop doing business with the ChiComs. Get out of politics and return to the roots which is entertaining people of all ages. Reevaluate the pay structure for all employees including corporate to make sure those at the low end have a minimum pay of a living wage and those at the high end are frozen.

  49. Add porn to Disney+. Copyrighted Mickey Mouse banging Minnie and shit. Anything else that falls under the line of Disney, make porn versions. Make it all canon.

  50. By giving credit to the animators at the beginning of the movie of how they have this special rule they follow and they only draw in 34 frames a second. Look up "Disney R34"

  51. Make the star wars sequels none canon and try again. Might go to george and see what his ideas were plot wise.

  52. Well, let's skip ahead where I am obviously about to make it all go bankrupt. It's bound to happen, but we have one more film. We do a super cheesy and dramatic Disney intro, and include every character owned by the franchise in a 5 hour movie, as in every character, Luke Skywalker, Tony Stark, Radar O'Riley, you name it. Why 5 hours? Simply because it has to be a big thing, dramatic outro with every actor saying a personal goodbye to Disney, even if they had an animated character. That's gonna be probably the last 45 minutes to an hour of the movie, if not a little longer, and will serve as the end credits. Protagonist? No clue. Antagonist? Also no clue. Plot? Great question, I'll get to work on the script soon.

  53. Burn the Star wars sequel movies. Remove them from Disney Plus. Formally apologize to George Lucas. Pay all the actors involved in additional 20 million. Give Star wars back to George Lucas.

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