What’s the best cartoon show of all time ?

  1. No other show has made me both laugh and cry as hard as Futurama has. Other shows might have a higher place in my heart from nostalgia, or what was going on in my life when I first watched them, but Futurama is the strongest show across the board from start to finish.

  2. some guy: it's called Johnny Bravo. it's about a 30 year old guy who still lives at home with his mom. His best friend is a child who lives next door and his only goal is trying to get laid. It's for kids.

  3. But Johnny loved his mum and was a good friend to that neighbour. It’s been 23 years since I’ve seen it. My recollection might be wrong.

  4. I remember not having access to Cartoon Network (as it was on Sky in the UK) and one holiday we stayed at a cottage that had it. Me and my brother at the time loved it and watched it as much as we could.

  5. My childhood was pretty chaotic with one parent holding on, trying to keep the family together, and the other heavily addicted to substance abuse. It was all so confusing and scary.

  6. Very few shows can highlight diversity and teach empathy without being heavy-handed or preachy about it, but Hey Arnold did that expertly. It still holds up well and my kids enjoy watching it just like I did.

  7. Kinda along the lines of Gravity Falls, but more for younger kids - Big City Greens. I started watching it with my son, and I absolutely love it.

  8. I’m currently watching it for the first time and I’m on episode 8. I wanna go ahead and finish it but my husband only wants to watch one a day. The animation is what strikes me the most about this show. It’s utterly gorgeous. The plot is a bit odd but I really like it so far.

  9. Adventure Time, because it was kind of a show that grew with its intended audiences and so even young adults could watch it easily. The characters had depth and grew from the funny little characters they started as. It even introduced philosophy as simple concepts to understand

  10. As someone who gets discouraged easily, especially when trying to do something new and getting poor results, Jake’s line “Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something” literally changed my life.

  11. Show really has it all: it's funny, full of imagination and Whimsey, tons of legit adventure, but also some heavy themes of loss, longing, wanting to belong, and more.

  12. Adventure Time does that thing on the very last episode where they play an extended version of its theme (ending theme in this case but it still counts) during an important moment and I absolutely love when shows do that.

  13. I have no idea how "Speed Demon" was allowed to air. Rewatching the episode as an adult still makes me so uncomortable. The music, the scenery, the way it portrayed characters we knew as broken and miserable husks of their former selves was truly haunting. It cemented Him as my favorite villain in the show.

  14. it's genuinely so good - I recently started rewatching it for the first time since I was a kid and I can't believe how well it still holds up and how much I've been enjoying it even now as an adult. really good writing and comedy!

  15. It’s so quotable too lines like “how is a n**** gonna borrow a fry n**** is you gonna give it back? And n**** did I just catch you having fun?

  16. The fact that it's ~20 years old, but you can pick an episode at random and it's still topical today is pretty absurd to me. What a great show

  17. It's got some gold in it. It's also how I got into comics in the early/mid 90's. Magneto and Cable is what sold it to me. Not unlike the books at the time .

  18. Every image from that show is breathtaking. And the last season concluded Jack’s arc in such a satisfying yet bittersweet way. I’m planning on watching Primal next.

  19. Not only are they a landmark in animation, but they are a cultural touchstone for multiple generations. They are so engrained in our collective unconscious that we get many of our cultural archetypes directly from Looney Tunes. It even changed the definition of the word nimrod because of a joke that went over everyone’s head.

  20. People are naming really good cartoons but I feel like it has to be Looney Tunes right? It’s just so good. It surpasses language and culture and time. It’s always fun to watch. It’s always gonna be Looney Tunes

  21. Everything about this series was damn near perfect. Great art style, iconic voice actors and a couple of the greatest characters are introduced in the animated series... 50 something years after it'd been out. Batman has some of the best villains too.

  22. The fact that many Marvel and DC fanboys/fangirls got into superheroes because of this show speaks volumes. Starting point of the best superhero universe.

  23. Well I'll be honest I don't really understand. But I fell down this hill, now I got glue on my hands and I got records on my fingers. (Whaat?) Records on my fingers. I got records on my fingers and I just can't stop. (Don't stop) I can't stop I got a platypus controlling me. (Whaaat?) I got a platypus controlling me.

  24. This again, god-damned son of a bitch! Taking my money like that, you cheating dogs. Why, the only reason you can even eat here is cause of what I've done! I busted my tail to plant those crops along with my two good buddies.

  25. Glad to see my first choice pretty far up there! "I wasn't flirting with her! I didn't even mention that I work in propane!"-Hank Hill

  26. It's so genius. The episode where hank unintentionally starts pimping is fucking gold. So many amazing moments in that show and it never throws it in your face. It's so clever in the middle seasons.

  27. This show is my happy place. Fell asleep watching the dvds for years. Still my go to when nothing else sounds good, plus my 2yr old will allow it to be on the tv

  28. My parents lived in Dallas in the 80s and said King of the Hill was like a nostalgia road trip. People do just stand around drinking beer and saying "yep"

  29. It is definitely close between this and futurama for me, but KotH absolutely wins it. You really just get so much. It is crazy funny, wholesome even when you don't expect it, and it really dives into character stories, like the Japan 2 parter, which is probably my favorite set of episodes in the series. Just all around good fun that is truly fit for the whole family

  30. The cultural impact Simpsons had is pretty significant to this day. Most people probably don’t realize how much comes directly from that show.

  31. Currently staying at a resort abroad and out of like 3 tv channels in English we have one that endlessly plays sponegbob on repeat. It's been on literally the whole week, super fun while daydrunk lmao

  32. Mice Follies is absolutely fucking magical. It’s a wonder I didn’t flood the house and rip wires out of the refrigerator when I was a kid.

  33. As immigrants, one of the things that my mom and I bonded over was tom and jerry. It was playing like all the time on tv and didn't require english to understand.

  34. The amount of callbacks, lore, and things that seemed insignificant becoming significant in the later seasons is crazy for a kids show, which is why It’a definitely my favorite

  35. Man, as I’m about to put on the last episode. Been watching since 2014 sporadically and on the final season now. Best animated show ever.

  36. 🎶 Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes Take the bacon and you put it in a pancake Bacon pancakes that’s what I’m gonna make Bacon pancaaaakes 🎶

  37. God, it's a shame this is so far down rn. I literally rewatch this show almost yearly because it is just so good. I grew up watching it and it is so interwoven with my personal journey from being a kid to becoming an adult that I can't imagine any show ever hitting the same emotional depths that this show hits. Once you get into the mid/later seasons it really feels like centuries of wisdom are included in some of the stories the show tells. I consider myself a better man for having watched it.

  38. Commenting to say this is the greatest, because it's a very intelligent show, theme wise, emotional wise, the writing, the action, fantasy and it's about being heroes, it's mature, thought evoking, has great character arcs and with all that, it's still funny and fun and comforting.

  39. "Adventure Time makes me wish I were a kid again, just so I could grow up to be as awesome as the kids who are currently watching Adventure Time will be". -Entertainment Weekly staff.

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