Democrats, do you ever see yourself voting republican, why or why not?

  1. The very second I imagine a Republican I could vote for, I realize that same person would be kicked out of the GOP long before any election.

  2. It depends on the seat. Local seats I vote republican, on state and fed I go dem. The Democratic Party in my city is worse than the mob.

  3. Good god, no. After the Roe v Wade reversal there is no earthly chance I would go near a Republican candidate. Any of them. They're not even fit to be town dog catcher.

  4. lets be honest duke--you weren't going to culturally vote for a republican or were convinced of conservative/libertarian economics in high school and college. It's just a silly thing to pretend your pretext for not voting for republicans was based on a wedge issue lol get a life bud

  5. When the issues are how to institute a social program like Single-Payer Healthcare, or how much a tax should be, sure.

  6. In order for me to vote Republican, they would have to transform themselves into a modern political party with modern values and purge all the extremists, racists and terrorists from their party and their voting base.

  7. You realize both political parties need to get out of their old ways and kick all the old heads out. Both parties participate in being extremist, racist, and an extremist. However, the democrats just hide it better.

  8. even if one came along and said all the right things, they'd still vote with other Republicans for things they say they're against, so no. if all goes well I'll be out of this country anyway.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but people vote republican because it suits their beliefs, not because of January 6th.

  10. So many Democrats have switched. The only Democrats still left are the old ones who still think it's like the old Democrats (that's why they elected Biden and not someone younger), the crazy woke types who should be voting for the Democratic Socialists and rich people who can afford to live in fantasy land away from the tent cities and crime.

  11. Raised republican, voted liberal starting with Obama. I would vote republican if there was a candidate that wasn’t so discriminatory or authoritative. Unfortunately, we are past the point of no return with the Texas GOP.

  12. I’ve been a D for most of my adult life. Kansas used to have an open primary for D’s and a closed for R’s. Then the D’s switched to closed. I despise closed primaries… I switched my registration to R a few elections ago to vote against R crazies in the primary. Figured my vote would work for me more if I limited the damage up front.

  13. If the Repubs ever ditch Trump and the religious nutcases and stay the hell out of things like abortion and same-sex relationships ... maybe. But they never will. Between absorbing the Dixiecrats in the 70s and the bible-thumpers in the 80s, they are entirely hopeless and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

  14. I'm only a democrat because there's no significant socialist party. But if there was, that's what would get my vote. #liberatetheworkingclass #powerforthepeople #collaborationbringsprogress #bringourtroopshome #capitalismsucks

  15. 2000 was the first election I was old enough to vote. I was willing to at least consider it then. They spent the next 22 years proving how awful that idea was. The party would have to drastically change before I would even consider it again.

  16. Used to vote Republican & Democrat ~20 years ago. I don't see myself voting Republican since they seem to love nominating a bunch of dumbasses who are hell bent on hurting people.

  17. Not in the near future, no. I’m a progressive. The Republican Party would have to somehow start respecting and fighting for womens rights, LGBTQ rights, abandon all manner of religious identity, and suddenly start caring about the lower and middle class. Seeing as how now they are diametrically opposed to everything I just listed, I don’t see supporting them anytime soon

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