What’s the nastiest alcohol you’ve had?

  1. Cheap vodka + orange juice = I’m never going to have a screwdriver again in my life. Also ruined orange juice for me for a couple years.

  2. I’ve been meeting a bunch of people from Chicago this past year and they always try to get me to drink this stuff if we ever see it in a bar. It’s disgusting…

  3. Thank you! Nothing stands a chance against the Swedish snaps Bäsk made from Malört here. Fun fact, at some universities in Sweden it’s tradition to drink 23cl of the stuff when you turn 23.

  4. My husband is from Chicago so Malort is a thing for him. We don’t live anywhere near Illinois now, but we mandate all visitors to our house (over 21) to take a shot of Malort with us. Gotta weed out the weak.

  5. This is my goto drink because it’s so thick it sticks to the stomach and you can’t puke it up. Only time I ever threw it up was my 22nd birthday when I gave myself jager poisoning

  6. I came here for this answer. One of my very best friends used to drink exclusively Fireball and I don't know how she did it. Sadly, she passed away and I bought a lil sample of it to sip on during her burial (don't judge, she would of approved), and I think I took two sips lol. The rest went in the grass and I kept the bottle.

  7. I came to say this. My buddy had a bottle he brought back from Romania and we felt compelled to polish off the bottle. As if it was better bc it was from Romania. Gnarly af.

  8. Ick. My boyfriend is Armenian so the have a drink called Arak which is the same damn thing and it sounds awful every time he mentions he's drinking it.

  9. Homemade moonshine from a friend’s grandpa. Made from a still back in the woods, the shine hidden in a cave and kept cool in a creek.

  10. Ugh. I feel for you. My friend made wine out of dandelions, tasted like rotten dirt and alcohol. Like, what a waste of time and tastebuds.

  11. I believe it. My dad makes homemade moonshine, he makes different flavors though. Gave me a jar of apple pie flavored for Christmas last year and it was awesome.

  12. I came here looking for this and am surprised how far I had to scroll to find it. It’s like drinking jet fuel. I actually used to regularly do shots of it back in the day too, and now just seeing a bottle makes my whole chest burn.

  13. Campari is disgusting. However, I’ve learned that substituting Aperol in drinks that call for Campari makes them much better.

  14. Not really a cocktail snob, but one of my favorite drinks (Negroni) requires it. It would never occur to me to drink it straight, though. It’s more like a condiment.

  15. Beer. Every single kind of beer. They're all gross and taste the same to me. I'm more of a wine, mixed drinks, and cider kind of gal.

  16. Same, my friends are like “taste this one, it’s very particular” and all I can taste is sour and bitter nastiness. I only like fruity drinks

  17. I used to HATE rum. Literally the smell alone would make me gag. Until my friend insisted I try Plantation XO. It was delicious and the only rum I can handle now.

  18. My dad gave me moonshine that his friend made - saskatoon berry flavored - and jesus christ. it tasted like what rubbing alcohol smells like

  19. I hate handcrafted beers. I mean mad respect to people who can handle such strong flavors. But I want alcoholic water. Give me a bud light with ice any day!

  20. When I was 16, I “hey mister”’d a woman outside of a liquor store. I gave her $30 and told her to bring me back tequila and keep the change.

  21. Bacardi 151 was baaaaaaaaad but cheap and got you absolutely wrecked. In my opinion tasted worse than Everclear.

  22. Same!! This and blue curaçao. Got drunk on this ny first time drinking alcohol, it was BAD and i can’t stand it since then.

  23. I'm like you with any vodka...except it makes me cry. Like sobbing about anything crying...lol me and my husband have a joke about how potatoes make me cry

  24. I worked in a liquor store, smelt many bottles smashed from falling to the floor, and I can say in no uncertain terms that cheap tequila is the most pungent thing I've ever smelled. It lasted for days. It was terrible.

  25. Why did I have to scroll so far to find Fernet? Maybe most people haven’t tried it. Absolutely vile stuff.

  26. i will NEVER drink twisted tea again. I was 15 in high school at a party. I was drinking with my friend and we both had so much to drink that we were both hurled over in the woods together puking for like 20 mins straight. I dont speak to this dude anymore due to us just having different lives now and college, but i wonder if he remembers that because i do. I will never forget it, and since i'm still young i know i will have more memorable experiences like that

  27. Omg twisted tea! I forgot about that. I used to drink that in college. I used to love it but it’s so nasty idk how I did it, If i had to drink it now I would throw up

  28. Soco pepper. My friend bought it because “it was on sale”. It was on sale because it tasted like a chemical fire in a musty basement.

  29. I had an aperol spritz, recommended by a waiter at the restaurant I went to for my birthday. Not a fan. Tasted almost medicinal to me

  30. New Amsterdam vodka. It made me fear taking shots because I always immediately throw up after taking one of those.

  31. Anything with wheat in it. Just leaves the worst aftertaste in my mouth. Otherwise? Fireballs. I don't know how yall do it, but the drink makes me throw up each time.

  32. XO Dragon Brandy. It comes in the absolute coolest container ever, a gigantic glass serpent dragon that you pour out of the tail. It was like $200 at Costco when I got it

  33. Colombian aguardiente from a bottle that a friend’s mom kept her in glove compartment, which should have been the original tip-off.

  34. Brandy. No just the awful taste btw, it was the worst hangover of my life. I passed out, hit my head and got a big ass bruise in the forehead (this was like 8 years ago). Never fcking again.

  35. Kamchatka. My boyfriend got it thinking it was regular vodka but it’s a vodka liqueur, good god that shit is AWFUL.

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