What is an impossible question to answer?

  1. Outside reception class at my primary school. They gave me a name badge and it had my full name on it. I couldn't read so I asked my mum what it said and she told me. I asked what that meant, as I was 4 and didn't know what a surname was and she explained, all the time looking super worried lol. I guess she thought maybe I wasn't quite ready considering I didn't know my own name lol.

  2. take it up a notch and you get the kid my mom had to deal with: “What if a red truck burst through the wall right now? Okay now what if it was blue?”

  3. Dealing with the incursion of Mordor on it's border. The beacons work both ways, and Denethor started as a kick ass steward. Why weren't the beacons lit, Theoden?

  4. I think the actual answer was that Gondor was dealing with its own problems at the time, I don't remember what they were, and were thus unable to help.

  5. Where do you see yourself in x years. I fucking hate that question, especially when you've reached your goals and haven't really made any solid plans yet. Like fuck off with that question

  6. How you approach the answer is way more important than the answer itself. It is a really common question, so if you don't have a response it means that you haven't prepared.

  7. It's a terrible question really. Sometimes it means, "will you still be working for us in 5 years or are you gonna jump after 1-2 years?" and sometimes it means "are you here to grow or do you prefer a decent work life balance?". Like fuck off. Just be straight with me.

  8. I was given this as a writing assignment in 9th grade English class. My paper said something to the effect of “I will be sitting on a fence post in the country with the sun on my face thinking about how glad I’m not in 9th grade English class.”

  9. The technical interviewer asked me this. He's also the dev lead. I told him "in your position". I did get the position but quit for other reasons. Really fun guy.

  10. This one annoys me, for a variety of reasons. I've got plenty of answers, but they're likely not what the person asking (usually during a job interview, so it gets extra awkward) has in mind anyway. I usually give some BS answer when asked that like "Well, I see myself as always improving so in x years I hope to be x years of experience more skilled." Ask a stupid question, get a bullshit answer.

  11. I’m confused, generally when someone asks me “What?” I just repeat myself once or twice and they always seem to get it

  12. A question that is conceived but never asked can still be answered by the one who conceived it. The only questions that can't be answered are ones that have never been conceived in the first place. But then it wouldn't even be a question. It wouldn't be anything.

  13. I mean the actual answer is that such a thing does not exist. “The set of all sets that do not contain themselves” is a logical contradiction in the same sense as “x is true and x is false” and any further reasoning that you do from that initial contradiction will be invalid.

  14. Are you my wife? Because she cannot answer this question. It's even worse when I offer to get take out. We live in a small rural town that only has about 6 restaurants (3 of which suck) and 3 drive-thrus (2 of which she doesn't like).

  15. My husband and I have the worst time choosing a restaurant when we decide to order in. The best thing we’ve come up with was to have one of us pick three places that sound good, and the other has to pick from the three.

  16. Married almost thirty years and I have no problem answering this question. The key is to follow with specifics and positive reinforcement. For example, don't just say "Yes", answer with what specifically isn't working with the dress like " it bunches on your back, or"the seam isn't flattering". Also say things like, "It's not great. I think the red dress makes you look great, but this one is not so great." Guys that don't give feedback make it seem like they just don't like their significant other AND don't care enough to put in the effort for a proper answer.

  17. Met an ex-girlfriend like 8 years after we'd been together. She was 20 when we were together. Small, curvy, lovely. Also very fond of eating. She's since had 2 kids. She had gained probably like 70-80lbs. I did not recognize her at first. We started chatting and I was happy to ignore it, but then she said "well, there's just one thing: am I fat?" r u fuckin serious? Yes! Obese maybe! Well, couldn't say that, so after a too long pause I said "... no." and she was happy with that

  18. Mine is a different version of this question. What is the space or void that our universe is expanding into? The idea that our universe has no boundaries just messes with my head.

  19. In Christian theology, the answer is yes. In His omnipotence, God is free to set limits on Himself. God can't flood the Earth again, because He promised He wouldn't, and to do so would be contrary to His infinitely truthful nature. Mechanically, microwaving a burrito so hot He can't eat it isn't all that different.

  20. Cherenkov radiation. It's sort of like a sonic boom but for light. You can actually create this in a nuclear reactor because of the energetic particles resulting from the fission exceed the speed of light in water, which is lower than the speed of light in a vaccuum (the actual cosmic speed limit) due to the refractive index of the water.

  21. If you go faster than sound and listen backwards what do you hear? If you find the answer to that question you can adjust the answer to apply to light.

  22. Is that your answer to the question? Because OP was asking for a question as an answer, but your answer has no question, which makes me question your answer.

  23. An unstoppable force would be able to transmit a total of an infinite amount of kinetic energy onto the objects it interacts with. Hence it must have an infinite amount of mass via ye olde e = m c^2.

  24. Neither, since they can’t both coexist. By definition, for something to be unstoppable or immovable, there can’t be something that stops or moves them respectively. If there is something that could do such a thing, then it loses that title.

  25. Sometimes two people just don't go together, regardless of what you perceive to be happening. Sometimes you're having one experience while the partner is having a completely different experience. It can sting like crazy to learn your feelings aren't being reciprocated, but dating is a necessary weeding out process.

  26. Nothing is. You didn't ask if it was impossible to answer correctly, simply impossible to answer. Since any answer to a question would be an answer there is no question which is impossible to provide an answer to.

  27. Pi is infinite and non-repeating (i.e. irrational). It's not that we don't know what it is, it's that there straight up is no last digit. Which means the answer is just "there is no last digit of pi".

  28. My 4 year old is full of these why questions. Im at the point now when he asks "daddy, why is the sign that color?" or whatever else, my response is "oh son, because thats how they decided to make it lol

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