What fictional character would you totally bang?

  1. My wife was playing Hades (I wasn’t familiar with the game prior) and Avalon Penrose’s voice literally drew me across the room. She did a ridiculously good job with that character.

  2. I one time dated a girl because of her similarity to Lana Cane. She dressed as Lana for Halloween one year. I enjoyed the pants less sweater dress.

  3. She's wildly depraved and into all my kinks, but I also worry that while I'm asleep, she might burn down whatever building we were in...

  4. Cartoon Girls in tight jumpsuits? Totally Spies all the way. Any of the three or all three at once.

  5. I want to say Faye, but I get the feeling she's all show and no follow-through. Plus she'd probably steal all my money and/or shoot me.

  6. “so miyamoto what if we add samus without her suit in skin tight clothing to the new smash bros i think that would be a very necessary addition”

  7. Yes, please. You know with his powers he'll know when it's working for you and when it isn't. He would be so amazing in bed.

  8. Hermione from the end of the series. But not the version from the movies, but the one I imagined from the last book. Smart and hot.

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