What totally kills your boner?

  1. Like in a cartoon? Was someone in the bath tub? Damn, that is one hell of a story to get able to tell. Cock blocked by your upstairs neighbor in a bath tub.

  2. At my age? Whiskey, unfortunately... first it sets the stage for it to be hard in the first place, then it takes it away... fickle bastard...

  3. Classic Shakespeare. “… It provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance.” (Macbeth Act 2. Scene 3)

  4. Amen to that. It usually takes me a good while to finish so if I cant get in my normal 45s theres no way I'm going to be able to do it under that. She knows not to ask me for a quickie anymore if she wants to get some shes gotta put in the time.

  5. “Are you done yet?” In a bothered tone. Like, I just ravished the meat box for a solid 20 to get you to finish, throw me a bone and at least act interested.

  6. that romandic moment where she just flips over, uncovers her ass and says those sexy word "wake me up when you´re done"

  7. Someone recently brought a baby round to the house. I didn't know they were coming or anything, but I just heard it crying from the other side of the house while I was doing the business. Not only did it kill my boner, it killed it for hours.

  8. I read having a baby nearby will temporarily lower testosterone levels. Not sure how quickly it happens, but I believe it does.

  9. When my girl was pregnant (2nd trimester) and he baby kicked my stomach and I was instantly like, “we can wait a few more months, maybe a year.”

  10. I fought this for years. That crying baby noise is flaccid city. Wanna bone? No, the child that I love more than anything just sound ed like we were pulling out his fingernails. Sexy night is lost.

  11. This is sweet tho. When I lost my virginity it took us a few tries because of course it was kind of painful for me, and every time I expressed that he would soften up because he was worried and didn’t want to cause me pain. Then he would get frustrated with himself for not being able to get it back. It took some time to get right.

  12. This was a hard one for me. Most of the guys I dated got low key more turned on when something hurt. Not so much in a red flag sadistic way, but in a macho “whoa I’m so hard and big” way...I hope. My husband reacts like you, immediate worry, immediate concern. It took a while for me to re wire myself to not express pain like it was something they would like.

  13. This the moment something is uncomfortable is a huge killer. Like who just wants to hurt people it should be a mutual thing to satisfy each person

  14. Honestly just anything that pushes me into concern mode. It gives me such whiplash too because I get so caught in the moment and out of no where if I notice a facial expression that looks pained in their being too quiet, anything at all that could indicate and attack or discomfort, it’s like all of a sudden my brain turns back on at 100%. Partner had BPD and sexual trauma from their past so I’ve gotta be careful even when they initiate just in case.

  15. Same. I'm not an easy size. So I have to be super ultra aware of how she's doing. Also it could be the difference between having sex again tomorrow or having to wait a month as it heals. I'll spend 90% of our time in foreplay.

  16. Was doing the deed with a woman once and her little dog would not stop and I asked her if we could put it outside the room and she said “but then he’ll just scratch at the door”. I said fine.. but after 10 times I called it.

  17. sometimes when i forget that my dog is still in the room with us, i would go down on my guy and my dog would follow me and try to go down on him to. It was equal parts hilarious and terrible.

  18. I was banging this lady one time and her dog came up started licking my ass so you know what I did I finished and then I stole the dog

  19. See a urologist and get a tadalafil (cialis) prescription! I struggled with this a long time -- still do sometimes. But knowing you've got a pill that works well and lasts longer than viagra helps dispel those fears. It's not a cure-all -- you still gotta have some focus -- but I keep mine on the side to help me ease into a new partner. Once I'm confident with her, I go foe the occasional fuck without the pills, and I pretty much always reach a point where I can get hard with her no problem. Keep your chin up and use the resources available to you.

  20. Recently just left a relationship over this. Two months in and she was already treating sex as if it was some sort of favour she was doing for me.

  21. I was over my grandma's house staying the night in my early teens. Found some old photo albums. Saw this lady in a bikini from the 50s. I wasn't thinking and knocked one out, just before my grandma walked in. Said I was just watching tv and looking through the photo albums. She sat next to me at looked at the album with me. Long story short that was her.....

  22. I can confirm, twice now my dog thought it’d be a good idea to tongue punch the ol fart box while I’m balls deep in my gf .. def kills the vibe and one other time I was fuckin my girl and I look over and the dog is on the side of the bed humping the air … I died laughing and I went soft and couldn’t re focus on the matter at hand

  23. This! If there are grammatical mistakes, tons of typos, or even if just the spacing and formatting are off or inconsistent I can’t do it!

  24. Almost having it cut off. Story time... when my late wife was alive she used to get really nice acryllic French tipped nails done. Well one time she busted one and forgot to file down all the sharp jagged parts. We were getting frisky, she got handsy, I screamed, there was blood, boner killed. She had sliced the tip of my penis. It took a while to fully heal. We both laughed about it aftwards because it was kind of funny. She called it the time she almost decapitated my penis.

  25. A gross smell. I wish I could get over it, but I can't. This is why I usually insist on showers first. Idk how people managed before bathing became common!

  26. When you're around bad smells for a long time, you (for the most part) stop smelling them because your brain normalises it.

  27. Not hearing his breathing or moaning for a fraction of a second makes me overthink -in light speed - all possibilities why he's not liking it and lose it at the same moment

  28. I have ADHD. Now, disregarding the fact that much of the medication is a vasoconstrictor (think whiskey dick), I find it makes me get off easier. I don’t like it. It’s not too easy, but I just don’t like the vibe. Being full on golden retriever lets me get in the zone by zoning out (oddly enough).

  29. How the fuck do you break your dick? I'm not tryna be rude at all... but god damn, first of all it must've hurt second off, it probably would have taken tons of preparations, how did you pull off this incredible task?

  30. "please I'll be fast" kills the ladyboner. Yes sometimes it's got to be a quicky. But begging like that just makes me think your only goal is to get off. It just makes me sad for you.

  31. Unless it’s like a heat of the moment spontaneous thing, I absolutely hate quickies. I wanna actually enjoy sex and not just be rushing to the finish

  32. There was this girl I dated for a bit that was honestly everything I could have asked for at the time. Similar interests, huge sex drive, always wanted to hang out but not in a clingy way, more like a bros-kinda way, if that makes sense. But her teeth. Oh lord, her teeth…if she still has them, they have to be brown-ish black by now.

  33. It's why my plan for if I ever sleep with someone IRL is to ask if I can use their shower/bath first. Hygiene trauma makes daily washing difficult, but if I ever find someone safe to sleep with they deserve a clean me. I *think* I've heard it stated that you're allowed to do that socially

  34. When you're both single and both have older kids living at home it really sucks getting laid. Older kids are the biggest cock blocks.

  35. A woman I was with liked calling me daddy. At first no biggie. Then came sex. Daddy daddy daddy, oh yes daddy. My unit noped out immediately. She was pissed that I couldn't satisfy her need to call me daddy during sex.

  36. When she refuses to take the dog out the room and you end up with an unwanted rim job by rover the Rottweiler.

  37. "Daddy". Just no. For me specifically, it's because I really don't like my dad, and I don't want anything to do with that word or him.

  38. Omg had this happen once. I never stabbed my ears so hard with my fingers that night to drown out the noise.

  39. Humiliation. I know it's a common kink, but I'm the type that takes those words to heart and instantly goes into panic mode trying to fix it. It's not sexy for me.

  40. Some people don’t know this but hormonal birth control can kill sex drive, I came off mine recently and let’s not get into the result but you can guess… I went from 70 yr old woman to 15 year old boy in the space of a few days. I’m not 70 btw I’m 24 😅 sad that this is something that’s not wide spread information or warned about, fuck the system, fuck controlling women’s bodies 👍🏼 I have a copper coil now and very happy :)

  41. Agreed. If a woman starts asking about my thoughts on the effect of the marginal tax rate on the investment sector of the economy specifically regarding real estate and the housing crisis, I'm pretty much gonna finish right then and there and then be soft for a while during the refractory period.

  42. Female here, Had a guy once struggling to get it in, even with my assistance and for some reason I burst out laughing. I truly have no idea what I found so funny. Needless to say he immediately went soft the moment I laughed in his face.

  43. Worst look ever. Crossing the eyes and sticking out your tongue? Look in the mirror and let me know if that turns you on, because to me it looks like I’m getting a BJ from a complete moron.

  44. I think that's a pretty cute situation, i would carry her into her bedroom and tuck her into bed that would be sweet

  45. My fiance and I were in a situation this weekend where he needed to "un-excite" himself, so to speak, and he told me he thought about losing all of his progress on Fallout. Level 200 and something all the way back to one. I'm not trying to be funny either, this is a legit conversation I just had 2 days ago 😆

  46. Lady boner killer here. One time getting into position for doggy, the guy slapped, in a way that can only be described better as “drummed”, my pretty large ass with excitement.

  47. My lady boner? When all he wants to do is focus on watching porn rather than me....barf! Self stimulating here I come lol.

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