Does anyone click on the profiles of everyone who answers or comments on things you post to find out what sort of person they are?

  1. Rarely. I know other folks have read my profile and will sometimes DM me about a comment or post. To be honest, I’m conscious of how what I will write will influence others’ perception of me. I’m shit at knowing how I’m perceived so I try to be real while also slightly guarded.

  2. I click on everyone's profiles everywhere. My post, other people's posts, people who reply, everybody

  3. I often find myself so far down the reddit hole I'm like how did I get here? Then I'm like oh yeah she said something about turtles eating plastic bags 😆

  4. Not everyone, but a fair amount. If I start to recognize your comments and think I might like you as a person, I definitely check to make sure theres not some horrid shit on your profile like "Does anyone else think the gay lifestyle is gross?".

  5. Only when he or she says something interesting then yeah I click on their profile out of curiosity. Luckily I got nothing on my profile so I’m pretty much safe lol.

  6. I do it if they say something interesting or something sexy. Then I like to respond directly, hopefully to work up a sexy chat.

  7. Yes: If the topic is related to looks I want to see pics. Sometimes I’m trying to figure out geographic whereabouts, gender or generation.

  8. Very rarely, if never. I honestly think it's creepy? like you are looking through someone's internet history? I also never have a reason to click their profile. It's very rare that I message someone at all.

  9. When I wrote my profile the thought of anybody actually seeing it never crossed my mind. I quickly learned otherwise... LOL but no generally I don't look at profiles unless they've actually contacted me.

  10. if their comment awakens something in me , then yes .. otherwise i'll just reply back or upvote and move on

  11. I will admit that I have done it, not all the time, but a couple of times when I have received some unkind negative feedback on a post. And 99 times out of a 100, it turns out that those people are total nutjobs.

  12. Depends. On this account I click on a lot more accounts, because I'm trying to find more half naked or naked women to follow. My main account, it depends on the thread and what they've said.

  13. I’ll do it to see if there’s any commonality with the person. It’s a bonus if it’s a woman & she’s attractive. 🔥

  14. Anyone I look at, I tag them with a little nickname so in case I run across them again I can be confused at to why I nicknamed them that.

  15. I got better things to do, but, when I do it's usually because the person is being pretty stupid and agressive. Without fail they are always following cryto and football subs ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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