[Serious] What's a weird fear you have?

  1. That's not a weird fear, that is totally legitimate and reasonable. Especially if you live in Florida (I once added up reports of sinkholes by county and they have like 30,000 of them!

  2. Turkey has thousands of sinkholes showing up at the moment due to overuse of ground water for farming during drought...But don't worry friend, should only get a tad worse with climate change lol

  3. Being touched on the neck. I don't know why. I've questioned it myself but I start to panic when someone places their hand on my neck. It feels like I being slashed. I have no trauma involving my neck tho but I still get scared af

  4. You might have unknown trauma. I used to panic when getting on escalators and I didn't know why for the longest time until one day my mother told me that when I was an infant she pushed my stroller onto an escalator and while riding down the stroller tipped forward with me inside. I hit my head on the escalator and I was trapped upside down until she could fix the stroller.

  5. I don't get scared but I absolutely hate it. even when I was a kid and my mom would fix my collar it would make me squirm. it's really weird to be honest.

  6. When I’m driving, I imagine every car I pass will randomly change lands and just hit me head on. Makes driving a pain.

  7. I get this with semis. A friend and I drove through a blizzard in the Appalachians in WV once, we were practically crawling because we couldn't see past the end of the hood (in a Geo Metro, at that), but these huge trucks were just blowing past at high enough speed that the displaced wind would break us loose every time. Fortunately my friend was an excellent driver and we got through it without issue, but it was fucking terrifying.

  8. I have this fear but with water I don’t know why but I always fear that I’ll spas out and run myself into a river when I drive next to one

  9. As we all should be. The drinking stuff is 97% unexplored and filled with things that eat people and sometimes decides to come on land. Like freak man how do all just accept that is a thing all the time and not do something about it?

  10. I fear that an airplane will crash into my house. Had that fear since I was very small. It's irrational but I still have it.

  11. No way, me too! I found out that my mom would often start a load of laundry after putting us to bed when I was a kid, and my bedroom shared a wall with the laundry room. The escalating noise and my bed shaking had me convinced a plane was about to crash into our house any second.

  12. Tbh if I was an alien that is visiting Earth for the first time, I'd really think watermelons are some creature's eggs. If I'd know what eggs are as an alien.

  13. I work from home with my three small children and I’m TERRIFIED of randomly having a stroke or heart attack or something and leaving them unattended until my partner gets home (he works late hours) discovers my corpse with my kids crying on top of it.

  14. When me and my family first moved into our new house, I was setting up in my bedroom and I found the imprint of what I thought was a mirror on the ceiling.

  15. Don’t go to New England, then. The beach I went to in Rhode Island absolutely reeked of the carpet of rotting red seaweed. Even in Massachusetts, it was everywhere. I was swimming and bodyboarding at one beach and kept getting covered in it. Nothing like peeling a few strands of pink seaweed off your shoulder. I like it, though.

  16. I have the same fear, fine to look at in the water, but can’t have it touch me. Which has crippled me when we went to the shore or lakes to swim. And ofc the idiots who think it’s fun to throw seaweed at me while I am actively trying to overcome my fear. Due to that I am still having that fear.

  17. I hate seaweed. I know it can't hurt me, I can see it while I walk through it, but if it touches me I'll freak out. Unfortunately everyone decides it's hilarious to grab handfuls whenever they get the chance to scare me with.

  18. That's a good fear. Hanging out next to a semi is one of the worst places to be.. that and merging into the semi's lane way too early after passing it.

  19. I never got over my fear of the dark. I probably don’t look the part. But I can’t sleep in a dark room alone. I always leave the closet light on. Fortunately, it rarely comes up. I almost always have my wife or my two dogs with me. But on the rare occasions I’m home alone or away in a hotel by myself. I don’t sleep well and keep a light on somewhere.

  20. I am only afraid of the dark outside. I always feel like, if I can’t see out my window, there could be someone or something right there… which is why I close my blinds as soon as it gets dark outside.

  21. It took me well into adulthood to get over my fear of the dark. I think it was just an overactive imagination cooking up all kinds of horrible things that could be lurking in a dark room. But then one day I realized that if any of that was remotely possible I'd already gone into so many dark rooms in my life that surely something would've happened by now. Boom, fear of the dark instantly dispelled.

  22. Me. Insecurity triggers entire nights worth of sleep paralysis. Which is why I can't live without a cat when I'm single.

  23. I read somewhere, still can't remember where, that it's not that people are afraid of being alone in the dark, it's a feat of not being alone in the dark.

  24. I'm worried my car tires are going to explode when I fill them with air. I always turn to face away, as if that will help

  25. This is exactly the reason why I have never put air in my tyres. I’m convinced they’ll blow up. No one has ever convinced me otherwise.

  26. Happened to me once, there was some sidewall damage. Blew my hat and glasses off and maybe some ear ringing for a minute but it didn't hurt at all.

  27. I was gonna say, I've seen tires in huge steel cages explode (which is the reason they put them in said cages) and it's extremely violent.

  28. That's real, I never leave the house with the dryer going. I always clean the lint trap, and yearly clean the tube from the dryer to the outside with compressed air. A leaf blower will work.

  29. They say the cure to phobias is edging yourself closer and closer to them until you come to the point you find relief from them.

  30. probably not weird, but extreme fraud syndrome. like, everything that i ever felt i was good at, is exactly the opposite, so i make the worst choices

  31. I had emetophobia as a child, after getting an awful stomach illness when I was 3 or 4. It's about 50% better now, that intrusive anxiety about eating something bad is rare, but not gone.

  32. Mmm hmmm, me too, when I’m sick I have to convince myself for up to ten minutes “throw up and you’ll feel better” over and over again. Eventually I do.

  33. I also have this! It doesn't matter how sick I am, I will do anything and everything to prevent myself from throwing up. It doesn't help that I have a horrible gag reflex, too. It's become an issue, because I need to go to the dentist but I can't hold my mouth open long enough, I start gagging within a minute. Emetophobia + horrible gag reflex is the worst combination :(

  34. Oh man this is going to be so weird. When I was still in elementary school I would have this reoccurring nightmare where I was on a rowboat in the middle of a body of water with the shore in the distance and giants were walking around me, I kept trying to row my way away from the waves caused by their movement.

  35. As a kid I had Alice in Wonderland syndrome episodes as I was falling asleep.. In one reoccurring episode I’d be tiny, and walking along inside the fingerprint grooves of a giants hand. The dreams were always kind of freaky, always featured giants causing situations I couldn’t control.. In some dreams I was a giant who shrunk very suddenly. Super weird. My daughter now has the same dreams.

  36. They bite. Also it just takes one headbutt and you can get a serious concussion... if you survive. Also, I dont think getting kicked by one would be much fun either. 👀

  37. Biggest fear is being late for work. I’m a school teacher, so imagining a room full of kids without me as their teacher causes me to literally wake up 3-5 times a night and set at least 5 alarms. It used to be so bad that I’d wake up around 1 am, freak the hell out thinking it was 1 pm, then start getting changed. My wife would often just yell at me to go back to sleep and I still had plenty of time left 🙃

  38. One time, my teacher called in sick but the sub didn’t show up. Every class went through just not telling the office that there wasn’t a teacher. We all just chilled, playing angry birds, and were super happy when she was back the next day. The office staff didn’t figure it out until the end of the day and were gonna try to “punish” us for it. She shut them down saying it was their fault for not realizing it and basically told them to fuck off lol.

  39. At one school I went to in Aus we had to wait outside our classroom for our teacher to let us in. One day our science teacher didn’t show up so as a group we decided to wander around the school grounds trying to find him. It was a pretty big school with a fair few disconnected big buildings. We just wandered around for most of lesson time. Eventually went back to the classroom and he was there waiting for us. He was very annoyed but I think more in a concerned for our safety way as there was a car park in our school grounds accessible to anyone and you could also easily jump the fence lol

  40. I had a teacher come in late by an hour in middle school once. The office didn't notice. The problem was that the class wasn't all that good and at one point I actually became fearful for my well-being.

  41. I still have a fear that people will leave me if I don’t meet their expectations of me. I don’t know why I have that fear, as my family has reminded me that it will never happen, but it really affects my college progress and how I communicate with friends and family.

  42. The existance of the uncanny valley might mean that at some point there was an evolutionary advantage to being afraid of something that looked human but wasn't

  43. I used to have that fear when I read lots of books and watched lots of documentaries about UFOs and abductions. I used to be afraid of opening my eyes at night for fear of seeing aliens around my bed.

  44. Phone calls. Speaking to someone without any visual feedback, and not being able to retreat from the conversation, is so stressful to me that I go to ridiculous lengths to avoid the telephone.

  45. This is just standard millennial crap, here is my advice as a wise elder millennial - you're not in the callcentre now, darling, you can just ignore that shit when it rings. If it's important they'll text or send you a letter.

  46. It's much easier to retreat from a phone call than an in person conversation: "talk to you later" push red button. lol

  47. I used to have this irrational fear that a monster would come torture me but would then erase my memories so I wouldn’t remember. Until the next time…

  48. Kinda reminds me of the Silents from Doctor Who. They edited themselves out of your memory the moment you looked away.

  49. Syringes. It’s a legitimate phobia. I blacked out once when I was younger. Nurse didn’t believe me last time while getting a Covid shot, I need a support person. Legitimately. I went to the ER for a heartbeat that wouldn’t stop raging, thankfully they ‘broke’ their Covid protocol to have my wife come in to get a blood test.

  50. I have a weird fear of 💉. I've never been HURT by one but I always heard of other people's horror stories and imagine it happening to me.

  51. I AM THE SAME WAY. I have tattoos, but I cANNOT do hypodermic needles. It punctures your skin, and it hurts. I always warn nurses or doctors, or dentists, that I WILL black out. I will faint, I will go paper white --

  52. Its ridiculous i know but i cannot deal with puppet mascots. Not hand puppets but people dressed up in those costumes, like their heads are huge and there is no knowing who is in it. Nothing against furries. You do what makes you happy. But i cannot be around them. I get panic attacks. Their heads are huge. If i see one like at a store or something i will take the long way around.

  53. Oh I have the same thing. I hate mascots and other similiar people in stores. Especially the thought that I'l need to interact with them scares me.

  54. Bugs, specially flies, flying into my ear and dying in there. I had a friend who had a bug fly into their ear and whenever I wear my hair up and I hear a bug I cover my ears.

  55. I'm really freaked out about getting a head injury, illness, or ingesting chemicals that cause my personality to change. Like, everything that makes me me is dead but my body is still walking around. Absolutely terrifies me. I lie awake at night not able to sleep because of it.

  56. Heights.. Specifically though, unrestrained heights above 5 meters, i could easily deal with been at 100,000ft if in a jet but put me on a 7 meter ladder, nopenopenope.

  57. Same! I’ve always had a fear of unstable heights. People always made fun of me for it but I’m always scared something is going to collapse.

  58. I have this too and a big part of it is getting the urge to jump off and having to suppress the urge. They call it l'appel du vide, the call of the void.

  59. That's interesting. Do you fear that you will fall over the edge? Or do you fear it even if you're just standing near by "downstairs"?

  60. Short heights. I can do super tall zip lines and cliffs but something about being like 10 feet up on a ledge or ladder is terrifying. If I rationalize it, I guess I feel that if I fall from a tall height, I’ll just die so no pain. But with a short height, it’s nothing but serious pain. Who knows, maybe some shows or movies from when I was a kid instilled the fear because this has been a lifelong thing

  61. I have been afraid of balloons since I was 3 or 4 years old. My parents couldn't take me to birthday parties or grand openings. I still don't like them but I don't hide under the table screaming anymore, so that's progress.

  62. This right here. Then there is driving through tunnels under large bodies of water, and don't get me started on those damn bridges that lift up to let boats through.

  63. Lightning. I know there’s, like, a one in a million chance of being struck but not only am I a person with that one in a million kind of luck but there’s also the thought that a big bolt can strike near you at a tree or something and knock down and cause damage that way. That shit’s scary.

  64. Not one anymore, but for a pretty long time, and for no real reason, the eyes on potatoes when they’d start to grow out horrified me.

  65. Vore. The idea of being eaten, especially alive, and then being digested absolutely terrifies me for some reason. The few times I’ve seen vore on the internet it stuck with me for days due to how much it disturbed me.

  66. That's just a part of growing up. I got a job the day I turned 16 and was legally able to work and the first time a customer yelled at me I broke down crying. Your emotions and how they affect you are valid and people making fun/etc are stupid and not your friends. But if it's any consolation you will probably grow out of it.

  67. I was the same at 14. Actually, at 20, I still feel the same. I can't state my honest opinion without crying, because I'm scared they'll disagree. However, as I've grown up I've grown more confident and it gets less and less scary to own up to my parents.

  68. There is nothing wrong with you. When I was 14 I’d cry if someone was angry with me. When I got older I realized it was a trauma response because of how I was also other wise mistreated by my family. I had no security that I was loved by them and thought if they were angry I had to fix it. It was my fault. Good news is soon you will be out on your own. You will meet so many new people that will love and support you and help you heal. Hang in there.

  69. Flicking a light switch but not making solid contact therefore potentially leaving the switch in between on and off. My fear is that somehow the contact points inside the light switch will be close enough to spark and start a fire, like a loose plug hanging out of an outlet.

  70. Recurring dream where my Teeth becomes loose and mouth getting smaller, causing the teeth to grind against each other forcing them to be knocked out.

  71. That someone will attack me while I’m using a urinal. For this reason, I only use stalls because it allows me to be surrounded by walls and I can lock the door. I especially had this fear when that trend was going around where kids were just randomly knocking out people on the street.

  72. I'm autistic, and my #1 fear is someone taking away my stuffed animal. I carry him everywhere, amd I'm afraid that some ableist awful person will try to take him away from me.

  73. That reminds me of a Charlie brown episode I saw where Lucy took Linus' blanket away bc he needed to "grow up" and he had a panic attack. Like, if it's not hurting anyone then don't worry about, it's not urs to take.

  74. Going to a mall/very very crowded public space. It used to be social anxiety at it's worst but now that I got over it it's the possibility of a shooting/public terror. I have yet to step foot in a mall for at least 8 years.

  75. Being burned alive. I have recurring nightmares where either I get trapped in an oven or a crematorium or something, or I’m trapping someone else. It’s fucked up. Sometimes I get really scared that I’m going to accidentally trap my cat in the oven or something, like they would actually jump in for some reason and I’d manage to miss it in the few seconds while I’m putting something in.

  76. Walking down stairs. I’ve fallen down them one too many times. Now my brain is convinced that I’m gonna fall again. I have to walk down them slowly. 😑

  77. It makes zero sense but I have to close my eyes when I’m going down stairs until I get past a couple stairs. Then I can open them. Super weird but that’s what my brain tells me to do. If I’m somewhere like a hotel stairwell I’m 100% sure I’m gonna be a cartoon character falling down the steps, smacking the wall, then keep going until I hit the ground.

  78. I don't have a weird fear now. But as a kid I used to be scared a slimy being would climb into my bed from my feet and slit my throat in my sleep.

  79. moths. I hate them. I’ve been scared of them since I can remember, dunno why but they freak me out when they circle me

  80. I have something similar! I get so grossed out by people consuming milk, so watching someone eating cereal would make me nauseous.

  81. Do you think the universe has level of detail filtering or geometric occlusion? The parts that don't get seen by human eyes don't get rendered, or get rendered at a lower detail? If it's any consolation the people who run the simulation wouldn't attempt to render a universe that their hardware couldn't handle. Thus the Cosmic Microwave Background - it's just TV static at the edge of the universe, nothing to see here.

  82. I’m afraid of approaching tall things. For example, I used to drive towards and through Chicago once a year or so. When I could glimpse the skyline in the distance, I’d get a little apprehensive. When I got close enough that the buildings reached the top of my view, I was pretty terrified.

  83. As a 4 y/o child i visited my grandmother who was really old (like bedridden old kinda) and i remembered being so afraid of her that i don't wanna see her. It was my first time seeing her too so i don't know her personally, and from memory i just remembered that she was so skinny down to her bones. That scared me i guess. I thought it was just a childhood fear that I'll get over as an adult like how i got over my fear of the dark.

  84. I have a fear of any body of water that I can not see the bottom of if im swimming in, pools are fine, but like swimming in the ocean or lakes are a big no, if I do I have massive panic attacks and freak out. The only problem, I love to swim, whenever there is a body of water I have to go in it, im kinda my own worst enemy.

  85. When you're waiting at home for your family/friends but you get the idea that they might get caught up in a fatal accident on the road. Gets worse if you call them but they don't pick up the phone.

  86. I have a very intense fear of space in general/all the planets. It’s super weird, but I guess it just freaks me out how big and empty the whole universe is. And when I look at pictures of planets it all just freaks me out because they are covered in gases and stuff that isn’t habitable. Everyone I know thinks it’s really strange and usually show me pictures of planets just because they know I hate it lol

  87. Astrophobia, I have that as well to a lesser degree, I completely understand ya, space is both beautiful and absolutely terrifying.

  88. When sleeping alone i need my back towards a wall and tv on otherwise i start to think i hear and feel things that arent there. Tho that changed once i got dogs and feel more comfortable without it

  89. Ladybug getting it's leg stuck under my fingernail. I would rather walk through a corridor of wasp nests than have to handle a ladybug, there's too much risk.

  90. I get really uneasy around strawberries and won't eat them. I like other berries, I like strawberry flavour, and I don't have trypophobia. I don't know what it is about strawberries that make me anxious.

  91. I get panic attacks frequently (1-3 per week) and I'm constantly afraid of having the next one...which probably helps bring them on. I'm especially afraid to have one while driving or when no one is around to help me. I don't dare drive more than a few miles from home, avoid all major streets, and absolutely CANNOT get on the interstate. My life sucks.

  92. Taxidermy animals. It’s probably because I’m schizophrenic but every time I walk by them I’m afraid they’re gonna come to life and attack me

  93. I have this weird fear that my friends and boyfriend all talk behind my back and are plotting to get rid of me and any drama that starts is a way to get me to like all of them less

  94. Elevators/Lifts, whatever you call them. I’m pretty sure it stems from being told stories about people getting stuck in them for days.

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