How do you respond to “What’s up?”?

  1. It depends. Whats up with you? Are you working? Relaxing? Eating? Walking the dog? Exercising? Just out the shower? Out with friends? Watching a movie? It’s just a question. They’re trying to have a conversation & see what you’re doing.

  2. People ask this of me all the time. At work. Why the fuck does something have to be up. I'm walking and getting out of my seat to improve circulation. Eat a dick!

  3. It's a pixar movie about an old man name Cark Fredrickson and a stow-away wilderness explorer named Russel searching for paradise falls on a redneck hot air balloon consisting of his house and a fuck-ton of balloons...

  4. “What’s down, what’s going around? How ya been clown, been feeling proud? Everyone just knows you got your head in the clouds, thinking all your thoughts aloud and waking around”

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