What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

  1. The next song of fire and ice book is taking so long/won't ever be released because the the tv show progressed and finished exactly as was planned for the books, and backlash has caused George r r Martin to change/cancel everything

  2. yes, except I truly believe that it was the execution of his outline, and not the actual outline itself, that was so flawed. The Long Night should have been Season 8 Episode 9, instead D&D got exhausted from physical production + actually having to come up with original dialogue, characterization, and plot details, so they fumbled the bag and rushed everything to finish the show and move on to their star wars deal.

  3. Art, abstract art more spefically, is a black market for rich people to trade absurd amounts of money between them without tax, or the government being involved in it (if you were buying it for illegal substances in return)

  4. The government makes up a large amount of conspiracy theories and exaggerates real stories to make them less believable and muddy the waters of what’s real and fake.

  5. There's a conspiracy theory that the CIA created the term conspiracy theory after the JFK assassination to do just that.

  6. Anything involving the Denver Airport. Secret military bunker, meeting place for some secret cult, the meaning behind the murals, the Gargoyle statue, Blucifer, etc.

  7. The 10 year challenge on Facebook in 2019 which encouraged fb users to upload pictures from 2009 and a current one from 2019 was actually a front by programmers to gain data and examples to train facial recognition and age progression software.

  8. yeah, that one I'll believe right away. Companies such as facebook make their money from data. Pictures that further AI recognition? -> $$

  9. I like the "dead internet" conspiracy. The tl;dr is that most interaction on the internet is now just you talking to bots, being served by bots, reading shitty bot written articles, and bots posting crappy questions on

  10. Never mind that at this point, he would be 87. So all those absolutely destructive drugs destroying his body, but he's been alive another 45 years? Alright

  11. Elvis has a character role in the Sookie Stackhouse books(Tru Blood). He was turned into a vampire when he was brought to the morgue, and the mortician saw there was a tiny spark left in his brain. This made him a really dumb vampire that liked to eat cats and didn't like being called Elvis. He's my favorite character in the series.

  12. And to ruin your washer. Apparently, we all use way too much detergent, and it destroys your washing machine faster. Not to mention fabric softener, which is really bad for washers too!

  13. I used to work for Maytag, and this is absolutely true. They taught us this in training. This and liquid fabric softener are both bad for your machine.

  14. Facebook was actually started as a DARPA intelligence gathering project called LifeLog. Which sought to do......everything Facebook does now, pretty much.

  15. Fun fact, cloning your pets is actually more common than you think nowadays. There's a lady on the clock app who cloned her cat and now has her new generation clone of her now deceased cat. Freaky.

  16. The Dept of Transportation bought too many orange barrels and now they have nowhere to store them so they just place them for miles along the highway.

  17. I work for a state stockpile warehouse and that's easily possible all it takes is a state official with stake in a company that produces orange barrels.

  18. As both a Kyle Kinane fan and a TJ's employee, I have become a big believer that Trader Joe's picks places with smaller parking lots to make them look more popular.

  19. All of the genealogy websites are a gov ran program and the real purpose is to have a database for solving crimes they knew that there would be no way to have people willingly give over their dna for that purpose so they genealogy as the motivation for people to give up the goods. We also paid for it so it’s a double win for the gov.

  20. The charge to consumers isn’t to make money, it’s to legitimise the business. If there was an entirely free DNA service, everybody would immediately smell police from it, but a small fee and people think it’s a quirky start up who have our best interests at heart.

  21. It doesn't have to be that deep, it's just the companies building a database of DNA so they can sell it. It's literally already happening.

  22. Family Guy exposed this to a degree. They're pretty ballsy when it comes to revealing terrible things about Hollywood. They called out Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein before their stories went public.

  23. I definitely think Jlo and Ben got back together so that they could write tell all books when they’re older and divorced.

  24. Jokes on them, I always forget to buy them, so I just use toilet paper or paper towels anyway.

  25. I hate to spoil the fun of conspiracy but it's just because paper making and packaging is a very dusty process. I work in a paper mill that makes toilet and facial tissues.

  26. The NBA suspended Michael Jordan for two years for gambling and he went into professional baseball to fill the time. David Stern kept it in the down low.

  27. Charles Manson was introduced to LSD in federal prison in Chicago as part of MKUltra. When he moved to San Francisco, he kept in touch with the same parole officer, and checked in regularly at the free clinic at Haight and Ashbury, where he brought the girls to get treated for STDs and re-up his acid supply.

  28. That we've had cars able to run off of alternate fuel sources for decades, but at every turn progress was stopped by oil and gas companies. Chrysler had the turbine car in the early 60's that would run off of anything that burned. Chevy was experimenting with electric cars with the Electrovair in the mid-60's which had a range of 40-80 miles. GM had the EV-1 in the 90's. We should be decades ahead of where we are now.

  29. I definitely agree with you. it’s documented in chronological order however they recalled and repossessed all the EV- 1s in the 90s. Insane

  30. The Titanic has a few good ones. There were conflicting accounts of how it fell apart in the ocean. How it was actually a whole different ship that went to sea than what the White Star Line company was originally planning it to be.

  31. My favorite conspiracy theory about the Titanic is that when the command “hard-a-starboard” was given, the helmsman, who started his career in sailing ships, turned right instead of left. Starboard, after all, means right.

  32. I mean the titanic recovery was actually a secret navy operation to research the reactors/look for evidence of soviets sinking Cold War era nuclear subs that sank. Finished the mission early and actually found the titanic while they were at it. Crazy and confirmed true.

  33. Yo there's actually a supremely credible conspiracy theory about JFK that says Oswald missed his second shot, and that the magic bullet came from a surprised SS agent in a follow car with a new rifle he wasn't trained on. JFK was already mortally wounded but the lethal shot was actually friendly fire, which explains the timing and the bullet angle, and tracks with issuance of short barreled M16s to the SS. It also explains why the SS covered up as much as possible and the records aren't due to be opened anytime soon.

  34. That most VPN services that you see advertised on YouTube/websites are government owned, so they can track your activity. Simply based on how they just popped out of nowhere and they have all that money to maintain servers in all those countries and to sponsor any YouTuber that wants to, to advertise their product.

  35. I don't think they are government owned but they are compromised. The feds aren't going to come after you for pirating movies or seeing region locked content but they can absolutely figure out what you've been doing if you attract their attention for something serious.

  36. Prince/King Charles is a prolific prank caller and goes by the pseudonym "Frank Garrett" when making these crude calls. He calls people around the world and cusses them out using a southern drawl. There's tons of these calls people have recorded and posted on youtube...if you ever receive a call from a "Frank Garrett" who makes no sense and repeatedly cusses you out, there is a good chance it is in fact Prince/King Charles.

  37. Epstein isn't dead. He was switched out with a body double in prison that was hanged, then was spirited away to some (other) tropical island hideout.

  38. A few years ago, I had a sort of study hall class with kids who were on IEPs (special ed). They mostly have reading disabilities but one kid had anxiety and just needed extra time on stuff. He was the sweetest, most agreeable kid. He never cussed, did his work, quiet, really just a great kid. Somehow, the class and I got talking about the flat earth movement. Kid looks up and says, "That's the stupidest fucking bullshit I ever heard and it's just wrong", puts his head back down, keeps working.

  39. Sounds like some goofy shit a stoned college kid would come up with while taking a break from reading Douglas Adams to hit a bong with his friends.

  40. The Weathergirl’s “It’s Raining Men” and Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” are two viewpoints of the same event.

  41. What's worse than lack of pockets? Fake pockets. I went to reach in my girls pocket the other day and much to my surprise, her jeans had fake front pockets. Very confusing.

  42. The Kennedy family had Marilyn Monroe killed because she’d been sleeping with jfk and Bobby and just knew too much. I know she really just was very sad and likely took her own life. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the kennedies (kennedy’s?) [edit: kennedys] wanted her gone.

  43. I heard an alternate that supposedly it was the mafia trying to frame the Kennedys. They helped JFK get in office, but didnt get the payoff they were promised.

  44. That alien abductions are actually a black ops projects to conduct medical experiments for developing new techniques and devices. All through the 60's through the 80's at least there were all these stories about people being abducted and "probed through the bellybutton". Just as the stories start fading out, laproscopic surgery starts really taking off and surplanting open cavity surgery.

  45. Hans Neimann used anal beads that stimulate his brain to make the best moves in a chess tournament against Magnus Carlsen.

  46. Carlsen finally accused him of cheating in a statement too, i dont see any way in which niemann could be discovered if he did cheat

  47. I just saw yesterday that Stripchat offered him one million dollars to play chess naked on their website to prove he didn’t cheat.

  48. This is my favorite because once you get passed the conspiracy of it, you still have to believe in the ghost part of it. Why is there only one dinosaur ghost?

  49. That pringles were originally a tennis ball company and had manufactured 100,000's of pringle containers ready to fill, distribute and sell tennis balls. However, unbeknownst to them at the time, there was a huge tennis ball component shortage, but a massively large supply of potatoes. Pringles decided to buy potatoes and fill their tennis ball packaging containers with tastey potatoes chips, in their now distinctive pringles potato chip packaging.

  50. Justin Trudeau, prime minister of Canada, is actually the son of Fidel Castro. First, Justin looks like a young Fidel, obviously and nothing like Pierre Trudeau. And Pierre and Margaret Trudeau were rumored to be swingers. They were in Cuba in early 1971, around February or March and Justin was born Christmas of that year, about 9 months later

  51. I just looked up young Pierre. I thought, ok, they kind of look like each other. Then looked up young Castro. 👀 Love this new to me theory.

  52. Lyme disease was developed/incubated on Plum Island. Its a BSL3 research station on an island just off the coast of... Lyme, CT. Growing up I had friends whose parents worked there and they said deer were actually able to swim there - so imagine if one left carrying a tick.

  53. The government has been in contact with aliens and are operating in the deep depths of the ocean and Antarctica

  54. That’s basically the plot of a very good shooter game called Perfect Dark, except replace Antarctica with The Pacific Ocean

  55. It's actually Cheyenne Mountain and Atlantis. There's a whole 15 season documentary about it called Stargate.

  56. Wasn’t there also some sketchy details about the guards that were responsible for him not normally working in that area of the prison and got transferred there last minute?

  57. “I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that's extra scary to me. There's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside.”

  58. In a 1997 interview with film critic Roger Ebert, Pulp Fiction‘s co-creator Roger Avary finally revealed the truth. The answer is pretty anti-climactic. Wait for it…

  59. That government agencies post stuff like this to see if people are actually tapping onto the real theories. So, hi officer

  60. I doubt it, some dumbass exec wanted a more realistic looking hedgehog and didn't listen to any reasoning. Hell the movie got delayed because the studio had to spend more time and money to change the way Sonic looked.

  61. That peta is a fake virtue signaling group that’s purpose is to make animal activist groups looks insane and stupid. Run by companies who profit off animals, food industry and companies that test on animals.

  62. Dead Internet is a fun one. Supposedly 95% of the internet is just bots trying to sway public perception and keep money flowing. Supposedly it explains why everyone on the internet is so angry and dumb, but as a history nerd thats just giving humanity too much credit. I do think most dumb controversy like the new Little Mermaid thing is mostly drive (or at least kickstarted) by Disney bots for advertising and hype but thats just me.

  63. That the uncanny valley ( the fact we have a natural fear of what looks human but clearly isnt ) exists because at some point in our evolution we had to be weary of something that tried to pass as human

  64. This is more likely explained by humans needing to develop a fear of an extremely ill person or even a bloated dead body in order to avoid disease.

  65. Probably dead bodies or effigies from other tribes, that's pretty unsettling, as well as the subtle decomposition of bodies

  66. There are no hidden secrets at Area 51, its just a secure base the government keeps off limits to the public to make us believe theyre an all powerful entity with these secret weapons of mass destruction to keep us in check

  67. That the Malaysia Flight 370 was taken from aliens and transported to some other planet. And the (more probable) one is that the Malaysia flight was shot down by the Chinese government on accident by the military. Rather than admit to the mistake, the Chinese government they took the Blackbox from the wreck.

  68. You should watch the lemmino video on it. I used to think that but it's pretty mysterious what happened but it mor than likely crashed in the Indian Ocean west of Australia somewhere.

  69. NASA hired Kubrick to fake the moon landing, and he was such a perfectionist director the only way to satisfy him was to stage the hoax on the actual Moon.

  70. That New Coke was just a way to deplete supplies of Coca-Cola in places within the USA that still used sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. When Coca-Cola Classic came back a few months later, all the bottlers were required to use HFCS.

  71. My favourite? That everyone on Reddit is out to get me, because I posted this same question a few days ago and got two fucking upvotes. This is bullshit.

  72. DNA companies to either see if you have a disease or to track your heritage/race are put in place by the government or very powerful people as excuse to capture your DNA. Potentially to create a DNA specific disease/chemical warfare. Or for other potentially ominous reasons. If Uncle Sam asked us all to willingly submit our DNA for tracking purposes there would be extreme push back and rioting and a right to privacy protest. With a little bit of fancy marketing, not only are people giving it up but they are actually paying to do so.

  73. Tangential, but my favorite Liz Truss conspiracy is that the ring necklace she wears is a BDSM O-ring day-collar. The Telegraph's article shortly after she became PM reads like a conservative piece trying to throw people off the trail.

  74. My theory is that Liz Truss couldn't cope with only being the second most important Liz in the country, so she killed the Queen to become the top Liz.

  75. The USA government created the crack cocaine epidemic to fund foreign soldiers in a proxy war well also waging a war within its own boarders using the epidemic it created to remove what the government felt was undesirable citizens well swaying public opinion on increasing law enforcement funding

  76. The Vegas shooting in 2017 was very real, but had many bizarre circumstances surrounding the entire ordeal. It was the deadliest mass shooting in the US with no motive or really any info on the shooter themself.

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