Why have you ever been insulted by a man? What do you do when this happens? How do you respond to these insults?

  1. Most of the time I just ignore it, but there was this one time that was pretty memorable. Became "friends" with this guy who turned out to be a sexist asshole. He'd made a couple sexist remarks at the beginning of our friendship but we'd call him out on it and he'd apologise and say he'd try to change so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

  2. The ol' Schrodinger's joke. If people laugh he's serious, but if people hate what he said or complain it was inappropriate he was just kidding and, "can't you people take a joke?" is the response. Where I live, having a smart mouth is an Olympic-level sport.

  3. Its only an insult when i feel insulted, so hardly ever. Have men been saying dumb shit to me? Sure. Why would i feel bad cause theyre dumb?

  4. Of course I have. Depends on my mood. Most of the time I ignore it. Occasionally I’ll respond back with some pithy comment.

  5. I'm a masculine woman, so men treat me badly all the time. I don't fit into their view of a hot woman.

  6. My ex insulted me a lot, especially when it came to my career. He told me I don't have the "constitution" to be an EMT. I became an EMT. Then he said I won't be strong enough to become a police officer. Turns out I'm graduating the academy this Friday.

  7. I mean, any woman online has been insulted and harassed. I report and block. Online platforms don’t do enough about this though, especially the harassment that turns threatening, sexual, and violent.

  8. Always the same response...look them up and down with a critical look and make a ttzzz noise like "you think your opinion matters to me?", maybe with a little grin...

  9. Oh yeah loads 😅 depending on who it is and why/ what they're saying I either let it go or stand my ground...they hate that

  10. It depends. I’m still working on being patient so I’m usually quick to insult them worse than they insulted me. It’s an instinct, and I’ve heard it’s entertaining to watch lol

  11. I’m insulted by men just about every day online because of my line of work and because I’m an outspoken, visible woman on social media and the world is overrun with misogynists who think their opinions matter.

  12. He got mad because I didn’t like his vulgar joke and after he scolded me I just….walked away? It may sound haughty but I won’t lower myself to respond to such a man.

  13. A coworker of mine in a big retail store decided to have some fun gossiping with another one of my coworkers one day. I didn’t know these guys very well. Anyways they decided to play a game of who would make a good girlfriend/be good in bed. I apparently had a good body but not a great personality. To put it into perspective I had just escaped a toxic workplace a year prior and suffered severe harassment from a male employee at this old job. So I tried my best to just only talk to male employees at the retail job if necessary. I never reported these guys and quit my job a year later but not due to that.

  14. I think every woman has been insulted by a man. When this happens to me, I just tell the man that we can continue our discussion when he’s less emotional and irrational. Men need to control their emotions, they’re too old to be having tantrums.

  15. Of course I have. If it's a stranger I usually ignore it and try to get somewhere safe. If it's someone I know I might address it.

  16. I have had a lot. I usually will ignore it but sometimes will say something. The most recent was “I feel you have two personalities when on your period.” I wasn’t even on my period. I got so mad and told them this is gender stereotype that men like to blame women when they are not willing to look at themselves for what is coming up for the issues. In this case, trauma response was what was coming up for them but due to limited insight into this, it is easier to blame me.

  17. I don't think I've ever cared enough about any man's opinion for him to be able to insult me. That said, I have been called out of my name for not responding to catcalls....to which I always respond with an emphatic "EW!" and walk away.

  18. Daily. Ex husband, men in general (not all men, just the knuckledraggers). I don't respond to them. People insult other people because they, themselves, are insecure as shit and they feel the need to belittle people to make themselves feel better. I pity them as I flip my hair and walk away. I have more important things to do than engage with every mouthbreather on the planet.

  19. If you just mean criticize or mention something negative, I try to pause a moment and think of what was said, why it was said, and what the intent was. Sometimes my husband is going to mention something I did wrong - and vice versa- and that is best talked through. Like I have a bad habit of leaving some cabinets open and it’s fine for me because I’m short and walk under them but he is about a foot taller than I am and whacks his head on them.

  20. Yes, tons of times. One time that dude went from „that bitch is so ugly and pale i‘d never fuck her, i fuck sooo many other bitches🤪“ to „omg i didnt know she has a chronic disease if she needs help paying for doctor appointments i will help immediately🥺🥺“

  21. People can have their opinion, and all are valid. I listen to them, see what resonates with me and where it’s coming from. Most of the time I thank them and move on. If I changed for every little ideal I’d be everywhere and nowhere. I’d rather be consistent.

  22. Remember he's the problem. Ignore or respond with kindness because that burns people looking for a fight, when you refuse to engage on their terms. Men and women, people really.

  23. I'm not sure if I'm a scary person when I fight back but usually when I reply to them, they back down instantly. Pretty sure that I know how to handle men insults after coliving with my two brothers 😂

  24. Umm who hasn't. My own dad hates and looks down on women. I mean he loves me and my sisters, but his women hating ways and temper always showed through now and then.

  25. Give absolutely no reaction because that’s ultimately what they’re looking for. Drives them insane! They soon get bored and move on to the next person.

  26. If someone is disrespecting me at work and it's a pattern that's interfering with my performance, I might tell a manager, coworker, or someone in HR depending on the nature of the situation and what kind of support I might need.

  27. Any time a guy has insulted me I’ve lost all respect for him and he becomes irrelevant to me. Aka I will be polite just to avoid further toxicity and remove myself. Even if his insult is “accidental” (yeah…) or he backtracks and I would ideally like to forget it, some small part of me will always know he’s capable of that and I have no desire to mingle further.

  28. All the time. Their insults are pretty unoriginal so it doesn’t bother me anymore, but of course when I was younger it did. Nowadays I just wonder how unhappy their lives must be to insult me for no reason, and laugh at how all they can muster up is “you’re fat, you’re a female dog,” ok buddy.

  29. Depending if it’s a stranger or someone I know. If it’s a stranger on the street then I normally ignore it but if it’s someone I know then you know shit will pop the fuck off.

  30. I literally broke down in tears. The man was screaming at me in the taxi. Literally and my roommate was like okay leave her alone. Like this man was very very aggressive…

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  32. last time it was in some heated online debate about politics, I responded with the sarcasm and the downvote.

  33. Most of the time because I rejected them Lok I just wish them good luck with their issues and Block them

  34. Can't think of a specific insult, but I can think of many instances where a fellow has put my life in danger because he thought it was funny or because I was friends with someone he was chasing and he wanted to isolate them. Those are what stick with me.

  35. Some men insult women for almost any reason, especially to be petty. Depends on the situation but I've done a range of walk away and ignore, delete and block, or just call them out and embarrass them in public. I prefer they just leave me alone though, so the last is a last resort if I feel a snap.

  36. RIP his throat out verbally , bring all of his insecurities to the surface, if he doesn't want to attack me , then I didn't go hard enough.... I'm single by the way fellas 🥰😉

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