What has a 0% chance of happening?

  1. The only good sleep i have had in my life waking up feeling so refreshed like it was from a disney movie was the morning after i sprained my ankle really bad. My ankle is still fked from it months later but whats worse is experiencing that amazing sleep and refreshing day knowing what it took to get it haha.

  2. I'd argue it's close to 100% if given enough time. If humanity eventually dies out there will be only peace until a new species can start war

  3. Eggs around here are no less than $5.29, up about 50 cents. Only a few months ago they are under $3. Even Food Lion has gone up on them.

  4. At least in Australia, prices of take away alcohol is almost identical than it was 5 years ago. Weirdly, prices are almost twice than they were in a bar 5 years ago.

  5. there are literally so many things that have absolutely no chance of happening. there are many other things that have 100% chance of happening. how is your mind so small?

  6. Thank you for encouraging me to go on this philosophical journey. The course of my life has been altered for the better. Gentleperson, godspeed.

  7. The entire world could be making fun of me and calling me a wimp, someone could offer me a million and show me the money, God himself could say "hey man go ahead and jump and you get to change one thing you don't like about life", you could pull out a gun and I'd probably rather let you shoot me than jump out of a damn plane. Sometimes I have nightmares about it and wake up on a cold sweat. Heights area very, very strong phobia for me.

  8. Killing has been happening since life on Earth first began, which was long before Land Animals even existed, and long before humans.

  9. I don't expect that I will ever get married. But I am curious why you think that you will never get married. I understand it you don't want to share but if you do I am genuinely interested

  10. Idk man, go downtown with $20 and a dream - you'd be amazed at what you can achieve with some monetary motivation.

  11. I mean they do though? Ever been in a machine shop? Even in the most rural parts of the country metric is commonly used.

  12. They do. It became the US industry standard in the 1970s. There are many jobs that require knowledge of imperial and metric systems. You can go into any hardware store and find imperial and metric wrench sets. The roads are not metric because a majority were built decades ago and too expensive to completely change. And while it's not part of the metric system, using Celsius as a temperature unit is stupid.

  13. In all seriousness, you shouldn’t have to say this. I don’t know what you like, what your hobbies are, your situation, etc…. but I do know that no matter what, you should be looking at the positive side, and be thankful to wake up each and every day on this planet.

  14. I’m sorry you’re feeling that way. I’ve been feeling that way too but today I had some cookies and that helped.

  15. People around the world deciding that politicians and governments are the enemies of a stable world environment and rising up against governments.

  16. I get how that feels. Recently lost all my friends bc they turned out to be arrogant assholes. Shits tough but I’ll keep trying if you keep trying.

  17. Everything has zero chance of happening, no matter how likely, since all probabilities are some finite number over an infinite number of possible outcomes.

  18. This unironically. The very nature of reality means that you can never be truly sure if say you're in a dream or some form of simulation where the rules you know are still malleable in ways you can't imagine.

  19. Strictly speaking, there are things that have a 0% chance of happening. The counter-intuitive problem is that 0% chance of happening doesn't necessarily mean it's impossible.

  20. This is actually a bit of an interesting concept, because a lot of things do have some small chance of happening even if it's infinitesimally small. However, one thing that has a zero percent chance of happening beyond a shadow of a doubt is for the light from the sun to reach earth in less than 8 minutes

  21. The entire earth teleporting to the other side of the universe. It technically could happen, (if I’m remembering a book I read a while ago right) but the chance is so mind bogglingly low it’s not even worth thinking about

  22. Just ask her out bro. Being rejected is better than a fear of rejection. But also she might say yes? It's literally a win/win

  23. I'm also in this current situation. Yes, we can definitely still dream, considering that's all we have left at this point.

  24. The World Cup going to a deserving country regardless of how much money they bribe with - and instead going to a country with the infrastructure there, good wages to build what isn’t there and a moderate temperature for playing conditions.

  25. I promise you, sex is not at all unattainable for nearly anybody. Hit the gym 2-3 times a week, shower every day, wear deodorant, wear clothes that make you feel good, actually put yourself out there without being scared of rejection and don't be a creep. Trust me man, I'm a literal cave troll on the attractive scale and I used to think the same way as you until someone told me the same thing and I tried it and found out it's actually pretty simple.

  26. You cutting your own head off, then mailing it to a 145 year old man in Indonesia, who happens to have the same birthday, down to the same year, as you, but it happened 7 years ago. And he walks your head back to you, but as time goes in reverse. And then when you get your head back to your body, you punt it and actually hit the moon.

  27. The the character from the most recent character wiki page I visited coming to visit me irl, and thank god because it was some fucked up children's book character that reminded me of Hitler but combined with ancient fucking Rome.

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