Do you consider yourself as intelligent? Why?

  1. Lol the smartest thing I ever heard came from a dude who was mentally challenged, he was talking about religious people putting words in gods mouth and he was like who the fuck are they to even act like they know

  2. I believe I am on the high side of average. I was praised throughout my life as being intelligent, but I found that I am not capable of understanding complex math, nor have I ever understood complex economics, chemistry, physics, computer sciences or other such subjects. I have an aptitude towards literature and the arts yet haven't showed any special talent. All and all, I have met and seen people far smarter than I am.

  3. Agreed! Sometimes, just because of the way you dress up, people mistake you for being ‘nerdy’, when in reality, I am a struggling accounting student who tries her best to get a 90, which seems quite hard…

  4. There are different types of intelligence and it’s impossible to generalize them. I have a feeling that you’re intuitive, and that’s what people are picking up. Not every smart person is a mathlete, and talent is often earned not inherited.

  5. Seriously the only comment I've read so far where someone isn't talking about how intelligent they are. My only upvote is your comment. I scroll reddit daily, I know how stupid these people are and if you have to claim you're intelligent than you most certainly are not. Intelligent people let others know about their intellect through knowledgeable conversations. Stupid people by saying "I'm smart, trust me"

  6. I’ve received a good education, have retained a lot of that knowledge and can effectively use it. I’m generally an enquiring mind and I’m open to having my opinions changed by any new information I might receive. That being said, I’m not gifted by any means and there are definitely concepts I cannot grasp. So… sometimes I’m smart?

  7. I have spent most of the day firing low energy laser beams at my forehead and I think it has increased my intelligence to unfathomable levels

  8. Above average intelligence. I do well in school and have a lot of knowledge in random areas. Emotional intelligence, less so.

  9. I have found it goes both ways. I can understand complex ideas and solve problems well, but at the same time can make some seriously dumb common sense type mistakes.

  10. I have found it goes both ways. I can understand complex ideas and solve problems well, but at the same time can make some seriously dumb common sense type mistakes.

  11. Intelligence and knowledge aren’t the same. Acknowledging your ignorance is Intellectual growth. Well done random stranger!

  12. I have a maladaptive daydreaming ability... and I can build a whole series of stories inside my head that has many episodes that can last up to a year before the story ends... and not everyone have an ability like that...

  13. I consider myself intelligent because I don't give opinion on something which I don't know about and if I'm wrong I am willing to learn from other people and correct my mistakes.

  14. No not academically, no matter how much I study or what the subject is, I rarely ever actually can understand or learn it

  15. I think intelligence is 100% subjective based on who is around you. For example Im a US Medical Student which means I’m likely in the highest tenth of a percentile in education worldwide. However I’m surrounded by attending physicians, residents, and fellows that make me feel (unintentionally) dumb as hell all the time

  16. I used to put a lot of stock in being smart. Now I'd rather be curious and kind. Ironically I think that means I'm smarter than I used to be.

  17. I work with many intelligent people all day so I don’t feel as smart as I when I worked in retail. Definitely smarter then the average young person though but that’s party because of my experience and maturity.

  18. Yes, because I’ve been praised for being smart my whole life, especially since I started attending college classes at 13

  19. My CPU is a neural-net processor, a learning computer. The more contact that I have with this rodeo, the more that I learn about it.

  20. I think yes but at the same time i think i am just an idiot but considering that money is the only thing that really differentiates people then considering my bank account i can assume that i am a fucking idiot

  21. I learn stuff way faster than my peers, i am incredibly introspective and not subject to the trappings of thinking ideas cannot be improved upon or disproven, so i will never intellectualyhold an position that cannot be defended.

  22. Almost everyone who thinks they are intelligent is usually pretty stupid, and anyone that thinks they are stupid is usually quite intelligent. Because of this, these comments are making me laugh rather hard, typical Reddit amirite? :').

  23. i’d like to think i am. I did pretty well at school, college, and uni without putting any effort in (which was pretty dumb of me). Complex Maths, and engineering, economics ect come to me pretty easily even though i’m not in that field and have never studied in that field (i’m a nurse).

  24. Did some googling about common traits seen in intelligent people VS dumb ones and i related to many traits on both sides, so i suppose i am average

  25. Well…I am brilliant in reading people and decent in theorizing and philosophy stuff, but then I have moments where I wonder why the cheesecake that was served to me on its side has a crust on “the top” so…neutral maybe

  26. Not "brain" intelligent, but I do reckon I am above average with emotional intelligence. I seem to be able to read people well. I feel like I am constantly aware of my surroundings, the people around me and what people need.

  27. Yeah I guess, I have a good memory, I can admit when I am wrong and respond well to criticism. I do not get overly emotional about trivial things. I love learning new things. I’ve been able to pick up new skills quickly. I’m detail oriented and notice things others do not.

  28. I consider myself intelligent and I am lucky enough to work in a group composed of highly intelligent people. Thankfully we are all smart enough to realise we each have different strengths and weaknesses and we choose not to be dicks about it. I have known intelligent dicks and they are even worse than regular dicks.

  29. The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.

  30. I'd say im average for my age but slightly more mature. I've always been top of my class and id get really upset if i didnt get top results on a test or an assignment. I'm trying to let myself relax and not worry too much about my grades right now because i know i will do pretty well without trying too hard. :)

  31. yes but i dosent mean i feel superiour to others. If you can think have philosophical talk with yourself, or you think about your weakness and mistakes, able to adapt etc. then you are intelligent. Are you hungry for knowledge like you wanna know stuff. The best thing i realisied when i was a little kid i was dumb i dont know anything i dont know what people are talking and could barley contribute to discussions nor i was brave from doing so. But after a couple of years you grow and know stuff and are cabable of critical thinking and such, that where i know to be in a state of being not intelligent is something you can change. Just keep up the hard work, you will be amazed what you can archive and learn.

  32. I never thought I was an intelligent person I always thought that everyone was smarter than me even in my own family I thought I was the dumbest one. My test scoring in school always put me in advanced classes, I never wanted to be in those classes because I hated school. After school I realized a lot of other people are not as smart as I thought. Then I read the book mindset by Carol dweck, to realize that it’s the fact that I practice having a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. Realizing that 50% of me is hardwired set of traits and skills we are born with and the other 50% is malleable that means you learn and grow made me study more about everything and retain lots of information. I’m just making myself more intelligent and continue to learn and grow from it.

  33. Yes. I think everyone should consider themselves as intelligent. The problems arise when you try to compare "how much" with others. Intelligence is hard to compare because it can only be compared by proxy through skills which aren't always very good indicators of intelligence (especially given how hard it is to actually define intelligence in details). Comparing also introduces tons of toxic things often related to how we value ourselves and others. As soon as you get that into the question you're risking bunch of negative shit that are not worth it.

  34. Yes. I'm quite a shy and quiet person, not usually one to toot my own horn, but I am quite a clever guy. i'm very curious by nature and like learning things. I of course am limited to my interests, so I know fuck all about things beyond that, but within my interests I'd be considered a walking wikipedia. I can be fucking stupid at times, but I usually learn from them and never make the same mistake twice.

  35. Not intelligent, I struggle to read and comprehend these days - I struggle with concentration a lot after some trauma. But I am really good at reading people and I am empathetic. I have a stupidly good sense of knowing if someone’s vibe is off. When friends would praise and talk about how great someone is but I can sense something is off I’m always right.

  36. What do you class as intelligent. I am good at maths, good with words and computers and would consider myself academically intelligent. I have friends who are not academic at all but can fix cars, re wire a house, and generally are very clever at doing the hands on things. Whether someone is viewed as intelligent or not depends on what point of view you are looking from.

  37. I was put in a gifted and talented program in my eighth grade year. For me, the IQ test was super easy until they threw math in, plus the last five questions were complicated. Also, I've kept straight A's since 6th grade, not counting the virtual learning I did in my 6th and 7th grade years (yes I'm pretty young)

  38. Honestly, I don't know, I think it would be silly of me to say "yes, i'm intelligent" or "no, i'm stupid".

  39. Academically I'm pretty clever with good grades in all subjects. However when it comes to social intelligence in dumb as fuck

  40. Not anymore. I used to learn fast and find patterns quickly. Still do, in some cases. But I'm at a point in my life where I think I'd have amounted to something if I was actually smart, and I really haven't.

  41. I do stuff others can’t. I pay attention to stuff others don’t. I learn from other peoples mistakes. I don’t follow the crowd. I always question everything. I always seek knowledge. Information gives U an edge on everyone else. I do things intentionally, not out of habit. Enough about me, what about U?

  42. No, i am completely absent minded and will forget important facts within minutes of being told them, i have a seemingly unending capacity for useless knowledge though.

  43. Intelligence is a socially attributed trait like nice or kind. I'm not a nice or kind person because I say so, but because you say so. I try to avoid labels as much as possible, and I know this is such a virtue signaling answer but this is how I actually carry out my life at least as much as possible. It's one thing to respect the opinions of others, and its another to take those opinions as fact and twist your social image into a self image. That only limits how you think and act, despite if that social image was positive through and through.

  44. Yes, I feel as a stoic most days. Hopefully not a sociopath. I’ve always had an ability to read people and situations. I can mirror and mimic people to gain trust. I can separate myself from emotions and think analytically. When people come to me with a problem, I find a way to separate themselves and myself from it to find a solution. I’ve always been asked to counsel people years beyond my age. In high school, my principal would bring me in to his office weekly to consult about issues with other teachers. Even in the military, senior officers would include me in things I had no business being apart of. I’m a salesman now. Using the same tactics with a focus on ethics.

  45. No, not at all. I have a terrible memory and undiagnosed ADHD. BUT, I work my ass off, aggressively learn and seek to understand and achieve.

  46. Yes but, the older I get the broader I understand intelligence to be. I'm great at reading based tasks, though far from the best. Spatial analysis I suck at bad. Languages? Garbage. Finding quicker ways to accomplish tasks? Awesome. I suck at fighting but continue to attend martial arts classes. There are a lot of ways intelligence can express itself and I'm good at the ones schools and academics generally test. I'm also creative in finding alternative processes. Other ways? Not so good.

  47. Academically, I’ve always struggled. I’m not good at learning through books and classes no matter how hard I try, so I’m pretty stupid in that way. I learn better through life experiences. I’m more socially and emotionally intelligent! I guess everyone has things they’re good at, and things they’re not so good at. Maybe it’s just because I’m not academically smart, but I think my idea of intelligence is a little bit cooler!

  48. Not that they know nothing it's that they don't know everything and can change their opinions as new evidence emerges

  49. I'm good at problem solving and recognising patterns/trends. I have problems with spelling and mathematics. I have an above avarage IQ, however I believe intelligence is a combination of problem solving and experiences gained through life.

  50. During my SATs I scored 6th in the school and was given entry to a gifted a talented program. I finished a PhD a few years ago, so I would consider myself above average. But I definitely don't think of myself as one of those really smart people. Conversely getting to know some people who other do consider really intelligent are often just a combination of massive confidence and enough surface level knowledge on a broad range of topics to give the impression

  51. I have always been told by people around me that I'm very intelligent. The point is, I have Asperger's and have always been fixated on acquiring, improving, expanding and refining knowledge and skills and had a very peculiar upbringing. IQ is far above average, but I don't think IQ is an exhaustive measure for intelligence.

  52. Yes. Highest SAT score in my high school class. Top 1% on GRE exam for graduate school (went to Cornell). Sometimes get Jeopardy answers that stump all the contestants. Got awards for work achievements in highly complex and interconnected problem areas. Stuff like that.

  53. I guess. I figure my decisions are more limited by knowledge than intelligence. I’m trying to learn to be wise, tho.

  54. I am intuitive and am very good at taking tests. Interestingly, my current work involves making connections that are not apparent, apparently.

  55. People have told me I am but really I just have high speech skill. To be honest I spend far too much time contemplating on my intelligence which to me is a sign of insight. However, worrying about one’s intelligence is time better spent learning.

  56. I would consider myself intelligent in the "wow my brain works good!" Kind of way only because everthing comes fairly easily to me whether its academic, physical, or emotional intelligence that's required and I've never had to study for grades or practice much on anything to be good at it. Pattern recognition and problem solving is something I'm known for in my limited circles and as a leader at in my work I'm the go to guy for people who need a listening ear or advice. Luckily, I enjoy all of that kind of stuff. That being said...

  57. Yes, but only in some areas. I struggle in some areas, mainly social situations and traditional schooling. But i am an information spunge and love to learn about a wide array of subjects.

  58. There is a difference between academic and emotional intelligence. People who are academically intelligent, may not be emotionally or vice versa. I consider myself emotionally intelligent, but academically, I don’t know. There are different definitions of intelligence, but the stereotypical, conventional intelligence is academics… I am just clueless about a lot of stuff.

  59. I don’t care to self-assess as it will be flawed no matter what; I’m under no delusion that I’m a special exception to can avoid my own unconscious bias.

  60. I think so, I always did well in school, and I'm an engineer, which I think requires intelligence.

  61. No because I don’t really keep up to date with much, have little curiosity beyond my own life and family, don’t know anything about math and science, and cannot really defend any of my opinions against intellectuals. That said, I do think I have more common sense than the average bear when it comes to budgeting and investing. I am a 38 year old single mom with a years salary saved and a home, and I did not receive a trust fund or major assistance. I also paid off all of my student loans. I read here constantly about people who can’t afford a house making six figures and I just scratch my head. But I don’t know where they live or other factors, so not judging, just think maybe I have some kind of affinity for money management.

  62. Lots of things "click" almost instantly for me, others, I have to practice a bit. In general I'm a very hands-on learner. I'm a fucking dumbass with the odd talent.

  63. I honestly don't know if I'm intelligent or not. I graduated high school in 2014 with a 3.5/4.0 GPA and a 1460 on my SAT after only taking it once. However I didn't adjust well academically to my only year at university so when I dropped out (for unrelated reasons to grades) I had like a 1.75 GPA. And since then I've never actually had a way to know what I'm actually capable of. From my perspective everything I've learned in school is 90% useless except for niche situations. I can't focus enough in the little free time I have to read more than 4 books a year and because of my tastes in books they're still geared more for 14-22 year olds. And when I do read them, talking about them to understand the ideas inside them just don't happen. Instead all I can really say before people start looking at me weird is "it was a good read." even if we read the same book.

  64. I did, till I worked in food service a few years. "If you were smart you wouldn't be a line cook! Use a fucking calculator!" -my old chef, as I was trying to scale up a prep recipe in my head. Thanks, Chef Danny.

  65. I used to think I was smart. Now I know I'm a friggin' idiot who has frittered his life away, bouncing from one interest to another. Do I know a lot of things? Yes. Am I "good" at anything? No, not really.

  66. I used to think I was when I was younger. I was in more advanced classes, got good grades etc etc . Went to college and was better than 3/4 of the people in my classes. Got into the real world and have failed miserably for the past couple decades hahahahha oh well. Life goes on

  67. I think there are different types of intelligence. I pride myself in being versatile in career choice, hobbies, picking up new skills easily, learning relatively quickly.

  68. I was told that I was a genius throughout school cuz I got good enough grades and I genuinely believed that. However, I got a taste of reality after reaching Junior College (it's basically 11th and 12th grade) when I found myself unable to understand basic calculus and sciences.

  69. I consider myself intelligent in the context of things I've put effort into being intelligent in. I.e. my career, hobbies, etc. Not really sure where I'd rank myself on "general smarts" on a more broad scale, but I'm pretty confident I'm doing alright in the subjects/areas I've focused on in my life. And I guess that's all I can really hope and aim for.

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