What is the most annoying fan base?

  1. This will probably get buried, but back in 2012-2015 I was in the Creepypasta Fandom. The people in that Fandom were psychotic, it was crazy

  2. Are those like the people who think that Slenderman is real? There seems to be a lot of undiagnosed mental disorder in that fan base

  3. scrolled WAY too far to find this. people were actually idolizing jeff the killer and sacrificing teens and small animals to lure out slenderman, the rake, and the strider, and were travelling the dark web to find ben drowned and sonic.exe

  4. I HATE THE CREEPYPASTA FANDOM!! i absolutely adore creepypastas considering some backstories are so well done and interesting to read about but the fans are just absolutely insane. once got deaththreats and doxxing threats after i told a jeff the killer simp that jeff the killer is an absolute maniac and would not be good 'hubby' material.

  5. Yep! I am doing a rewatch and I actively avoid the fandom because it fucked me up mentally when i was younger. (I am old enough to vividly remember the superwholock tumblr phase) And the things some of the fans (mostly the girls/women) say to and about the actors significant others make me sick.

  6. The fanbase of Rupauls Drag Race is pretty notorious for sending death threats to the hard working talented people they’re supposed to be a fan of.

  7. As a huge RPDR fan, this has always disgusted me. And it's usually over stupid shit like "x beat y in a lip sync so now x is getting death threats from y's fans"

  8. Someone once lost their shit on me for a innocent remark on Reddit once. Like, completely unwarranted and absolutely unhinged. One of those moments in which you sit there and just think, “Wait, what the fuck is going on?” while someone spits and froths from the mouth at you.

  9. This. I have an interest in true crime, and serial killers fascinate me because I'm very interested in their motives and what happened that made them the way they are. But to actively call yourself a fan of someone like Bundy or Dahmer, as though you somehow admire them and what they did, that's just gross. I can only assume most of the people saying that are kids trying to sound edgy.

  10. Yes! Easily the worst. The amount of merchandise you can buy, coloring books for example, yes COLORING BOOKS, of the most vial people on the planet disgusts me. Even worse is when they view victims as characters and uses them in merchandise. Elizabeth Short is an example of this. People often use the likeness of the injuries to her face (which were brutal) as halloween makeup and her death photos have been "stylized" and printed onto t-shirts.

  11. When I was growing up in my teens I knew these two super goth guys who always tried to be edgy and shock people. They really went all out and both got these massive tattoos on their chests (they were best friends, they were like friendship tattoos). The one guy got Richard Ramirez and the other got Jeffrey Dahmer. Like actual portraits of them. It was so fucked up.

  12. I know a girl that got a huge tattoo of ted Bundy on her leg. How fucking insane do you have to be to idolize a person would would love nothing more than to bludgeon you to death and fuck your dead body

  13. I’m honestly glad someone put this here lol it’s kinda hard to be a fan of k-pop w/o at least one person thinking you’re obsessed with them. I don’t get people who call themselves the wife of [so & so] or the husband of [so & so], it only just puts bad reputation on the whole fan base.

  14. Sonic fans are always a gamble. They can be so god damn wholesome and nice but then you got the fucking weirdos. I don’t mean the kids who make fan characters (I personally don’t know why they are hated I find it to be wholesome seeing kids make art based of their interests) Im talking about the people who rage over any criticism towards the games, comics, developers, etc.

  15. This was the first one I thought of. What is it about sweet innocent things that brings out the absolute worst in people?

  16. Genshin Impact. Imagine harassing and threatening youtubers,streamers and voice actors for not pronouncing a foreign name right. Gacha games already have an untasteful reputation in gaming and they double it down by doing disgusting and embarassing things like this.

  17. didn’t they label diluc’s english voice actor as a pedophile and incest lover for saying the young versions of diluc and kaeya looked cute together in some pic? that’s how i knew to stay away from the fanbase. i just play the game and look out for leaks so i’d know who to save for.

  18. Genshin community is...a hellhole at best. Though sometimes they provide the funniest and dumbest takes in the internet like example

  19. It’s honestly so fricken ridiculous. I enjoy the game but the absolute dumb shit people get canceled over in the Genshin community. There was literal drama over a characters backstory being that her family owned slaves. Twitter tried to cancel a virtual character…

  20. as someone who was a gacha kid throughout the entirety of middleschool, I saw the worst of the worst, and this is so right

  21. Go to any video game subreddit. You would think every game ever made was trash based on the toxic pro gamers that complain nonstop. Every game ive enjoyed just gets shredded and youre made to feel like an idiot for enjoying it

  22. Video game steamers that have “better” ideas than the developers go straight to the top of this list for me

  23. Any fan base that puts -whatever they are fans of- so high up on a pedestal that it can do no wrong and everyone who disagrees is their sworn enemy.

  24. Before reading the responses, I assumed you were talking about Shipping Wars, the A&E show about freelance truckers shipping interesting items around the country. I was curious why you would hate the fan base of such a simple, kind of obscure show. Lol

  25. “Long ago the four nations live together in harmony. Then everything changed when people discovered Kataang and Zutara could be a thing”

  26. Steven Universe had a pretty bad shipping war, when an episode released that leaned towards one of the two ships, the fandom harassed the main writer of that episode to the point they were forced to leave the show and still struggles with their mental health because of it.

  27. Had to scroll for two long to find this. Especially people canceling cc’s for every little thing, it’s so annoying. I’m not even on Twitter but just watching the Reddit mud counter…it’s bad

  28. I'm a big fan of dream and dsmp. But I was scrolling because I knew it would be here. And it should be. I keep to tumblr and reddit, and I wouldn't touch twitter with a 10ft pole. I've met some really cool people through the fandom, they do exist. That said, I'm sure many people here would find me to be an annoying fan.

  29. you can kind of tell when you meet a person that "this dude thinks hes the joker" and generally the reasonable thing to do is to avoid them at all costs.

  30. Or Sid and Nancy/Romeo and Juliet. Like really? Just because you're in a toxic relationship doesn't mean you need to advertise it to the world.

  31. I used to live with a guy in college who legit called his fiancée (he was 19 at this time, I think she was 16 or 17) Harley Quinn and she would call him Joker. Like actually. Made my stomach drop hearing it every day when they video called, and yes ut was mostly them yelling at each other for dumb shit. Surprise surpise he was the kind of guy who would watch those animes that are literally just like "I go to school with a demon girl with massive fucking tits and a really short skirt and now I'm the king of hell" and all of his phone and computer backgrounds were of the joker and like pictures of the grim reaper with playing cards and shit like that. Not to mention he was a pathological liar who legit tried to convince our friend group he had ties to the Japanese mafia. Never in my life would I have thought to meet the pure entity of cringe but I lived with him for like two months

  32. That’s part of the reason I like the Harley Quinn tv show on HBO. It shows that it’s a toxic relationship and how Harley Quinn deserves better.

  33. Selena Gomez. I love Selena. I think she’s very talented and beautiful and is very real on social media and I love that. But her fan base just will not let things go. Justin Bieber has been married for 4 years and they’re still actively harassing him and his wife because they wanted him to end up with Selena. No matter how many times she herself has told them she’s happy for them and told her fans to stop. It’s stupid and ridiculous. What do they think is going to happen? They’re going to destroy a marriage and he’ll end up with Selena? I mean we know they had a toxic relationship from both of them so why would people who claim to love her want her to end up in that relationship for the rest of her life?? None of it makes sense to me and it’s very annoying.

  34. As a Taylor Swift fan of 15+ years who knows every word to every song…damn, her fans can be awful. The TikTok videos analyzing every move she makes. The “you don’t deserve tickets to her next concert if you can’t quote every word of her 2-hour documentary.” The people who are convinced she’s bisexual and think her current 6-year relationship with a man is fake. Holy shit. I just listen to her music and actively avoid the rest of the fan base.

  35. There's a guy that I used to know who was/is a die hard fan of hers. He tags her in every post that he makes whether it is related to her or not. He thinks a song is about him because he "harasses her all the time." He thinks a girl from his highschool faked her death and became a Taylor Swift double.

  36. Fun fact! I used to work in CCTV systems and Taylor Swift's security detail actually helped pioneer facial recognition technology in cameras. She is harassed and stalked so badly that she has advanced surveillance technology to combat these psychos!

  37. I'm a casual Swiftie, and I truly don't understand the intensity and obsession of some of the fans. The whole thing with the red scarf right now is so wild.

  38. I’m in the same boat! I think a part of it too is as I’ve gotten older I finally understand that Taylor Swift the artist is different than Taylor Swift the person. She has created a brand around her music and a lot of her fans get very sucked into it. Her personal life means nothing to me now - I’m just here to listen to her music and go see a show. All the drama around her exes and the MERCH (????) is something I’m very much not a part of.

  39. I really like the show. It makes me glad I haven't engaged with the fandom. Or any fandom at all for a long time. Too old for shit flinging over nothing.

  40. Woah wait for real?? My wife and I love this show but never hear anyone talk about it, let alone get toxic and volatile. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, to be clear, that surprises me I had no idea. The show is fun, stupid and sometimes incredibly lame (some hero/villain designs are really dumb), didn't think it would have a terrible fan base.

  41. Did everyone forget when Dream commented on a person's 45 follower account and all his fans attacked their account and then doxxed them and harassed their account until they had to stay with their boyfriend who lived in a bad neighborhood (which they themselves also lived in a bad neighborhood too)

  42. Or when his fans continue to harass and send death threats to a certain mcc organizer every time he gets mildly inconvenienced in a block game tournament?

  43. The worst are the ones that have just a superficial knowledge of tech/finance and just rattle off buzzwords they learned watching some random shill's YouTube video.

  44. Most are under 30 years old, male, and have an overly inflated ego that is bound to pop like a hydrogen filled blimp any day now.

  45. Those bitches are RELENTLESS. i got sucked into one a few years back and we had like “team meetings” on private Facebook lives with the upline and the tactics that were taught, encouraged and expected are literally horrifying. It literally made me quit social media for good because every “boss babe” within 25 miles was up my ass about “owning my own business” 😂

  46. You have to find the people who have a personality and hobbies that one of which happens to be anime. Not the people who's sole personality trait is that they like anime.

  47. As a fellow jojo fan, I agree. Not just because of how annoying the fanbase is to outsiders but also because the fandom itself is extremely divided. In my experience, there's two categories jojo fans fall into (of course, the edges are blurred, but it's still mostly one or the other): The "dudebros", who mostly enjoy how cool and masculine jojo is, and the queer fans, who typically lean more into fandom culture and like jojo because of its endless potential for fan content (these aren't the ONLY things the two sides like about jojo , just what sets them apart from each other).

  48. Those "Gaylor" Swifties who are convinced, despite what she herself has said, that Taylor Swift is gay and releasing secret messages about it through her songs.

  49. it’s extra bizarre because she’s like one of the most publicly straight women in the industry. Tons of songs about her relationships with hints to fans about which men they’re written about, speaks about relationships in interviews, has had to defend herself to the press in response to criticism regarding how much she writes songs about boys, etc.

  50. I know damn near every word of her songs and these people piss me off so much. I’m gay myself but assuming someone’s sexuality or forcing an identity onto them is the definition of trashy

  51. I personally really like flat fan bases. The ones that clip to a desk or have three-pronged legs are a big no-no for me.

  52. Harry Styles fans acting like he's revolutionising the way in which straight males can dress separated from the burdens of performative sexuality and creating a cultural moment while wearing some of the ugliest outfits ever concieved.

  53. A small subset of them are absolutely fucking unhinged. They go on Twitter occasionally and talk about how he's being held hostage and he needs to be freed and they're all there for him etc etc etc. Like, legit mental illnesses.

  54. I once dared to make a comment that they were acting out of character and especially murder hobo-y in an episode of C2, you could tell even Sam was trying to calm people down. I've never been back to the sub. When Matt Mercer comes out and comments about how toxic the fan base is there just might be something to it.

  55. I love the show and it's done me a lot of good but the entitlement that people have to it is insane, like I get watching people for a thousand hours sort of predisposes you to a parasocial relationship but people put so many expectations on the show and weird understandings of the cast and it's just. Kind of really gross? And couch that in relentless positivity that they think is hiding the ugly stuff and it's just too muvh

  56. I’ve been listening to C2 while at work and driving and they’re amazing, such a good group of players and DM. But oh boy, very glad I don’t have any friends super into the fan base.

  57. Oof yea. I love the show, but people have an unhealthy attachment to it. Seems to have only gotten worse the longer it grows too.

  58. And if there’s a big logo on their back window, the probability that they can’t drive, can’t park and/or will get road rage has increased 300%+. It isn’t everyone - just 3x average. Add truck nuts and that probability goes to 100%.

  59. As a husker fan I've had to come to terms with the fact that we're the Cowboys fans of college football. Always reminiscing about the glory days that half the fanbase wasn't around for anyways. Every year is "the year we're back as a contender" until you watch the first game of the season.

  60. Can't believe I had to scroll so far to find Rick and Morty fans. The worst are the ones who don't realize Rick is an asshole and you're not supposed to idolize him.

  61. If you haven’t seen it there is a documentary called George Lucas VS the World that is great. They are interviewing some guy outside of a phantom menace showing and he says something like “this movie is awful and I’ve seen it 6 times”.

  62. If you say you enjoyed a Star Wars film that isn’t one of the original 3, prepare to get your shit blown up because it’s about to get volatile

  63. I love most of their songs but you can't even criticize them with pure logical explanations cuz their fans will bombard you with hate replies on twitter lmao

  64. Too late, they've already given your home address, phone number and bank info out with 50k retweets and counting

  65. I had an argument with one on instagram a few days ago and he kept getting so personal talking shit on my instagram page like he knew me lol.. ended up messaging me on a throwaway account that I would die that day and nobody would remember me. That escalated quickly.

  66. I know someone who basically worships him. He keeps posting videos every day of Andrew defending himself and then immediately posts motivational quotes about how working hard is the answer to life. He then posts how he's always on his grind and making money. He works at Walmart.

  67. I've heard that name a lot lately and I have no fuckin clue who it is. And I don't care enough to find out.

  68. My current boss is a massive Mush fanboy. To the point where it's really fucking annoying everything we do he tries to compare to what Musk would do.

  69. As an A&M alumni, you are dead right. I went there because it was a good school for my program and they accepted me. I don't care about their stupid traditions.

  70. Really weird when I moved to Texas and people are fucking wild about the school they went to. I’m from the northeast and I guess unless it’s yale or Harvard no one gives a fuck. And that’s for academics, not sports.

  71. Is it still that bad? It looked like things calmed way down after the video of that kid screaming 'I'm Pickle Rick!' on the McDonald's counter was all over the news

  72. I both love it and find myself staying quiet because the fans do weird things based on a throwaway line about Szechaun sauce

  73. I wouldn't call Supreme a luxury brand as luxury implies things that are finely crafted out of quality materials, with the high price being a reflection of this.

  74. MtG. I love the game, but my god I will never go into a card shop/tournament to play due to the obscene amount of cargo shorts, body odor and immaturity.

  75. Kardashians. Hands down. Why the hell is everyone so entranced with this group of talentless, self promoting losers?

  76. The kind of fan base that makes you ashamed to enjoy something. Like you've gotta downplay it if it comes up in conversation.

  77. I've met some nice and wonderful Christians in my life. With that said, I have learned a long time ago to avoid anyone that talks about how they're a God fearing, Bible believing Christian as an introduction to themselves.

  78. A common thread among all of the fan bases listed is when people make that one thing their ENTIRE personality.

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