What is the most beautiful thing someone has done for you?

  1. I was living in London and my young niece in NZ saved up her pocket money to buy me this limited edition chocolate bar that was out, then she kept in in her drawer and resisted the temptation to eat it for a whole year until I came back to visit. She’s not really allowed candy and said she wanted to eat it every day, but she wanted to give me it as a gift even more.

  2. Wow, it’s like Charlie and the Chocolate Fact. meets a prodigy at the marshmellow challenge. Good for her, and good for you

  3. I have a similar story! I'm from Europe but have lived down under for the better part of a decade. My little cousin was born just before I left and when I went to visit, she was already 5 years old. So we never really met but yet, she knew about me living so far away in NZ. My Aunty had a piggybank for me, where she put in a dollar for every day while I was away until I came home. My little cousin started to do the same with her pocket money 😭 For a person she'd never met! When I came to visit, they were about $2.5 in there and it seemed like all the money I'd needed in the world. She was so proud to hand it over and we spent a day together. It was magic. And I take her Hello Kitty piggybank with me wherever I go.

  4. My nan taking me in when I was escaping a bad relationship. She wanted nothing in return except that I got a job and paid for whatever amount her bills went up by having me there (since she's on a fixed income).

  5. This is beautiful. Congratulations for having such an amazing women in your life and for you’re new direction in life!

  6. my friend just did the same thing for me - my wife cheated on me, then kicked me out and dumped me. my friend drove 6 hours (one way) to pick me up, and I've been living with him and paying a tiny amount of rent since. I don't know what I would have done without him, I lost my job due to covid and there's a housing crisis in my country.

  7. My ex husband did many wonderful things for me but the one that sticks out was after our son was born, he was sent back into hospital at 9 days old with severe dehydration, he'd lost over 20% of his birth weight. They got him feeding a mix of boob, expressed and formula every hour. We were discharged from hospital and carried on the same boob, pump, formula routine at home. It was killing me. I sat on the bed holding my newborn, not trusting my body to be able to feed him properly and sobbed. Exhusband said "that's enough now, I'm sorting out a bottle and you can go to sleep". Having someone else make the decision for me and the baby in that moment without guilting me like the midwives, health visitors, my mum and Internet posts had done was honestly the most beautiful thing anyone could ever have done for me. We might not be together anymore but he's still the only man I'd ever have had kids with, I couldn't have picked a better dad for my babies. Son is now 9 and despite his troubled start in life, he's now strong, healthy and a lovely little nerd.

  8. I’m glad he was there for you in that moment. My son was out on formula before we even left the hospital. The guilt of not producing enough milk definitely worsened postpartum depression for me. Having a loving support system helps so much.

  9. When I was a teenager, I spent a short span of time in an inpatient unit. I met lots of people there, but one person sticks out the most. I was the only person on the unit with anorexia, and he was determined to help me (because the staff wasn't trained in eating disorder recovery). The staff passed out snack, and I right away checked the calorie information. He took my snack away from me and brought it to the coloring station. He came back, and he had colored over the nutrition label, and wrote "you're too beautiful to count calories".

  10. My grandma giving me her book collection (she has been collecting her whole life and has some really valuable first editions). She bought me my first book when I was 6 and 18 years later she gave me her entire collection. She wanted nothing in return. She just said, ”those were yours from the moment I saw how happy you were after I got you that book.”

  11. I was with my boyfriend for just over a year at that point, and at the peak of my depression. He's the one who encouraged me to seek help, went with me to the GP every time, took me to counselling appointments.

  12. This is too sweet and reminded me of a time with my partner. I was in hospital for 4 days and then came home with a bandage up my arm and was in pain and a bit woozy from the sedation from surgery and my boyfriend bathed me and washed my hair for me as I hadn’t showered the whole time in hospital and made sure my bandage didn’t get wet. It felt so calming and loving and wholesome. How good are beautiful boyfriends

  13. When I was 19 I was going through a break up and it was really hitting me hard. A regular (old guy) that I always talked to in the mornings at work noticed that I was off so he invited me to feed some ducks with him. While we were feeding the ducks he let me vent to him and he said some encouraging words to me. I never had a close relationship with my dad and after that moment he became my father figure. A year later I went through basic training and he made sure to send me a letter every single day and he was the only one out of my whole family who made it to my graduation even though he had health problems. I’m on the whole other side of the world right now and we make sure to try to talk to each other every week. I am so grateful for him.

  14. Interacting with critters🦆 can be so theraputic, and this dude totally knew what he was doing to help you out in that way! 😄

  15. 8 years ago, I had discovered a lump on my dog, and had to take her to a specialist to find out what it was. I went to visit my little brother just before his 10th birthday and told him about my dog. He got up, went to his room, and brought me $20 from his birthday gifts. I told him it was too much for him to give me. He said "a million dollars maybe".

  16. My dear, dear friend died. His mom--who I did not know at all--found me and told me within a day of it happening, before it was generally known at all. I'm so incredibly grateful to have not had to piece together why he stopped replying based off scattered Facebook clues and my heart fucking breaks for her finding this total stranger to tell her son is dead.

  17. As someone who lost someone dear, I can imagine it was for her sake as well as yours she found you- that way she could share her grief with someone who actually, sincerely cared - even if only in the moment she told you

  18. There's this one pair of shoes I really like wearing because they're comfortable, waterproof, can be dressed up or down, and last forever. They got discontinued which bummed me out a little but they're just shoes so I just made an off-hand comment about it to my husband about it and moved on.

  19. When I first got divorced I was living with my mom with my 2 kids and a low paying job. My best friends mom and dad took me Christmas shopping and bought my babies about $1000 worth of presents (and helped me out through my whole life pretty much any other time I needed it). They are 2 of the most selfless amazing people I’ve ever known!

  20. My partner surprised me on my 18th birthday with a box full of books. I had been writing a wishlist of all the books I wanted on my phone over the years. He peeked at it, organised all my friends together and got everyone to chip in to buy me a good $400 worth of all the books I wanted. Everyone signed a little card and suprised me at my party.

  21. When I was 14, my stepdad killed my mother. When this happened I was separated from my youngest brother. A few months later, a family member adopted my youngest brother. This family member is Pentecostal, which is the religion I was raised in.

  22. This breaks my heart. I hope you've been able to keep in touch with your brother. Also, based on this you have a wonderful supportive husband.

  23. I left my friend’s place to go home and there it was... Biggest Happy Birthday across school football pitch on the first snow of the season. My sister wrote happy birthday all over pathways and cars all the way back home so I could see on my way back. Sweetest 18th birthday greeting. This stills make me very happy 😊

  24. last year my dad and i got into an argument that ended in him smashing my guitar. i don’t even really remember what i said to provoke that but obviously it wasn’t remotely an appropriate response. it was my first guitar and it was really special to me. it was heartbreaking. i was seventeen at the time and my sister, who’s only a few years older than me, immediately ran into my room and comforted me. she left and came back a couple minutes later, having ordered me a new one. i told her to return it and that it was too much money over and over but she refused. i love her so much.

  25. Hey, I’m so sorry to hear that. I am now estranged from an angry and abusive dad, and my life and mental health are so much better. I know it can be really hard, if you want to talk about this at all please DM me.

  26. When my much loved Dad passed unexpectedly last year, my cousins (his late brother’s children) who I’d been estranged from for years all turned up (phone calls, messages as they live abroad) with constant support and love and on my birthday three days after my Dad passed they organised a zoom call to wish me and let me know I was loved and not alone. Almost 6 months later they still are in touch and call and give me strength and support.

  27. My son (then not quite 6yo) learning to use the microwave so he could heat up wheat bags for me when I've got bad period pain. Without asking. I don't even need to mention the belly ache, he just knows and gets on with sorting me out. I feel very lucky.

  28. When I felt down for a while my friend talked to me on the phone. Suddenly she insisted she was bothering me and hung up. As I stood there in surprise, mouth open, the doorbell rang. There she stood with muffins she had backed for me. ☺

  29. I didn't get along with my mom very well in my teenage years. It wasn't a bearable situation for me and my mom to live together anymore so at 17 years old my boyfriend and parents in law took me and treated me as a daugther. Also made me get a job and helped me pay for my education. They also helped us getting a house of our own. They're the absolute best.

  30. When I was a little kid, maybe 7-8, I had a fever while staying with my grandmother during the summer. She got very worried and called my parents, who I’m sure were not at all worried. She sat next to me on her couch until I fell asleep. She put a damp cloth on my forehead. I asked her what the cloth was for as I’d never experienced anything like that. She said it doesn’t cure anything it only makes people feel better. It was the first time I ever had an adult care about my feelings.

  31. Encouraged me to seek help for my ailing mental health and provided me support each and every step of the way. Three years later, and we're still living our happily ever after.

  32. I am currently going through this. I hope we make it. It’s crazy when your mental health declines, it feels like everything is going to go down with it.

  33. My ex boyfriend got us in a bad situation and his grandmother let he and I and my two teenagers stay with her for a year. I was able to buy a vehicle and get some savings. She ripped up the checks I gave her for rent. I freaking love her so much. We still talk and I send presents.

  34. I had to work on my birthday: crappy retail job that wouldn’t let me take it off because they refused to hire more people. I clock out of work at around eight at night, planning on buying myself a piece of cake from the bakery on my walk home to eat in front of the TV. I step out the front door and someone calls my name. I look up and find five of my closest friends just waiting there, a few feet from the entrance, all with these big goofy grins on their faces. A few happy tears were shed.

  35. Someone anonymously donated 10k towards my mother’s funeral costs on our fundraising page. I was 23 at the time and my family was small and had no real money to pay, and my mother was a huge figure in the mariachi community so it’s not like we could have a small funeral. I was overwhelmed by the amount of weight not only her passing had, but all of the following logistics had too and it was just such a weight off of my shoulders. The day came and hundreds of people showed up. But it was all possible because someone donated that money. I don’t know who, to this day, and that was 6 years ago. But also, fuck the funeral business.

  36. I rescued a horse when I was younger who had been very badly abused. To get him to trust humans again I used to flip a bucket over and just sit in the field reading, doing homework, paying bills. I just needed him to get used to my presence. Then I started holding apples and carrots until he’d come take them from me.

  37. I was in my last year of nursing school with a 3 yr old son when my husband was diagnosed and quickly died of pancreatic cancer. As would be expected I was a wreck but my entire graduating class came together to help me pass. They made my portions of projects as easy as possible, they forced me into study sessions and they even took up money to help me with some expenses. I honestly can't remember much about that last 6 mos of school but I remember their kindness and generosity. I have lost touch with all but one of them over the years but guys, if any of you see this please know that my entire world was changed because of you. Thank you so so much.

  38. When I was getting the epidural inserted during my second labor there were some complications getting it in. It took 30 minutes and two different people to finally get it passed my vertebrae. My husband wasn’t allowed in the room for it.

  39. this is probably gonna get buried, but i want to share anyways. i have high functioning autism, so sometimes i will get overstimulated by everything around me or by new environments. when i first started dating my boyfriend, i was worried about being overstimulated around him bc with my previous relationships and friendships they would go out of their way to avoid me when i was in such a state, or would leave me because of those moments. i ended up having a breakdown and my boyfriend was there the whole time comforting me, asking what to do to help, and holding my hand the entire time. i had never experienced that before and i bursted into tears!!! he loves me so dearly and i can see it in everything he does. he bought me a promise ring one month in, we have been dating for almost a year and i know he is not going anywhere because of something i can’t control. i love him so much

  40. My favourite high school teacher watched in dismay as I flunked out of most of my classes due to partying, laziness and my fondness for weed. I never did graduate. But we still kept in touch over the years. Upon hearing, at age 25, that I had applied to and been accepted at college as a mature student, he offered to pay for my first year of college! He did this for three students altogether and all three of us graduated and now work in our respective fields. He was a widower who never had kids so he felt this was a good use of his money. RIP, lost him a few years ago. He still influences my life every day!!!

  41. I actually can't stand my neighbor, he's temperamental and racist. But one time we came home from a day trip and he brought us a box with flowers laid on it, that held our poor dear kitty who'd been hit by a truck. He saw the whole thing, got her "comfortable" in the box, and sprayed down the street. It was devastating to come home and find out that our cat had died but such a relief to have had all of that done and her sweetly laid into a beautiful box.

  42. Once i cut my bangs at home and was pretty nervous about it at school and a friend left me a note in my bag saying "those bangs look cute" with a Hershey's Kisses. I was so happy for a few days to recieve that kind act of cuteness but i just didn't know who left it there. After a few weeks that friend sent me a random streak snap and in that picture i noticed that same favour of kisses. I asked him if it was him who left it and it actually was him <3

  43. Right after my divorce, I was kind of a shitshow. I felt like I couldn’t love anyone or anything and I was okay with that. I was drinking too much. I even remember telling my best friend that I didn’t love my cat (wtf I loved my cat so much until then!!!) bc I just put walls around my entire heart.

  44. Do you feel you did things to her directly that were awful during this period, or just to yourself and she gave you space to grieve?

  45. In high school I had a boyfriend, and for Christmas I asked him for a hand written note. He wrote me one, but also got a bunch of my friends to write me notes and he made a book of them. My Dad suffered from a stroke about 6 months prior, and my bf went to his house to get a written note from him too and put it at the end of the book. My Dad passed away shortly after and it's my most treasured gift I've ever received.

  46. When I was studying in the UK in college, I had a massive crush on one of my flatmates. We never “went there” for various reasons but we became (and still are) very good friends. We used to go on non-date/dates to surrounding towns and places, away from the Uni just to explore, and we wandered past a book shop on the High Street that had a beautiful special edition copy of The Hobbit sitting in the window. I mentioned it when we walked by, how beautiful I thought the cover art was, how The Hobbit is one of my faves, etc. Didn’t think much of it as we continued strolling and moved on to different topics.

  47. stayed with me and taught me to be a better person. i’ve learned about patience, compassion and forgiveness. someone taught me how to be the best version of myself

  48. My mom taught me the importance of mental health before passing away from heart cancer. I was always depressed and anxious as a kid and could never understand my real emotions and their labels. My mom noticed I wasn't happy at school (or really in general) and took it upon herself to truly get to know my triggers, why they're triggering, and what WE could do to get me the help I needed. She took my to every therapy session, kept me calm when I was about to cry at the clothing store for not fitting into their sizes, played video games with me that I don't think she'd play on her own, and just started being more active in my life.

  49. I was 23 and just gave birth. This was our 4th pregnancy. I miscarried the first 3. I had no idea what I was doing because I didn’t have a normal childhood....No role model of what a mother/parents should be. I just knew what what type of mother I didn’t want to be. I was insecure, exhausted, emotional and scared to death. I walk in the door from the hospital and there’s flowers and a note from my husband saying that’s he so proud of me and I’m going to be the best mom ever! I cried like a baby.

  50. When I visited my home country which I can do very seldom, I could not see my grandparents due to corona restrictions. She cooked my favourite authentic dishes and sent them to me in a basket, covered by a piece of cloth. I just let the tears flow :)

  51. My dad was in a nursing home and my brother and I made the trip by car, about a 12 hr drive, to see him which turned out to be the last Christmas we would see him. We drove all night and got to the house around 6am. The neighbors who had been keeping an eye on the house had set up some small lit Christmas decorations and lights and a small nativity scene inside in the living room and dining room. I don't know what it was about seeing it, but after a 12 hr drive, it just felt lovely and warm and welcoming. A small gesture but one that was large in spirit.

  52. My sophomore year of college I transferred to a school out of state. A week into school I learned there was a mix up with my financial aid and I suddenly didn't have the funding I was expecting. My uncle, who was like a father to me, drove from another state after working a long shift at a factory to help me move out in the middle of the night. I was so embarrassed and ashamed about my circumstances. He was downing caffeine to stay awake and clearly exhausted. The entire ride back home he told me how brave he thought I was for putting myself out there and pursuing my dreams. He knew I felt terrible so he spent 8+ hours telling me how great he thought I was 😭. Everyone deserves a person who will drop everything to come rescue you when you are at your lowest. My uncle has been and always will be that person for me and I will grateful til the day I die.

  53. Understood what I needed when I couldn't communicate it to them. I've always struggled with mental illness, but especially so during college. I think I was texting my boyfriend and I was trying to ask him to come over to try & make me feel better. He knew what I was trying to communicate and came over to my apartment to do just that; it worked. Having a close bond means seeing them during their best, their worst, and everything in between! I'm so grateful to have him in my life!!

  54. My coworker made me pho and had my students surprise me by singing to me, wearing a series of headbands she made spelling out “happy birthday (name).” Was during one of the harder years of my life, this woman has always been so sweet to me. Almost cried on the spot.

  55. Hours before my Dad died, he sang me a song over FaceTime and looked me right in the eyes. He has 7 kids and thought to give just me this on his dying day, even through all the pain of his cancer.

  56. I lost my sister when she was 19 and I was 22. Not long after her death, both myself and my best friend found out we were both pregnant with our first babies. We were both close friends with a guy I used to work with who was the sweetest, most selfless person I’d ever met. He worked at a gas station, and while working he played scratcher lottery tickets often. He won $500 one night & the next day he gave both of us $100 each to do something for ourselves. He was such a beautiful person, even before that act of kindness.

  57. I remember sitting on a patio after breaking up with my boyfriend. This young woman on the patio overheard our convo I think... she saw me crying my eyes out after he stormed off. I had my face in my hands and I was SOBBING. Like just full on sobbing. Totally a mess. I look up for a brief moment and I notice her standing in front of me with a yellow rose in hand, telling me that she hopes things start looking up for me soon 🥺🥺 there was a flower shop directly across the coffee shop we were at. This woman 1) noticed me crying my eyes out and 2) went across the street and got me, a complete stranger, a yellow rose, just to make me feel better. I will never, ever, ever forget you, Vanessa!

  58. Was traveling with my 8month old a few years ago and the woman next to me on the plane helped me keep my nursing cover on and helped me change my baby in my lap. She was an absolute angel and I couldn't have been more grateful to have her sitting next to me. It was just so sweet and kind of her to offer to help me and I'll never forget it.

  59. I was flying from Australia to Canada with my 2 year old son. Half way through the flight, I cried due to exhaustion and my son refused to sleep. The lady sitting next to me offered to walk him up and down the isle and entertain him so I could rest my eyes. When we landed in Canada, she helped me carry my bags/baby things to the next gate. She was an angel.

  60. When I was in my early 20s my family support crumbled. I felt very alone despite living near and WITH family, I didn’t have an income because I’d just finished school and couldn’t afford the licensing fees. I was broke, alone, and severely depressed. My coach would frequently fill my gas tank, buy me groceries so I could eat - all without me asking, and in a very gruff and refusing to be thanked manner - and wasn’t just immensely kind, but treated me like family. Eventually my living situation got to the point I needed to figure something else out. He and his wife took me into their home and it was like I had two functional, loving, attentive parents for the first time in my life. I still consider them family, he’s still my emergency contact besides my husband, and they send my son Christmas and birthday presents every year. I truly feel like that family saved my life and I will never be able to pay back their kindness. I am determined to pay it forward. So I guess you could say not only did they save my life, they made me a better person.

  61. When I was working at this preschool, there was this one kid with severe ADHD that painted me a flower at home and brought it back to school just to give me. It really looked nothing like a flower, but I just thought it was such a nice gesture.

  62. My aunt and uncle gave me the down payment for my house. They’ve done other things to help me over the years, but the house was just such a massive thing. I didn’t even ask—they made the decision and told me over dinner at a time when my housing situation was stable so I wasn’t under any pressure.

  63. I have ptsd from sexual trauma. During the first part of our relationship, I would ask my bf to do certain things to try to get more comfortable. Even tho I'd panic from some things, I'd still want to try to do them because I actually do like being touched by someone I have that much of an emotional connection with. But I dont have control what triggers my ptsd, no matter how much I'd like to do it.

  64. I was starting to collect books for my classroom as I had just graduated from college. For Christmas, my husband went to the thrift store and carefully combed through all of their books for hours. He brought home like 50 books of all types, all of them perfect for my classroom. He was so excited to give them to me that he had me open it two weeks before Christmas. He always does stuff like this for me. I'm so grateful for that guy.

  65. Oh I've got another one: my coworkers know how bashful I can be and they also know that I don't like to celebrate my birthday. So they waited until the week after my birthday to bring in a "random" cake, gift card, and plant. You know, totally unrelated to anything. They made me feel special without making it a big deal. They are very special people.

  66. My dad’s death-aversary was coming up and I couldn’t spend the day with family because of covid. We usually do something special together on that day. I was pretty gloomy around that time. My boyfriend asked me to tell him about a special memory of my dad that day and I ended up cry-laughing about one of my favourite stories about my dad. A few weeks later, he gave me a package. It was an illustration of the story I’d told him! All the details were literally perfect. It warmed my heart so much. I’ve never received a gift as thoughtful as that.

  67. I am a student right now and not earning anything. One day I had to go out with my car and as soon as I reversed it, I lost control and I hit a stationary car a few meters away even after I used the brakes. I know how to drive properly and never had any kind of accident before. No major damage but there were still dents. I don't live at my home much (I live in my college hostel) so I didn't know the car's owner. I knocked his door and told him everything that happened while being terrified af. He asked me to check my car's brakes and we found that they were not working. That man told me to calm down and said it's fine and told me not to worry. Later I told dad everything which happened and dad went to meet him to ask about repair costs. That man told him to forget about it and didn't ask for a single cent. I had never been more happier due to someone's generosity.

  68. When I was 17 there was a controversial proposition on the ballot to ban same-sex marriage. I protested it, painted my car, was very vocal against it - but couldn’t vote yet.

  69. I was living in a DV shelter with my mom. One of the ladies that worked there gave me this fantastic easter basket full of hair ties/body stuff and a beautiful handmade quilt- she didn't make it herself but someone else did. It was the nicest thing anyone besides my mom has ever done for me. I still have the quilt in my closet 5 years later <3

  70. I was really close with a coworker of mine about a decade ago. I had been through addiction treatment, was suffering from eating disorders and just genuinely didn’t like myself or know who I was. He was kind, funny, and always listened to me. One day I was overly distraught because every time I would take a Myers Briggs test, I’d get a different result. I had a semi melt down to him, because clearly I didn’t know who I was, and I unloaded on him.

  71. A ex of mine stayed with me after my mother died. He left school midday and walked 10miles just to see me. He held me while I sobbed in the fetal position for what felt like hours. I wouldn't have survived it with out him.

  72. We are staying at a campsite right now and my husband has walked with me to the bathroom in the middle of the night just because. He’s always doing something but this was just last night. He left a warm comfy bed on his own to walk with me.

  73. When our second daughter was born, she was born early and had a long nicu stay. During that time, we couldn’t wear jewelry if we wanted to hold her (for fear of it getting caught on all her tubes and wires). Long story short, put my wedding ring in my pocket, ran it through the washer, and it busted into multiple pieces. We could not afford another ring because of the nicu bills, but I was distraught since it was my wedding ring and we didn’t make a lot of money so I didn’t think I’d get another for years.

  74. I'm a obgyn, one of the worst days of life occurred when I worked in a far away community for community service (something we do in my country) and had a patient die in a sudden way from a complication we could not avoid. I was friends with a surgeon who was also on call that day and called her for help (on cpr and whatnot). After close to two hours we declared her dead. I had to stay behind to help with the paperwork and she stayed with me and helped me all throughout. She took me home and let me cry with her. I'm really grateful she was there to support me, since I was living alone away from home and friends. And by then we had only been friends for three months. I will always remember this act of kindness.

  75. I found out I was pregnant at 19, no clue who the father was, first person I called was my sister who was living a couple provinces away at that point. She didn’t even say anything to me just turned to her partner and said “want to move back home?” They were here within 3 weeks. I tear up thinking about it because they have been my biggest support through single motherhood from the very beginning.

  76. While on a break during my first day of class in college, I was standing alone in a busy hallway. I hadn’t made friends yet (introvert problems) unlike most of my blockmates who somehow knew at least one person in class already. It felt like that scene in the movies where you’re just there and everyone passes you by as if you’re non-existent. I didn’t know what to do and I must’ve looked pathetic. Until one girl went up to me all smiling and asked me to join her group of friends to eat. I was really grateful for her and although we didn’t end up as bffs, she still holds a soft spot in my heart.

  77. My best friend (at a moment’s notice) taking off work, flying a thousand miles to reach me, renting a car, and paying a hefty emergency medical service debt for my mom, who almost died onboard a cruise.

  78. My boyfriend took me for a walk and the only thing he would tell me about where we were going was that I needed to bring an apple. He makes me stop in a quiet corner of a park in the middle of London and tells me to hold the apple out. Only took a few minutes for parakeets to appear for apple nibbles. They sat on my arms/hands/top of my head and the whole thing was wonderfully surreal (although he was lucky I didn’t have a bird phobia 😂). I’d been having a really hard time with university and my dog had recently passed away. His bird surprise was the first thing that had made me laugh and smile in weeks. He’s still as kind and thoughtful over 3 years later.

  79. When my mother died my freshman year of high school, I took a few days off to be with my family. When I came back to school, all my friends were wearing bracelets for my mother's form of cancer. They didn't say anything or make a big deal of it. But knowing I had their support without having to have the "big conversations" right away was amazing.

  80. I got into a fight with my parents over wanting to buy a Kindle. I was in college at the time but still using their money, so I had to ask them before I could buy anything "big". I made an offhand remark to my roommate about it and she got all of my friends to pitch in and buy me a kindle for my birthday. What made it so sweet was that she and I had our issues in the past but during that time, we were taking time to genuinely learn more about each other. Years later, this memory and that kindle always bring a smile to my face.

  81. I was newly clean & sober in NYC, my parents took me in (again), I went to AA, got a job, then a $400 car and then an apartment but times were tough. Existed on eggs & Ronzoni. Always worrying how to pay bills. An older member handed me a $100 bill and said "Someone anonymous wants you to have this because you're doing so good." I cried my eyes out. Saved my ass that month! Now I pass it on any chance I get.

  82. One time I was unexpectedly in the hospital for a week.My young childless neighbor (that I only knew on a casual friendly neighbor basis) made sure that my highschool aged kid got things to eat and a ride to the hospital every day. We have stayed friends through thick and thin since then.

  83. I ran away from a bad situation at my home when I was 14. I ended up staying with 2 older guys that I hadn't previously known (they were friends of a friend in highschool) who were both 19. They didn't try to take advantage of me or anything, just let me stay with them as an underage fugitive. Over Christmas I was alone at their apartment, as they had both gone home to see their families. One of them brought me back a full plate of home cooked food, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes, and heated it up for me. I felt really sad and alone all day until he came back with that plate of food.

  84. My 8 year old brought me a pb&j in bed with a note that said “for mama made with love” I write her a note in her lunch bag every day and she wanted to do it for her mama too ❤️

  85. My first boyfriend was such a romantic. He used to always get me my favorite soup from a restaurant out of our way when I was sick, and bring over movies and video games. He carried me to the bathroom once when I had the flu. The cutest thing by far is when he set up a picnic in the back of his truck when I had a class at night in college and had sushi and cake (he brought some for my friend too!) and we hung out there. We eventually grew apart but keep in touch from time to time.

  86. My little brother (he’s 7 I’m 19) usually tends to try and fight me all the time or just annoy me in general, but I know he loves me cause he’s always there for me.

  87. I had a friend tell me "text me when you're home" that was always something girlfriends has said to me. Meant a lot coming from one of the boys.

  88. My ex was a real pos. I have chronic health issues and there were times we'd plan something and I couldn't go. He always made me feel really bad about it. We finally broke up and eventually I started dating a new man.

  89. My fiance giving me courage to seek help with my mental health. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I am today. He's there when I need him. No one is as nice and calm as him. I remember I got sent home from work because I was really low just couldn't shift it. He came home ran me a hot bubble bath with a cup of tea and sat in the bathroom until I was ready to get out then he held me tight whilst I sobbed uncontrollably on him not once did he leave my side and he still to this day always checks on me to see how I am etc. This definitely is the most beautiful thing anyone has done for me (except my ex giving me my kids) in a very long time.

  90. My little brother would always put a blanket on me at night when we were little because he knew I get cold easily ❤️ He is such a sweetheart, I need to call him and catch up

  91. A guy paid for my whole tank of fuel in the height of the pandemic. He saw my paramedic uniform and told me to fill it all the way up. I had just finished an awful and tiring shift. I sat in my car speechless. Thank you Ben!

  92. I was going through a divorce, depressed, lost my job, had been in a psych ward, had been charged with some erroneous charges, had just lost my grandmother, etc., etc. I tried to find a job everyday, all day. I was more than qualified, but no one would hire me bc of pending charges. My mom listened to me cry one day and told me she wanted to help me achieve my dream. I always wanted an allergen friendly bakery that my child could eat at without fear. We put our heads together and started a bakery. We worked hard. Harder than hard. Harder than I’ve ever worked for anything. We have been in business 5 years now and have won awards over the years for best business and such. My charges were dropped. My mom paid for my lawyer when I didn’t have a dime. I’m happier doing something I absolutely love and setting my own hours. My mom works with me everyday and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  93. I was leaving a post at my first teaching job. I taught a student who suffered from extreme depression and anxiety and she was so nervous for her exams and she was having a really tough time at home. As a leaving gift, she had decorated this jar beautifully and inside were reasons I was a great teacher. This was such a thoughtful gift. I couldn't believe that with everything she had going on she had taken the time to do that!

  94. i can’t drink due to medical reasons, and i’ve always felt a bit left out since drinking is such a social thing, and being in my 20s, that’s all my friends seem to do. one night while at a bar with some friends, one of them went to get a round of shots for everyone, and came back with an extra shot glass for me, filled with water and grenadine. it was the first time anyone had gone out of their way to make me feel included, and it meant the world to me.

  95. Not as beautiful as the other stories here, but I had a really terrible time in college. Everyone says their college years are the best years of their life, but not for me. I met my boyfriend there, and he was the only good thing to come out of college (other than my degree).

  96. Sat in hospital after giving birth, midwives pushing breastfeeding, to the point I was hooked up to a machine like a cow. I was exhausted (6 day induction period where they wake you every 3 hours or so to check you) 24 hour labor with constantly being sick and no energy. My husband said to the midwives I think it's best to put my wife's mental and physical health over whether our son is breastfed. He went and got bottles, stayed with our son and bottle fed him so I could sleep.

  97. This is more one of the most caring acts that I still remember, even though it's quite small. When I lived abroad for a semester on exchange I was maybe a few weeks in and the hype had died down and I was officially home sick (seeing my friends hangout back home, my parents not being there, and I only had a few friends in the new city). My flat was 3 students and a landlady and it was the Lunar New Year which made the whole homesickness even worse. She surprised me at dinner with homemade Chinese food and some takeout, "in case the food ended up being bad" (it was funny she tried so hard but we all agreed the takeout was better". It made that whole week much better and I eventually had the best experience of my life there

  98. A friend giving me personalized gifts for my birthday, it was magical experience for me. The thought of someone giving you gifts, is so strange of a concept for me growing up.

  99. My mom's youngest sister gave me the money I required to start up a savings account which needed to have a Rs. 10,000/- minimum balance. I wanted to create this account so that my parents wouldn't have financial control over me at 23 when I graduated grad school. She sent me the money, no questions asked. I want to be able to do the same for her son someday.

  100. Disclaimer: Not a woman but it relates! I’ve had some terrible birthdays, and I struggle with loneliness and such. But 2 years ago my then gf asked a bunch of my friends who I didn’t get to see much and missed to make a short vid saying happy bday and how much they care about me. By far the best birthday gift I’ve gotten ever. Still watch it to this day.

  101. My mother has bipolar personality disorder and during a manic episode she bit my arm and left a scar. While doing some volunteering work, a boy kept asking about my scar and insisting on it being a human bite and one of the volunteers heard him and said she done it by accident while we were playing. I didn't know her well, but she saved me.

  102. I started taking zoloft about 6 months ago abd when I first started I was feeling really sad due to new meds and getting used to them. My sister and I have always had this crazy relationship but she noticed I was off and she forced me to get up and start dancing with her and doing stretches. I knew she loved me and cared about me when she did that.

  103. I went through some health issues and ultimately ended up losing a pregnancy. One year, my ex woke me up with a Mother’s Day card on Mother’s Day. It has a sweet note inside, but it just meant so much that he recognized my pain and that he would go through the trouble of doing this gesture just to brighten up my day

  104. In the last year of high school my then boyfriend rode on his bicycle very late at night (while talking with me on phone) to my house to calm me down because I cried hysterically (I don't have a good explanation as to why I cried like that). I had no idea that he was coming and that he is riding while talking to me. That was amazing (but dangerous!).

  105. My mom wrote a song for me that my sisters then boyfriend composed and sang. It tells me to be brave and go forward, and that she'll be my lighthouse to return to when times get rough, that I'll always be her baby. And when I need it I can force my hugs on my sisters. Overall she tells me to live my life well, the way I want and be happy and she'll always have my back.

  106. I was going through a rough time in life a few years ago with anxiety and depression that isolated and ruined me completely, and this included hairloss.. So my boyfriend always removed all the hair in the shower after I been there without saying anything so I didn’t have to see it and get more sad of seeing all the hair I was losing.. ❤️

  107. I really really really love my SO. On my birthday he drove over an hour before midnight and when I turned a year older it was like magic, the stars, the moon, the absolutely gorgeous fireworks. It was just so beautiful. I was so surprised I still think of it and smile everyday. He bought a soy milk cake that was specifically ordered a week ago because I’m lactose intolerant and I can’t eat cake, I love this man. He bought me Oreo cupcakes. OREO CUPCAKES I love Oreos so much, he jokes about how he’s third wheeling between me and Oreos. They were divine, so very divine. His sister is a YouTuber and I look up to her so much. She’s never met me but he’s said so much about me to her that she said happy birthday to me as part of her vlog, it was just, incredible. He’s done so much for me and if I don’t stop now, this comment will turn into a volume of books. Once I missed him and he drove over with his dog and we just hugged and played with his lil doggo, this is the definition of heaven. He literally has my whole heart, I love him so much and with each day I find myself falling in love with him more. I’m sorry if this was cheesy, he turns me into mozzarella :3

  108. I just moved into my first apartment. It was pretty bare. I left for a weekend for work and my boyfriend was cat sitting. I came home to three heaping bags of household essentials he had bought for me while I was gone. I cried.

  109. I was in my college cafeteria having dinner alone. All my friends were on other table. I was watching this movie where the main character's father died and I just got so emotional. I just put my glasses down and covered my face so no one sees me having a breakdown. One of my friends then came up to me and told me quietly, " don't worry everything is going to be okay ". It was one of the nicest things anyone ever did for me

  110. when i was about 20, i was in the pits of anxiety and depression. i ate once every 3 or so days and ended up losing over 40 lbs in 6ish months. my dad, who was notoriously strict about eating healthy and cooking good meals, would make me whatever food i wanted just because he was so desperate to have me eat. if i wanted applesauce, he’d go to the store and get it for me. if i wanted a grilled cheese sandwich at 11pm, he’d be in the kitchen making it for me. now that i’m healthy again, i look back on that with so much gratitude toward his love for me. he just wanted me to be okay.

  111. I don't know about beautiful, but easily one of the most intimate moments in my life happened on my birthday last week.

  112. My deceased father won a quality award from his work, and he took it down from the frame he bought and replace it with an elephant I painted him, my father wasn't the type of father who told us how much he loved us but was the type who showed it.

  113. In January my husband and I lost our older cat. This woman whose daughters (6 and 8) we used to teach and now are just family friends brought over the most thoughtful care gift of kind letters from them and a fortune teller full of affirmations of love, and a beautiful sage smudge stick and candle. It was so thoughtful and sweet and really helped me grieve.

  114. A good male friend of 30yrs sent me a collectors box set of Jane Austin books for my birthday. He told me how he looked for them online and in store. It is the sweetest most thoughtful thing a man has done for me in some time. He knows I am an avid reader and that I love my real book in hand feeling.

  115. This boy in 11th grade bought me a burrito from my favorite burrito place and brought it to school for me. (It's the only taqueria I'll willingly eat from but I lived too far from it at the time, while he lived right next to it)

  116. When I was trying to figure out a home situation as my mom was moving across the states and I couldn't afford to go with her, my (now ex) friend convinced her mom to allow me to stay with them until I figured it out. Single nicest thing anyone has ever done for me and I'll appreciate it until the day I pass because I wouldn't be where I am if she didn't do that.

  117. My high school sweetheart was a guitar player in a band. He made an entire acoustic album of songs about me. It was adorable because he couldn't sing very well, but he was a skilled guitarist. ❤

  118. my best friend remembering my favourite type of chocolate and brand of mineral water although i only said it in passing

  119. Not most beautiful. But this morning, i went to the starbucks drive thru getting ready to pay for my venti mocha frappuccino when the cashier said that the car in front of me paid for it already.

  120. My little brother brought me a bunch of toys and activities that make him happy when I was sick in the hospital and he wanted to make me happier too

  121. I had just put my childhood dog down that morning and couldn’t get out of working that day. I was working outside in a drive through, and people usually bring their dogs with them in their cars. One of my friends that was working outside with me told me after that she had talked to every car and asked if they could hide their dogs, or she took their order so I didn’t have to see the dog. I honestly think that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me and I cried when she told me.

  122. I was at a bus station in Philly and didn't have enough money for pop tarts and cough drops. Got declined at the register, so I just went somewhere to sit and wait for my bus. The guy behind me in line finds me after 15-30 minutes. He bought the items for me, and then just disappeared.

  123. Okay, so this might sound kind of silly but for Christmas awhile back my Mum found ALL of my favourite storybooks that she used to read to me or that I took out from the library. She wrapped them up beautifully and tied it all together with a gold ribbon. I was like in my early twenties at the time, so she was a little bit confused when I burst into tears after opening them, lol.

  124. Mid pandemic, I started having trouble breathing, not just a little but every breath felt short and strained. I was convinced I had the virus but at the time, COVID tests were rare and results took almost 2 weeks. I was suffering and called my ex/ best friend. He came over and insisted on staying with me in my house to take care of me. I told him no but he would not hear it. We masked up and he stayed with me until results came back negative. Why I couldn’t breath was a mystery, it slowly faded away, but he risked his life to comfort me and I will never forget that.

  125. I accepted a job offer across the country but had nowhere to live once I moved there. A man who worked with me, at the place I was leaving, that I barely knew, had a ton of Marriot Hotel points, so he arranged for me to stay at a ocean view suite at a hotel for a week a few minutes away from my new job. Once there I was able to find a more permanent place to live, but I’ll always be grateful for the extreme generosity of my old coworker. I sent him a thank you card and would come say hi when I was in town.

  126. Every year for my birthday my mom makes my fav meal. You never appreciate these things till your older and you realize a gift like that cannot be bought. Hence it's always appreciated most...

  127. My boyfriend knew I didn't know how to ride a bike. So he took me out on summer with his bicycle while he was walking by my side looking for cars or any danger. I learned and I hugged him and cried, while saying thank you.

  128. My tire had blown on my way to work. I was still 45 min away from work. Called husband, was on his way. A man pulled over in a big truck and asked if I was alright. Noticed, he was a fireman, so I wasn’t as scared to be stranded on the side of the road and explained that my tire blew and my husband was on the way and I was ok. He then told me he had the same truck and it would be not a big deal and we would be done in 10 min. I then said I couldn’t possibly ask that of a stranger and since help was on the way I would be ok. He, sure enough (in 90 degree heat) had my tire changed in 10 minutes. I stayed clean( I worked at the time in a fancy spa-they would of sent me home coming in sweaty and dirty) and I made it to work on time. Husband hadn’t even left yet( it was early morning just as the sun was rising) The whole time he was changing my tire, he was extremely patient with me getting the things out of the truck( I didn’t normally drive the one I was driving). Right as he finished, he got an emergency call and I didn’t get a chance to ask him his firehouse-to at least bring them lunch as a thank you! It restored my faith in humanity-that a complete stranger will go out of their way to help another stranger. It was beautiful!

  129. I was on my way to having my job now but I don't have money to process my documents. I went to my granny's room and asked if she had any money to spare. She said she didn't have any but she opened up her piggy bank for me. She's 88 at that time and she's 89 now. I cried after that. I took the money because she insisted and she'll feel bad if I don't accept it.

  130. In my dog's last year, his vet had endless patience for me. The worse the cancer got, the more I was calling and emailing her with questions and concerns. The last couple weeks I think I was calling her every day. She never once made me feel like I was a bother and she was kind, gentle, and understanding. When it was time to say goodbye, she cried with me. It meant the world to me and I will never forget it.

  131. I was dating a guy when I was in my early 20s when my uncle passed. I was working that night when it happened, I was a server at a restaurant. My sisters had been trying to call and text me the news, I had been at work that night full of anxiety about my uncle's hospitalization the night before. They couldn't reach me because I kept my phone in my work locker. At the end of my shift, I saw all the messages and calls from them and just knew what that meant...I sat and cried in the break room and one of my friends sat with me and walked me out.

  132. My graduation from high school. My whole family was there, including my uncle and his wife(my aunt) and their son(my cousin). My mother somewhat abandoned me and we’re just now slowly somewhat rekindling our relationship but my grandparents take care of me like I’m their daughter. My uncle(my moms brother) has been like a father figure since I was born (real dad never been in my life). After the ceremony was over and I was looking for my family, I saw someone getting a bouquet of different color roses-my favorite flower. I thought “wow I wish I had some roses...” then I saw my grandpa with a bouquet of white roses and balloons in his hand(obviously my uncle told him to give them to me). I never got a rose before from anyone. The roses were there for like a month, and I put the petals in my album. So every time I see white roses, or those petals. I think of how hard I cried that night and I think of my uncle, because he still sees me as his little girl and smiles every time he sees his son(my cousin) and I play together. 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹👩🏼‍🎓

  133. When I was in college, I had to go buy new jeans because all of mine had crotch holes, they were so old. As someone with body image issues, this is my worst nightmare. I brought my boyfriend with me, and it inevitably ended with me purchasing no jeans and crying hysterically. He brought me back to my dorm and settled me down for a nap before class.

  134. mom told me this years afterward, but when I was 4 or so she got pregnant with her boyfriend, she had some really dangerous complications , and it dawned on her bf that if she were to die, he'd have no legal rights at all when it came to me. my (alcoholic fairweather) bio dad could just take me and move and not have to send as much as a post card. so mom's bf asked her to call my bio dad and make him promise never to break our contact, were something to happen.

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