What do you wish Hollywood would stop doing?

  1. Stop making films and TV shows that we cannot see because they are too dark and cannot hear what the fuck people are saying. That would be a good start.

  2. I honestly think some vfx engineers stuffed up and others thought it was a trend and continued to under expose. Series 8 of game of Thrones was about 8 slightly diffident blank pixels running about the screen.

  3. Remakes of good movies, I don’t understand why they remake good movies, when there are tons of flops that have potential, that they could remake

  4. Like there was absolutely no need to remake Total Recall, it’s a iconic movie, but something like Eragon or the Golden Compass those should get remakes.

  5. That's a good point, but some director is going to read this and say, "Good point, let's remake Dunb and Dumberer"

  6. Characters getting punched multiple times in the face in 1 scene and having no signs of the trauma in the next scene.

  7. Or shot, but they remove the bullet in a dirty motel and sew it up with fucking twine and knitting needles so now it doesn’t hurt anymore and they can go fight more bad guys unencumbered.

  8. This reminded me of characters getting absolutely wasted then either being relatively sober in the next scene, or have no hangover the day after.

  9. Back in the 90s, I think there was a show that took scenes from movies and showed the actual damaged caused by comparing it to xrays and shit from people who had that same injury.

  10. EMPTY CUPS. I hate seeing people holding cups and pretending to take drinks from obviously empty cups. Their hands never move right, or if it’s an open cup, you can literally see that it’s empty.

  11. like at least add water so they have weight, you don't even actually have to put coffee or something in them

  12. They move their hand way too fast! It's like they don't even know they're supposed to be pretending it has liquid inside

  13. Or as serious drug addicts, with clear skin and healthy muscle tone. People on opioids or meth don't generally look good. Sallow skin, loose muscles, sores, unkempt, under weight, etc. The only ones that look that way are characters you aren't supposed to like or care about.

  14. Jessica biel in Valentines Day. Dumpster fire of a film. Hottest woman ON EARTH can't find a date for valentines day. My fucking ass.

  15. Right, and they only do CPR for like 10 seconds and give up, as if it's intended to instantly revive someone.

  16. Or when a clearly set up romance is thrown away for some drama, or they introduce an unneeded love triangle, it's basically expected that any big budget movie has at least one romance, and they have a quota to fill of at least 70% having a complication.

  17. I was about to say that Charlie’s shitty apartment in “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is the one exception to that rule I can think of. But oddly enough his roommate, Frank, is a millionaire.

  18. Supposedly when they started making Big Bang Theory they tried putting them in a realistic apartment, and it made it really depressing.

  19. I always wondered what it would be like if people chose to remake bad stuff and make it better, it seems more logical

  20. I love that they took the three Lord of the Rings books, 1,200 pages, and made 3 movies, then took The Hobbit, 300 pages, and made 3 movies.

  21. Yes! We do not need crap remakes of old movies. We do not need unending sequels and prequels. We do not need TV spinoff for every character in a popular movie ffs.

  22. I wish Hollywood would stop treating the medium of animation as something inherently inferior to live action. I also wish 2D animation was used more for movies.

  23. I completely agree! There’s a unique magic in hand drawn animation. I’d even appreciate a mix of 2D/3D or animation and live action.

  24. I was watching a YouTube video about Dan Schneider. Apparently Nickelodeon chose Florida to film their shows because of the lack of child labor laws. They also purposefully chose kids whose parents were more likely to be absent or neglectful so they could control the kids more. Like wtf.

  25. Children in Hollywood are abused to this day, even though we know how they treated Judy Garland, and Shirley Temple, and Drew Barrymore, and Corey Feldman, and Macaulay Culkin, and all the Disney/Nickelodeon child stars, and-

  26. People always talk about how child actors always go to shit because of drugs. Its not the fame that gets to them, but the assholes who abuse and molest them. Thats what makes child actors ruin theyre lifes by turning to hardcore drugs

  27. Glad folks are becoming aware of this abuse. Remember how Dan Schneider's sexual abuse on Nickelodeon was considered a conspiracy theory around 2015-2018?

  28. All great answers but what I've seen lately is just a lot of whacky decision making. There's multiple video game adaption movies and TV shows come out lately that miss the mark completely. Resident Evil/Halo Etc.

  29. Lately, so many movies are dark-scened. Watching old movies I can actually SEE what is going on. A lot of new movies I can barely discern what the fuck is going on. It could be day time in the scene and it feels like night time. Also, I can’t fucking hear shit anymore in movies. They’re loud mumbling

  30. I agree. And so many movies take a fantasy setting and think, "Let's make it dark!" Why not give the movies the colors they deserve? People like colors!

  31. Shaky cam action fight scenes. No this is not artistic. Your choreography just sucks and you have to hide it

  32. Quiet dialogue which makes you crank the volume up so you can hear it better then the a super loud action scene happens and the speakers to your tv explode.

  33. See also: dialogue during a fight scene, most likely something witty & dramatic when two people are grappling and their faces are close together.

  34. Yeah, it blows me away that these multi-million dollar budgets can't include someone who understands how to normalize a mix.

  35. Stop having people take like 1 bite of what they ordered then leave. It's a small thing, but I've never seen it happen in real life.

  36. Or worse, order something when they just intend to talk to someone there for a couple minutes and then leave when the food arrives. Who pays for it?

  37. If you really pay attention to most eating scenes, it's standard practice for the actors to basically just play with their food while the plot moves along.

  38. When the entire family has a full breakfast on a weekday morning and the lighting suggests that it's around 11:30 am lol

  39. Or families where the mom made like two dozen waffles, cut fresh fruit, made eggs, sausage, bacon, and her two kids rush down, take a bite of cold cereal, then say "the bus is here!" Or "we're gonna miss the bus" and rush off like they didn't waste hours of their mother's unpaid domestic labor.

  40. Making movies where the 1 good guy defeats 20 bad guys because the 20 bad guys attack the 1 good guy one by one.

  41. When I watch these fights scenes nowadays I ignore the main fight and look at the other bad guys waiting their turn. It's hilarious AF. They strike weird poses, fall over themselves or just writhe around like zombies.

  42. There's a term for when people stand around and wait for their turn to attack and I can't remember what it is right now. "Egg", maybe?

  43. Or showing all the best/funniest scenes in the trailer and then leaving you wondering wtf am I watching when watching the movie itself.

  44. The worst one I saw was Batman v Superman, where they give away in the trailers that Batman and Superman join up at the end to fight a common enemy. Completely did away with any "mystery" of how such a rivalry would be resolved.

  45. Having conversations on public transit, sitting next to others, while talking about top secret stuff, terrorism, etc., murder cover ups, and not worried at all that someone might be listening.

  46. No matter how talented they are, once an actor reaches a certain point I only see them and not their character. When I watched Jojo Rabbit I thought of Roman Griffin Davis and Thomasin McKenzie as Jojo and Elsa; Scarlett Johansson was just Scarlett Johansson.

  47. Scenes that are too fucking dark to actually see. If I wanted to listen to a show, I'd download an audiobook.

  48. Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy always stood out to me as doing dark scenes right. There are tons of dark scenes across the films, yet you can always see exactly what you need to be focusing on.

  49. Thank you. That is my biggest pet peeve as well. Especially prevalent in horror films. Yes, I get it's supposed to be dark and scary, but honestly. You can't see ANYTHING! *GRRR*

  50. S8E3 of Game of Thrones, my go-to example. An entire episode, one of the most important of the whole series, which is impossible to see, as the cherry on top of the shit sundae which was season 8.

  51. Between this and their crappy audio management I can't stand most movies anymore. What even happened? They teach you to mix audio in college. Are some colleges just built different?

  52. Reboots and sequels. Come up with something new! Especially quit with making substandard remakes of successful non-English language films. Market the originals and trust people to be able to follow subtitles instead of producing plastic knock offs.

  53. This is a problem with every one I know. I think there will be a time when people look back at movies and say, "this movie must have been made between 2010 and 2025 because you cant hear a damn thing anyone is saying ".

  54. More and more people I know mention they have CC on everything they watch. At first we thought it was because we’re getting older, but nope its this.

  55. If I can't hear something at home I turn on CC and rewind. But if I can't understand anything in the theater, where it's Meant to be played? That pisses me off. I paid for this, why are you mumble rapping your lines?

  56. Bonus points if the scene is in a city setting, especially if it's New York. You'd think they'd encounter at least one red light or person crossing the road.

  57. That’s something She Hulk did well - the whole reason she became a Hulk was because she was looking at Bruce instead of the road and couldn’t stop in time for the spaceship

  58. And an incredibly uncomfortable looking skintight PVC catsuit. Nonetheless, she manages to KO a 6'3'', 250lb man by kicking him in the face once.

  59. Inserting romance in movies/shows that don't need it. Not every guy and gal that meet on screen have to end up together. Despite what PUAs might say, they can just be friends.

  60. scrolled down hoping to find this. really tired of them misrepresenting ocd as being "super clean" (it's not) or DID as a bunch of people in your head (it's not).

  61. I 100% agree. Unless they take the Brady route and lampoon the original. Unfortunately Top Gun: Maverick I'm sure unleashed a whole new bunch that were on the fence about putting into production.

  62. Had a friend send me video from Afghanistan (in the desert) and it was beautiful! Then I watched Iron Man… You are so right!

  63. For all the silly and not so silly reasons why, it always bugs me how so much media (and not just media for teens. Media for adults) is about unsupervised high schoolers played by twentysomethings drinking, fucking, and committing crime, but very little media is set in college at all. It would eliminate a lot of the weirdness.

  64. I want more movies & shows about people of all ages, especially people over 50. It's a issue that's rarely considered when talking about the lack of diverse stories.

  65. Making women “perfect” all the time. I don’t want to see a post apocalyptic world or a safari adventure where the women have their makeup done, hair styled and armpits shaved. It’s incredibly unrealistic but then again.. so is everything else

  66. Similarly, remaking movies that have no need of being remade. Generally this means dumbing down dialogue, adding some stupid side story, or swapping animation to live action (or vice versa). Leave great movies alone and come up with some original new ideas whydoncha?!?

  67. Portraying love at first sight. Show us the actual, drawn-out, awkward, friends-to-lovers shit that happens in real life.

  68. Reminds me of why 500 Days of Summer resonated with me. A realistic depiction of a total dork simping over a girl and creating his own fantasy that she loves him back, but she was never really that into him in the first place.

  69. Screwing over special effects companies with contracts that won't keep the lights on, resulting in them going under, sometimes, right after winning an Oscar for their efforts.

  70. These are all really big issues, but regarding contracts, it really made my opinion somehow sink much lower when the whole Disney vs Johansson thing happened. They do that to someone who made it, like it's just a reflex. Just breach a contract and pretend "streaming doesn't count" when it suits them, because they don't want to pay a major actor what is ultimately still chump change to productions of that level. It's just what they do, like they are addicted to fucking with people, and it's not like she's hurting for the money but just stabbing someone you work with in the back and pretending you didn't realize that someone might see releasing a film on streaming as affecting their cut of ticket sales is obnoxious levels of greed and spite.

  71. (First comment I found that comments on the treatment of people "behind the scenes") Covering up abuse in general. If Uma Therman, an undisputable talent and successful actor can have their abuse covered up then imagine what "regular" people have suffered.

  72. Shaky cam during action scenes. Sometimes it's appropriate and can help show the chaos of the situation but 95% of the time it's needless and you can't see what the hell is haplening.

  73. Treating casual nudity like it's R rated. Sexual nudity, sure I get it. But then mass violence, gore, killing, and people exploding is PG-13.

  74. I agree with what people posted about sound leveling for music vs. quiet conversations and other comments made.

  75. They tend to do this thing I call show then tell or tell then show where they have a scene of exposition immediately following or immediately prior to a scene showing the thing happen. Guarantee some focus group or producers decided part of the audience wouldn't get it so the rest of us have to sit through Tom Cruise mansplaining to Emma Watson just in case.

  76. Hyping up PR relationships. Not just fake romantic relationships, but also using joking comments made in one interview as though it’s actually dissatisfaction and criticism. It gets back around to colleagues like so-and-so thinks the show is trash.

  77. Depicting allergies and asthma as either nerdy, “all in your head” conditions that a person can outgrow through confidence and personal will.

  78. Nerdy shy girl to take of glasses and let hair down do become surprise stunner. How about she is nerdy/quirky whatever, and the other actor/actress just likes them as they are. You can still have the romance angle, but it doesn’t have to be this “reveal” to a new person.

  79. unnecessary romance and sex scenes. dark lighting (like some of us can't really see shit bruh, especially those with glasses).overlapping OST over dialogue. remakes, live action or adaptation. clichés.

  80. Only focusing on sexual relations. Most movies never focus on 2 normal friends, it always has to include hot and steamy sex for some reason. That's why kid shows work really well, because most children shows don't have relationships that include more than just friends. Like in Avatar, though they give hints that Aang and Katara like each other, they make them out to be just friends (until the finale of course).

  81. Aang crushes on Katara for most of the show and the development of their relationship into a romance does have moments before the finale. The Cave, for one.

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