1. Only someone colluding with *RUSHA* would ask such a thing. All questions are banned as hate speech. Original thought is violence. Yay I love rights!

  2. Is this referring to one pipeline or is this referring to several across a country? You do realize that the US has more things than just oil as their economic exports right? Russia is a oil state at this point, like the saudis. The US has a largely service-based economy and the comparison is completely not applicable.

  3. Obama/Biden shut down the pipeline in 2015, Trump started it back up 2017, Biden shut it down again during his first day in office.

  4. It would have been operational in less than a year had Biden not fucked it up. We wouldn’t be in this mess quite as bad as we are now if Biden hadn’t done that and if you fail to see that you’re blind, stupid, ignorant or all three

  5. Didn't realize pipelines produced more oil. I just thought they moved it from point A to point B

  6. Oil isn't all that finite in the timeframe of our lifetimes. It can be treated as infinite for our purposes. There is even evidence of some of the older deposits refilling after they were thought to have dried up.

  7. There is nothing to see here! China is buying Russian oil, we were buying oil and essentially financed the war, do you really think Putin invaded and then whoa I need some cash? Don’t be fooled between the Ukraine and Russia there is no good guy. All that is left is the lesser of two evils.

  8. Excellent point but it won't make sense to most Liberals. They believe that by shutting off US oil production, we somehow prevented global warming. Of course by shutting off Russian oil, we'll still need to back fill for our needs... Of course Biden could just give everyone a 25K credit to purchase an electric car but then these same gas companies would go ape shit and there ain't that many electric cars to be had. Another neat thing; for China's support of the Ukrainian war, Russia gave China 100 million tons of good old Russian coal. How's that working for reducing global warming!!

  9. it would be an American pipeline with Canadian oil in it. For us Canadians it would be better to go ahead with a pipeline to the coast to reach international markets instead of giving you amerians our oil at a discount while we absolutely destroy our land while strip mining the stuff.

  10. Already has. & coupled with the scam-demic & all their bs lockdowns that didn’t even help with anything but destroying the economy & now with their pre planned potential WW3, May God help us all... These psychopathic world leaders working in lockstep with Charles Schwabs Unholy WEF want to usher in their precious NWO & have physical access & control of our mind & bodies.

  11. This isn’t about just the prices at the pump, home heating oil is high as well, The President offered no relief for lower income families, The fed govt could lift the temporary tax on gas from WW2 or states could lower sales tax on fuel. The oil reserves released would be enough for a day and a half of consumption. This is all lip service from Brandon.

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