People who dislike Elon Musk, why?

  1. I think his appeal is similar to Trump's appeal but for people who are techy rather than rednecky. Shitbags see themselves in him and his success becomes their success.

  2. He called the heroic cave divers who saved the kids in Thailand pedophiles. Why? Because Elon donated a quasi-submarine to the efforts (which was noble, admittedly) but was told by the authorities that they couldn't put it to much use as the cave was too narrow. So Elon was jealous that he didn't get to be the hero. What a baby. Love Grimes, though.

  3. i agree with another when they say he is full of himself, ontop of how he has had more misses than hits while thinking he has the best ideas when he has only shitloads of money and alot of yes men sucking on his asshole like it means life or death.

  4. Any billionaire is/are Not to be idiolised or liked. There is no way they can spend such amout of money and can easily be used to solve lots of problems around the world

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