[DC] How do the members of the Justice League feel about Superman's x-ray vision?

  1. It's not really an issue, because they know him. Anyone could covertly attempt to violate their privacy, and Superman's no different—but that's just not the kind of man he is.

  2. He probably knows what everyone looks like. As Superman I would ask is it possible for him to sin? Has he been created to a perfect individual? Idk

  3. Everyone in the league thinks it's mighty useful for search and rescue and locating bad guys, except Batman, he lines everything with lead to block it because (he's Batman) it's an obviously exploitable weakness that any Kryptonian could exploit, even before he knows of any Kryptonians other then Clark.

  4. Everyone who knows Superman would also know he can be trusted to respect their privacy in that regard.

  5. I don't think that you need to control your testosterone to avoid looking at people naked against their will. Most men avoid sexually harassing people by not sexually harassing people.

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