Do you ever struggle to do positions that other seem as fun or sexy such as doggy style simply because you’re not “big” enough or too out of shape?

  1. Might be a TMI but if you’re comfortable to say, how do you like get it in if your partner does has a bigger ass?

  2. Like it looks so easy but my god I can’t even do 20 squats, I couldn’t imagine how rough that can get

  3. I’m avg. in size but, body weight 285 and well over 6ft my wife is about 6ft. We both work out regularly. Doggie was an issue until we modified it a bit, she’s laying down face first and will slightly elevate her ass and once it’s in the right spot, no issues. That’s why I started working out to build stamina to enjoy the experience better and try to get healthier as well. Good Luck

  4. Would you say just getting healthy really does (well kinda obviously) make one’s sex life more fulfilling?

  5. Yes I totally did. At my biggest I was 383lbs and on an average frame of 5’8” that’s so unhealthy that I was categorized as morbidly obese when I had a heart attack at 26. By 30 I had lost over 200lbs and have kept most of that off for over a decade.

  6. Ben hearing a lot that I really am starting to think that if I get my life together and just start treating my body better, eat less and better, work out, get my shit together then my sec drive could rise, I’d feel better about myself and feel hotter which would help during sex, is that what you’d say happen?

  7. I'm a 6'2" lesbian, so a lot of times it can be struggle to line things up when there's often a whole foot difference! Girls usually need to kneel on a pillow or two for doggy XD

  8. Neither me nor my partner are out of shape and his size is great but doggie just doesn't work for us for some reason. Angle and our height difference makes it uncomfortable so we switch to prone bone, which is the better choice anyway.

  9. I used to have issues with doggystyle - not because of weight, but because of height. I'm five foot eight, and it was occasionally difficult at first trying to figure out how to "approach," I guess.

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