Americans how did you react to the passing of QElizabeth?

  1. some laughed and made memes, others felt bad because its a person dying. from what i've seen it hasn't been insane outside of the shock that it happened bc people legit thought it would never happen.

  2. I said. Wow that sad, and moved on with my day. All death is sad to somebody. Did leave me wondering what will happen next on the global stage.

  3. I am trying to find out whether I can formally challenge for the throne from my clan. If I'm understanding correctly it should be challenge day

  4. i used to live in a commenwealth country so i got a different angle at least a little i guess haha. the whole monarchy thing is like quaint in a way haha. but good for her for not being a total asshole, it could have been worse

  5. I mean being from "The Greatest Generation" she kinda had a leap into the right direction. Volunteer for service when old enough and her Husband fought in the war, was on the Missouri when the surrender was signed

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