What is that is/was something extremely normal, but can/could easily kill you?

  1. This is true I don't sleep walk, but I "sleep eat" and I choke on candy and my Chihuahua used to wake me up when it happened but he died! He was 13...

  2. About a year ago I was hit by a drunk driver who drifted across the double yellow line. We were both moving 50+ toward each other. I never saw him coming - it was dark and he had no headlights on. All I remember is the explosive sound of a crash and then my car spinning, with airbags all around me. It was a glancing blow, but was enough to total both vehicles.

  3. Children die via car more than anything else in the United States, pedestrian first infrastructure is the answer but people get irrationally angry anytime they are forced to slow down even just the tiniest amount. People driving have this intense entitlement I just can't understand.

  4. There is a reason I did not get my license until 20. I was and still am a little terrified of driving a car at 100 KPH

  5. All it takes is literally about two seconds of inattention at highway speeds and you ded. That herd of multi-hundred-pound elk taller than I was on the highway on the Friday before last weren't fucking around.

  6. Not sure how common but never work on any thing with a large spring like a garage door or springs on a car if you don't know what your doing.

  7. As a teenager I stupidly backed up too far into our families garage door, knocking it off the tracks. My father tried to fix it a few years ago.

  8. I saw a video yesterday where a guy was filling a truck tire with air, the tire blew up and the guy was disappeared (most likely died from the blast). I know that pressure could be dangerous but dieing while blowing up a tire is quite extreme.

  9. You’re right. I was military police about 8 years ago…at the entrance to the base we have pop up barriers that come up FAST. They are meant to stop a truck going 55 MPH. They always break and contractors were doing maintenance on one of them during my shift. Something went wrong, a spring came undone or something, and hit the guy in the head. It decapitated him. One of my buddies was 50 feet away and called it in over the radio…that’s all I got to say about that

  10. A punch. People throw hands over nothing when all it takes to kill a person and destroy the lives of multiple people is to hit them too hard or have them fall and hit their head on the ground

  11. The consensus I've read is if you can avoid a fight, do so. Bare knuckle hits to the head can permanently damage you. It's not like in the movies where you just humorously shake someone after they've been KO'd and they all get drinks.

  12. People also use their legs and feet. 90% of the videos where people are fighting they end up kicking and stomping on people's heads. This makes me cringe. These people could easily kill or paralyze someone from those kicks.

  13. A guy I went to school with is doing 12 years for manslaughter in Florida because some guy took one of his dates chicken wings at a 25 cent wing night by mistake. The guy was drunk and reached in the wrong bowl on the bar top. The guy I went to school with punched him after words and big old beer muscles and the wing grabber fell striking a pool table leg with his head. A full scholarship and expenses flushed down the potty over a 25 cent chicken wing, not to mention the lives effected. I see his mom now and then and she's just an emotionally destroyed hull of a person. I feel like she's slowly dying of a broken heart.

  14. I would have preferred to have died. Now I'm just a shell of myself from the brain damage. The person who did it to me got a slap on the wrist and I get to live with this for the rest of my life. I've lost my friends and my partner and kids have left me. I'm a grown man who is now living with his mother. I don't feel lucky to have survived this at all.

  15. I’ve seen 2 people die from one punch. A kid in my high school. And a guy outside a kebab shop. I imagine it’s fairly common. It’s not just the punch. It’s how your head hits the deck. You don’t want your head to hit concrete without an arm out of protect it.

  16. Yeah. We Humans are oddly tough at times and survive ridiculous stuff while other times we are oddly weak and die to ridiculous (in that we don’t expect to actually be able to kill us) stuff.

  17. A urinary infection, in older females it is like sudden onset dementia, I always tell everyone and have had a few people thank me. I believe it is less common in males but it can spread and kill you very quickly, take care of our seniors.

  18. My wife works in elder care and if someone starts exhibiting signs of confusion or unusual forgetfulness she pushes for them to get checked for this. It’s not always the case but it is more often than not.

  19. Had a UTI develop into a kidney infection and it was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. Seriously went into the ER thinking my lung had collapsed. Get that shit checked asap.

  20. I had my first UTI around 16 because I left a pad on for too long and suddenly it started to hurt when I pee. I've only had a few more since then, but I'm thankful I'm at a spot where I'm better at avoiding them and know what to do if the feeling of using the bathroom is ever off.

  21. I used to work as a CNA in a nursing home and one of my favorite residents was a man named Steven. He was always so nice and would ask about my day and how the other residents were doing. One day when I came in for my shift I walked in the room and he was asleep. I had to wake him up for vitals, so I did and as soon as he woke up I could tell there was something wrong, because he looked extremely confused. He didn’t have dementia, so it was pretty unusual for him to be acting like that so I asked if he was okay and all of the sudden he got REALLY angry and started yelling and calling me all the names you can think of. I ran out and got the nurse and by that time Steven was out of his bed trying to walk to where his walker was.

  22. I’m always super big with my friends on cleaning cuts properly if they get them. Like as long as you clean it and keep it clean, even if you don’t bandage it (depending on severity) that can save you from a lot of pain and medical issues later.

  23. Fun Fact: Trees are older than the bacteria that decompose them. So there was a time on Earth where every tree that died just sat there dead for millions of years.

  24. I had a professor who'd grown up in Ghana. He said he'd had malaria over 20 times. For some reason I thought it was like chicken pox where you get it once and then you'll have immunity to it. Apparently not...

  25. As an electrician i can confirm how easy it is for electricity in your home or office to kill you. Only takes .5 of an amp can kill your heart. A socket outlet can offer you 10amps of power without a worry

  26. Also, it causes liver damage so please try not to drink if you're also taking a lot of Tylenol. The sister of a friend died from too much drinking/Tylenol - it's not a nice way to die

  27. the really dangerous and scary thing is that Tylenol overdose symptoms are pretty much the exact same symptoms you would take Tylenol to treat. it would be so easy to take too much Tylenol, still feel your initial symptoms (except now they’re actually overdose symptoms), and take even more Tylenol.

  28. this terrifies me because i can’t take nsaids due to my ulcerative colitis… tylenol is the only thing i can take for pain and working fast food has me in pain a lot

  29. IMO, combo cold meds should be banned. People take some “cold medicine” and don’t realize they’re a full daily dose of Tylenol

  30. This is something I’m extremely passionate about. I feel like if sex Ed taught about the full scope of pregnancy, good and bad, women would be better equipped to endure mental and physical pressure of carrying a child. There’s so many that feel alone or guilty about their struggles because we aren’t taught the nitty gritty

  31. Had I been born at a different time chances are I wouldn't be typing this reply. I experienced an ectopic pregnancy about 10 years ago. It even scares me to think if not for medical science and all its advances I would be dead. I was about 10 weeks pregnant when it was properly diagnosed. I was bleeding for about a month with varying colours of blood and amounts. I had a sharp, shooting pain in my right side one Saturday not long after finding out I was pregnant again. After that I started bleeding. I went to my local doctor because I was worried about the bleeding. It didn't feel right to me. They referred me to my local hospital for a check up. I had the normal abdominal scan which found nothing in my womb. I had to give a sample of urine to check for pregnancy hormones which showed I was still "pregnant". Then I had a vaginal ultrasound which showed my baby implanted in my right fallopian tube. If not for advances in medical science I would have definitely died.

  32. Very under appreciated category like a lot of people are saying. I am very lucky to have both my wife and daughter alive right today. The doctors working with my wife made a couple mistakes along the way.

  33. Also, unless folks are into some super-specific medical dramas (or historical dramas) they'll never hear of things like gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. Heck, gestational diabetes is surprisingly common (6/100 pregnancies in the U.S.) and it doesn't take much to be at an "elevated risk"—you could be fairly fit, but be over 25 and have PCOS and that can be enough.

  34. On first read my brain accidentally dropped the first "is that" and I still felt like I was on a rollercoaster. Reading it a second time was like opting to go without a safety restraint.

  35. Or Tylenol plus a drug with a different name that also includes acetaminophen...common over-the-counter things like NyQuil and Alka-Seltzer Plus, as well as prescription pain relievers like Percocet (combo oxycodone and acetaminophen).

  36. Safe limit is below 3000 mg / day in a healthy adult. Some sources say up to 4000 mg / day if they are under some kind of medical supervision (e.g. admitted to hospital with regular labs being drawn)

  37. One time I was on a long overnight drive for work, completely fell asleep at the wheel, woke up what felt like inches from the back of a cement truck on the freeway going 70+MPH, immediately jerked the wheel to the right which just happened to be an offramp with a Motel 6 right next to it. Called my boss and said yo I'm not gonna be there on time, checked into the motel and slept for what felt like an entire day. Fatigue/exhaustion can get you killed and I have no idea how I wound up so lucky to have that offramp right there

  38. Please don’t drive when you’re that tired if you can manage it. At the very least you can up to a parking spot and take a quick nap. Don’t know if it’ll do much for fatigue vs sleepiness but its worth the effort

  39. Oh man. Back in college, I was taking WAY too many hours to graduate early. I decided that taking an 8 am course was necessary, and I lived off campus, so that meant waking up at 6 and driving to campus on a curvy road.

  40. I remember the news of a guy who ate a live garden snail on a dare at a party, caught a rare parasite, ended up paralyzed for 8 years, then finally died.

  41. Bullying. The mental health of all involved on both ends can crumble into episodes of suicide, murder/suicide, mass murder, and/or such deep scars that end with self-destruction, alienation, self-harm, domestic abuse, substance abuse, PTSD, and overall making your one and only life seem not worth living. Even with time, not every wound heals. One of the major reasons mental health is so fragile is that most of the damage happens when young. It’s easy to say “don’t be an asshole” but it’s difficult to put an end to patterns that last sometimes years.

  42. I was bullied severely as a child, but i am told to move on every day. After being diagnosed with PTSD, severe depression, severe anxiety, and having gone through multiple suicide attempts, it is impossible for me to move on. My bully is a likeable person. I get that. I really do. He just chose to pick on me because i was different. Hell, even my girlfriend is friends with my bully. That hurts, dude. The one person i expect to love me and make me feel safe is friends with the person that, without an ounce of exaggeration, ruined my life. I hate what he did to me. I hate being told that i need to move on. I hate it. I go through such bad episodes whenever i think about him. But i have nobody to talk to. Nobody. If i talk to my girlfriend she will get upset at me. I can’t talk to my friends cause they’re not like that. I have no one. Not a soul to understand and sympathize. A common phrase for Mental health places is “you are not alone”. But i just don’t believe that anymore. I am alone in this. Everyone else going through shit has someone. But not me. I hate my bully. I hate him. I cannot even go a day without thinking about him. It has been three years. I have not gone a single day.

  43. Just choking in general, mostly to do with regular eating. Around 200 people per year in UK, and 4,000(!) a year in US. (US has 5x the population but 20x the number of choking deaths - you guys need to chew more / eat slower!)

  44. I don't know statistics in other countries, but; in the Netherlands, 35.000 people a year die because of alcohol related liver disease.

  45. Sure, alcohol kills people by alcohol poisoning (drinking too much at a time), and by the long-term effects on one's health. Cirrhosis, heart disease, digestive system complications...

  46. Detoxing off only two drugs can be deadly. Alcohol and benzos. Everything else just sucks to come off (ask me how I know) but yeah alcohol withdrawals will absolutely kill you.

  47. I had to detox from alcohol and if i didnt have the help of a nursing staff in the hospital for a week I could have died trying it myself. Crazy to think about.

  48. I’ll add in “not knowing the signs of an anaphylactic reaction”. I’m getting allergy shots and turns out I started reacting to the size of the dose. It started about an hour and a half after the shot and I got itchy inside my ear. Then I was itchy on my chest and hands. Then my skin would go scarlet and get itchy from touching something. Then I got hives on my stomach (this was all between the 90-120min mar)k. Took an anti-allergy then went out for dinner, I recognized it was allergies but nit an anaphylactic reaction! Thankfully the anti allergy worked and stopped it and the night was fine.

  49. parachutes, the number of incidents surrounding failed parachutes have decreased over the years in the U.S., but that's only 1 country. The chances of a failing parachute are extremely low but it's still a possibility you skydive & your parachute fails.

  50. Reading this as a former US Army Paratrooper… yes. Very true. Hearing a Woman screaming all the way down from a C-130 at night has never and will never be wiped from my memory.

  51. Most beans are toxic. Luckily the boiling process breaks down the toxin, but if you cook your beans low and slow you run the risk of poisoning your family.

  52. I thinking canning vegetables and fruit or pickles can be killing many if wrongly done because deadly bacteria causes toxic if done wrong.

  53. This was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. I was a poor unemployed 20 year old when it happened to me. I remember to this day how bad it hurt too eat swallow and even just be alive. I tried to tough it out but after about 5 days my face looked like I had been bitten by a rattlesnake and finally went to the ER and they loaded me up with antibiotics and pain meds. To this day will never take my dental hygiene for granted again.

  54. My dad did that once. On the side of a busy road. At night. And my mom brought me and my brother so she could help qnd we brought him a soda. Sat by the side of the road in the dark while they fixed the tire.

  55. Honestly I don't see a future where people give up driving. People genuinely enjoy it, enough that they buy recreational vehicles and do it for fun, not just commuting. I just can't see a future where everyone happily sits in self-driving cars or all take some form of public transit

  56. Water. You can die from water intoxication depending on how much you drink in a set amount of time, symptoms start showing from just 3-4 litres taken in a few hours

  57. Dihydrogen monoxide is extremely dangerous. Everyone who ingests it ends up dying. And it’s in almost everything you eat and drink

  58. That’s what I told my middle child who was deeply afraid of sharks (we live 6 hours from any coast). “You’re more likely to be killed by a cow than you are a shark!” Didn’t help. Now he’s afraid of cows.

  59. I saw a sign for workplace safety that said “Cows can kill. Don’t let it be you”. It was a very effective use of block letters and then had some practical safety tips underneath but like, Cows do not realise that they are bigger than you and they don’t realise that they would he was playful with other cattle could kill a person. A friendly, playful steer can be pretty dangerous because he doesn’t realize humans are squishier than his other steer buddies.

  60. Water. Drink too much in a space of time and you can die. Drink too little and you can die. Inhale some and you can die. Drink water with too much salt and you'll go crazy and die.

  61. Drinking water. I suffered hyponatremia at Easter, after only 6 or 7 small water cooler sized plastic cups of water, most of which weren't even properly full.

  62. I have a senior larger mix dog who is the sweetest most friendly dog on the planet. She loves everyone and anything with a heart beat, she wants to make friends with everything. She was even wagging her tail and trying to cuddle a feral cat that was trying to claw her eyes out recently as I was trying to pull them apart. She's also extremely protective over me to the point that she will get between me and anything she deems a threat, I have no doubt that she would protect me with her life if needed and that was proven at one point.

  63. I'm a little entertained by the fact you'd spelled culpability correctly but then used the wrong version of your/you're.

  64. Mine are simple. Property is posted. Guard dog warning signs up. Guard dogs in house. Haven’t seen a Jehovah’s Witness since and the weirdos keep on walking

  65. The over-prescription of antibiotics. If people keep demanding antibiotics for viral illnesses, eventually antibiotic-resistant diseases will develop with no form of medication we currently have being able to treat them.

  66. Lima beans. Raw lima beans actually contain cyanide. Because the US regulates how much cyanide lima beans can contain, we are safe as long as we cook them, but in other countries, eating too many lima beans can cause sickness or death.

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