What do you think about Ben shapiro?

  1. I am not a fan of his opinions, which is fine. But what I dislike about him is what I dislike about most political personalities, speaking as if they are the one truth.

  2. His wife told him a wet vagina is a disease and he believed it, really says everything you need to know about the guy

  3. Well… he’s a smart guy. He has his convictions and sticks to them, and he tends to make good points, even if I don’t always agree with them. He’s certainly not, as some would claim, far-right or anything of the sort. He’s a pretty moderate conservative. That said, I disagree with many of his views, particularly on social issues.

  4. He does a great job stating his opinions, backing them up with facts and identifying which is which. He also leaves room to express agreement with the things typically spoken of as "the other side's position" allowing for why and how far it adds into his own beliefs under discussion. He also does a fair job allowing for questions to be asked and responding respectfully in an effort to add some range to the Topic he prepared to speak about

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