What's a mispronunciation that sends you into fits of rage?

  1. Ugh that one and affect/effect I just have a hard time ignoring. Like my brain will read the one they wrote but in a sarcastic/condescending tone.

  2. I had a boss once who would always call it a “physical year”. It took me longer than I care to admit to realize that she actually meant “fiscal year”. It’s amazing how much more sense my job made after that lol…

  3. Had to scroll way too far for this. I have worked in finance and people still say Physical Year.. which is just mind boggling to me. Fiscal and physical are two different things.

  4. Of all the replies here, I think this is the one that would make me come in early to put a post it note on their desk that just says "it's fiscal year".

  5. Reminds me of a store manager I had at forever 21. He thought he was the smooth cool guy….tells me he has “cadillac reflexes” and really believes these words. Felt embarrassed for him really .

  6. I try not to get worked up about mispronunciations, but I had a manager who said “per batim” instead of verbatim, and I winced every time she said it.

  7. Not a pronunciation but I see people switch "sale" and "sell" in social media all the time and it boggles my mind they don't know the difference

  8. I’ve seen so many people mix up woman and women online that I can’t figure out if they don’t know that one is singular and one is plural or if it’s autocorrect for some reason. I’ve seen it so many times that I really don’t think people know the difference and it bothers me so much.

  9. I was recently telling my family about my insane rage at the strange pronunciation. They didn’t believe me.

  10. Guy I’m seeing says “I’m gonna go bathroom”. Doesn’t say “to”. He sounds like a child and it is indeed fustrating lol

  11. I work in a hotel. The number of people that refer to adjoining rooms (meaning to have the connecting door between them) as “ca-joined” (not conjoined which is still wrong but still less wrong) makes me want to rage punch them. Call them adjoining. Call them connecting. Call them adjacent even. But ca-joined is not a goddamn word.

  12. Cajoin sounds like one of those words in a comic that's like a sound effect, only using the actual verb. I imagine two blobs of some material or another hurtling toward each other really fast and smashing together into a single blob, and the sound effect would say, "ka-JOIN!"

  13. I work in a library, and one of my COWORKERS pronounces it that way! They answer the phone with "Thank you for calling the lie-berry!" You can't be employed here and endorse that erroneous pronunciation!!!

  14. That's one of those super weird ones where a colloquialism has carried an archaic word along with it.

  15. For a long time I knew the word havoc, but only in text form. The first time I used it i got really weird looks because I said, "hay-vock."

  16. I worked with someone who said this. She also pronounced “buttons” as “buntons”. I fought the urge to correct her every time.

  17. That's my MIL. When she gets all prejudice about mispronunciations I ask her if she knows the 'T' in across is both invisible AND silent.

  18. what's weird to me is when an incorrect pronunciation becomes part of a regional vernacular, and where that line is drawn. Obviously, if you ask someone from an area that says something like "acrosst", they don't consider it incorrect. Or maybe they do, but it's just "what we say around here". Either way, at a certain point you're just screaming at clouds, because language will evolve whether you like it or not. But yeah, I'm trying to stop correcting people when I hear stuff like that.

  19. I was in a chocolate shop once and a family was in there. The father goes "wow! Look at this. Chocolate covered jalapeños." He pronounced it completely correctly. His family burst out laughing and mocked him for his pronunciation. He asked what was going on and the daughter says "you say it so weird, it's jah-la-pen-oh!" The whole family agrees with her and he's like "are you sure?" They're mocking this man and he's correct. But then he just has to agree because they're relentless. I lost my mind that day

  20. Do not follow any dog reddits; everybody writes about their dogs being weary of other dogs, men, people. I like to imagine a lot of napping dogs.

  21. i was looking for this. my 7th grade science teacher always pronounced nucleus as "nuke-ulus" and it drove me crazy. eventually i couldn't take it anymore and raised my hand to correct him. he told me this is why i don't have friends. fair enough lol.

  22. I work on reactors for a living. You'd be absolutely amazed how many mechanics and engineers in the field do not pronounce it correctly.

  23. I had a physics teacher that spent an entire lecture going over the calculations for what the properties of earth would be if it was made completely out of granite (mass, angular momentum, gravitational pull, etc etc) just so at the end of the hour long lecture he could say "and that kids, is why you don't take the earth for granite".

  24. Are you saying granite? It's granted, with a D. Take things for granted. Did you actually think it was... haha, Jesus Christ EatMyShorts23, what are you, a boulder? A rock person?

  25. Marine Corps pronounced as "corpse." Used to work in a place that dealt with a lot of veterans and I had a coworker that could not say the word correctly, drove me batty. She also pronounced the "s" in Illinois.

  26. Along the military theme... "calvary" instead of "cavalry." The latter is a group of soldiers on horses. The former is where Jesus died.

  27. This may be the one that I hear the most. Across the age spectrum, especially in sports commentary where they use the term frequently. And nobody corrects them, ever

  28. I enjoy watching true crime videos on YouTube, and a stunning amount of true crime focused YouTubers pronounce the word indicted as "in-dick-ted" which just...this is what you do for a living and you don't know how to pronounce that word correctly??

  29. I think the commercials for realtors where they pronounce it Real-TOR are hilarious. It makes realtors sound like super-villains. The Skele-TORs of the housing market, if you will.

  30. "I could care less" is something that is commonly said on TELEVISION by actors and actresses and every time I hear it I am just in disbelief that the producers let that slide. Like, stop perpetuating it!!

  31. I’m writing a sci-fi where a scientist creates a machine that always shows reality as it truly is and he learns truths we never could have known. It’s a literally device.

  32. Teacher here. Just sat through 6 classes of a guest speaker from the police department who kept saying trafficked as "traff-ick-id" and it got more egregious every class throughout the day

  33. Really Reese’s in general. Not sure where people got that E sound at the end. It’s Reese Witherspoon not ReeSeee

  34. Got into an argument with this one girl in class who argued that it’s pronounced “reesees” so that it rhymes with pieces. She also got held back that year.

  35. "Babe! Pass me the Wor-chester-sester-shu-shister-shire and soy sauce for the burgers!" - me every time (I'm aware of the proper pronunciation, but that's far less fun)

  36. Not a mispronunciation but it really bugs me when someone uses "then" when they should had used "than" when commenting here on reddit. I literally can't go a single day on this site without seeing that mistake.

  37. Nukyuler instead of nuclear. Even once watched a documentary where the narrator said it the first way instead of the right way and I just lost my shit. A fucking NatGeo documentary!!

  38. Stereotypes and stereotypies are different! If this is like a psych class or something then your prof is most likely talking about stereotypies which are repetitive movements or sounds made by someone. It happens a lot to people who are suffering from addictions where they tap their fingers or jerk around strangely as a habit.

  39. Irregardless of where you're from, if you axe me pacifically, it's gif. Now you'll prolly argue about what the creator said versus every other english word starting with gi-consonant, but for all intensive purposes, it should be gif. I could care less what your reasoning is otherwise. It's pretty elementary.

  40. As someone who works in telecom, telephony. Hard to write a description on how to pronounce it. But the best way to describe it, is to say it like you would say teléfono for Spanish.

  41. Prostrate instead of prostate. The first is lying face down, the second an incredible orgasmic gland deep inside males, often approached while a male is prostrate.

  42. I have a coworker who mispronounced Persephone for months. It made me giggle every time, he would pronounce it 'purse-e-phone' (like a phone in ones purse). We finally told him the proper pronunciation. His native language is not English and has very little (if any) Greek influence, so it didn't make me angry. Getting angry about something like that is silly, but it did make me giggle.

  43. In Turkey the language is phonetic. So when they say time they say tim-e when they say mine it's min-e but for some fucking reason they've decided to not pronounce the E in Beyonce. Drives me crazy.

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