Do you or do you not consider yourself sexually confident?

  1. Yeah, but not in a "I'm a sex god that knows everything" sort of way. More of a "I'm excited to figure out everything that rocks your world" sort of deal.

  2. This is the way. Same. SO is older and hadn’t used toys (!!!) and it’s fun introducing those with him. Introducing choking which he also really enjoys. We have a lot of sex and it’s fun so it can only get better with these additions etc.

  3. Very confident. I struggle to make a first move and I need to know someone is interested, but once things start I'm pretty much unstoppable.

  4. The two partners I have been most emotionally connected to - yes. The rest I really couldn't give myself a very confident evaluation. Having that connection means you know who they are, what they like, and then being respectful of their boundaries.

  5. It’s a journey. I wasn’t always confident. Had to learn the ropes. Been with several women and over time I had honed the skill of pleasing each one. It just took a long time

  6. Somewhere in the middle. I've definitely got the motivation to be very sexually confident, but not the "practice" that would take to be really true.

  7. No... yes...I'm chubby af and tend to be insecure about it, but once we start and the other doesn't seem irked by it, my confidence boosts through the roof.

  8. I'm definitely confident enough, but I'd like to think not over confident. There's always something I don't know that I can learn, and not everything I do will be what they need, so I still need to listen to them and adapt.

  9. I do. I would say my biggest passion is sex and everything that involves sexual health. With that comes a passion to please and be a great lover

  10. i do with my fb but first time with someone new is always awkward and uncomfortable. once you learn each other it gets easy and the confidence is back!

  11. I kinda feel that I am. I used to be super insecure even like 2 years ago but now my confidence has only been building stronger and stronger.

  12. I would say I’m about 60/40 with 60 being the confident. I’m fine once I’m in the act but it takes a little bit for me to get there

  13. Yes, I would consider myself sexually confident I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, and I’m comfortable exploring and playing with my partner

  14. I'm generally unconfident whenever I have to preform anything, so preforming while naked just makes things worse. It's like a missing homework assignment from the full stress dream bingo.

  15. Man I'm a virgin 🤣 but in my mind hell yeah I'm confident enough to make a whole in the wall and still manage to give it a good time

  16. I think I’m pretty confident during sex But got am I awkward if it ever comes to asking for it

  17. I've only had 1 sexual partner my whole life so i won't say I'm confident at all. I just know what works for her.

  18. It took me a long time to get there but I would say I am. When I was younger I was very insecure about everything. Alcohol helped break down some barriers in college and gave me the courage to discover myself more. I’m 24 now and have a much better idea of what I want. I still like guys to take more charge but I’m not typically afraid to ask for what I want and I pursue guys that I’m interested in.

  19. I do not. Girls aren't interested in me, and I don't get any opportunities to boost my confidence, or self-esteem in those areas. Posting nudes on reddit is the only way I actually get any attention, and even then it's 99.9% guys who give it to me.

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