What do you like spending money on?

  1. Clothes, I feel bad buying food when I’m out or spending money to go to the cinema or smth but I love buying new clothes so so much!!

  2. Spending money when out with friends and family. A former roommate thought I was cheap since I don't give away/share my stuff all willy nilly (to him specifically) but I actually like buying a XL-pizza or spending time cooking and eating stuff with people I like.

  3. Nothing, really. I'm the kind of person who likes the feeling of having money more than actually spending the money.

  4. My family. I like to be able to help them out here and there. We have each other’s back and it makes me happy to be able to help them out considering how much they have helped me out in the past

  5. "like" spending money on? My services like my cook, housekeeper and massage therapist. I enjoy my creature comforts like my pedicures and my body rubs because they relax me.

  6. Being comfortable. Anything that will make me comfortable whether that be clothing cars or a nice blanket if something can make me feel safe and secure I don't care how much it is.

  7. Travel, good food and drink, midcentury home design, and cars. Pretty typical stuff. More niche items like vintage spirits and antique books are my other splurge items I guess. I’m less interested in upgrading my tv, PC, and phone every year.

  8. My dogs. I don't need my dogs but I love them to death. We recently spent close toa hundred dollars on new food because one was having loose poops and we were hoping to course correct. He's now happy as a clam and loves/hates me again.

  9. My kids and my animals. I love making them happy. Just spent $10 on a fishing reel toy so my youngest (17m) could fuck with his cat Satan. They're having a great time and my house is filled with laughter. $10 well spent.

  10. Novelty drinks. If someone tells me about a new hipster coffee shop or a themed craft cocktail bar then that’s my weekend activity.

  11. Stories. Spent 350 this weekend on retro games and books. I always say I'll finish my collections someday and it'll be worth knowing I can return to my stories at my leisure.

  12. Pro wrestling stuff. Tickets to shows, merch from the wrestlers, subscription services to watch wrestling, and whatever else.

  13. My kids. Watching my 17 month old get so excited when I bought him a stuffed Pluto ( Mickeys dog). It’s now his buddy and it goes everywhere with him.

  14. Books and food. They bring me happiness so it’s worth it I don’t care if my friends tell me to buy new shoes it’s not gonna be worth it if my shoes now are fine anyway

  15. Experiences. Concerts and sporting events specifically, I love living in the moment and enjoying them. Is it irresponsible to spend so much money for something intangible, maybe, but ever since covid I've made it my resolution to enjoy every live event I can while we still have them.

  16. I don’t like spending money. It is necessary to accomplish certain things, but it’s not an objective of mine.

  17. lego, pokemon cards, stuff on iRacing, games (also the ocassional paid mod), and the 10 different subs i need to watch racing stuff

  18. Tea and good food. Simple pleasures I should probably cut back on, especially the food bit. But, I'm more than willing to pay a little more for something good quality, less processed, and something that tastes good. My food thing right now is honey. A lot of local honey farms have been popping up and fresh, local honey has made an appearance in pretty much all of the tea I'm drinking. Currently, mint green tea with lemon honey! It's awesome.

  19. People enjoy buying things, but they don't like spending money. Nobody likes spending money. Earning or winning money is nice, but spending makes it disappear quickly.

  20. Blu rays. Super expensive in Canada, but when the movies are good it’s so worth it. Coming up on 250 of them soon.

  21. Good food, quality ingredients, especially for making curry, I don’t mind spending quite a bit to make my moms curry. Speciality ingredients and spices are well worth the taste and nostalgia of her food.

  22. Video games. Seeing my boyfriend. Going to the beach or the aquarium. Food. Concerts or live events. Technology. Books. Instruments. Thrifted clothes. New shoes.

  23. It seems like Domino’s wings have taken a liking to my bank account so much so that the delivery guy commented on how often I order them the last time.

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