What was your childhood dream job and why did you abandon it?

  1. In second grade I distinctively wrote under “what I want to be” that I wanted to be “a star.” For the whole year and throughout elementary school my teacher always referred to me as her “future famous star” and I never understood why she kept saying I was going to be famous when in reality I wanted to be a star in space. Obviously those plans are put on hold at the moment so I’m in dental school studying to be an orthodontist.

  2. I wish I was kidding when I say a spa owner. I abandoned it because I realized owning a spa would be nothing like the spa management game I was obsessed with as a kid.

  3. Psychologist. I abandoned it because my parents thankfully didn't let me pursue it. I'm a software engineer now.

  4. I wanted to be a judge. I abandoned it because I had a substitute teacher that told me she failed the bar exam multiple times, was depressed & stayed in her apartment all the time studying and was miserable until she finally passed it. It spooked me away from giving it a shot lol I was in middle school.

  5. Fire fighter. Was told I’m a girl and guidance counsellor wouldn’t let me apply to colleges for fire fighting. Also mom shamed me and told me I wanted to be a teacher. Never got a degree in anything

  6. I wanted to be a physician. Until I found out about using cadavers in gross anatomy. And generally just life/death issues in general.

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