What’s the best advice you can give someone moving to a different state (USA)?

  1. Utah's chill if you like nature tho -- and don't mind religious zealots controlling many of the states laws.

  2. Drive the area. Don't rely on just GPS to get you around. Ask coworkers or colleagues about places to go and where to avoid. Try the local family restaurants.

  3. I just moved across the country from east to west. Knowing your particulars is a good way to get solid advice, like if it’s by yourself, have you been there before, why are you moving etc. My best advice is to plan as much as you can and don’t leave too many unknowns. Also, try and be as optimistic as possible on your move, it’s really easy to second guess and get the doom feeling when a big move is coming.

  4. If someone invites you to join you with an activity: Join them 100%. Doesn't matter if it's chess, basketball, dungeons and dragons, fking cricket: join in even if you have never played it in your life or if you couldn't give two hoots about the activity itself.

  5. Consult your accountant about tax impacts. State and City tax differences vary wildly. Also, check on the new state's traffic laws (mostly on cell phone usage).

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