I want to be fit enough to join the Army.

  1. Just a heads up, depending on your age when you get to a unit the minimum push ups is 40 for 18 year olds,75 sit ups and 11:18 on a 2.4 run so aim to achieve that. Your motivation to achieve this is to be able to get in. I just ran everyday and the beep test once a week til I could get my goal

  2. You should be training for the BFA not PFA. if your going army and your fitness isn’t up to standard, you will get back squadded at pooky and your life will be difficult. Get a PT or look for a PT who is ex army to get you into shape, 3.5 on the beep test is walking speed, not too sure what your doing but it ain’t good enough champ.

  3. Personally, I just did the PFA with the adf app every day for a month. If you keep at it by the end of the month you'll be fit enough to pass, I went from hitting 4.5 to level 8.5 after a month of doing it 5 days a week. Just remember if the army is something you really want thats all the motivation you need, think about proving yourself by smashing out the PFA, the best feeling ever for me was the first time I passed it, felt on top of the world. There were many times I didn't feel like training that day but I just had to remind myself it took only half an hour out of my day and you'll feel much better having done it that day instead of missing it. Goodluck bro.

  4. I’d second the ADF App. On this sub, it should be an constant answer to the generic physical prep for PFA question

  5. No offence mate but the PFA is a piece of piss. It shouldn't be something you aspire to pass, it should be something you scoff at doing and like the BFA, be something you roll your eyes at doing one day because it's a cruisy run, push and sit.

  6. I agree with the PT. Especially considering OPs poor baseline with regards to fitness. They need someone to push them so they can learn their actual limits and not just hit the mental barrier. 3.5 is like 500m, most people can run further than 500m.

  7. This blew my mind, at the time of my medical discharge, I'd been doing the J31-J32-L27/L28-J31....bounce around for 8 damn years (it plays on you psychologically)

  8. No offence mate but what is your BMI? (Everyone I know its not a very good measure but it can be indicative without seeing OP in the flesh) - you need to be completely honest with yourself - are you fat?

  9. Not true about the obese. Peoples bodies are different. I’ve seen people not make 2.5 on the beep test and they weren’t obese just not as fit as others. Weight doesn’t determine fitness.

  10. Getting the general fitness required is a process, don’t attach big emotional ideas to it about being horribly unfit or those secondary emotions will control you when you start to exert yourself. If you’re young and healthy there’s no reason you can’t just do a complete 180 and sort it out man, it’s just business. You should do it regardless of joining the ADF.

  11. As others have said PFA is pretty much just a basic pass. If you go in with the PFA being difficult you will struggle.

  12. Just to clarify I don't actually have a motivation issue, I was simply asking what others motivations might be as it isn't going to be the same across the board. I'm motivated to pass it but there's nothing wrong with asking for help and advice along the way.

  13. I'd download the zendlab fitness abs. They're pretty good for progression in regards to bodyweight exercises, except for the pull up one. I'd do the russian fighter pull up program if you want to improve your pull up numbers.

  14. Did you use to play sport? get back to that or start playing one (I'd suggest one that involves running). When you're chasing a ball around the exercise part sorts itself out and you tend to push yourself a bit more. Before you know it a beep test will be a piece of piss

  15. Without sugar coating it, if you need to find motivation to reach a PFA standard, you’re a sack. I’m not saying you need to be super fit to join the army as nowadays there are a lot of fat cunts getting around. However, 15 push-ups and 7.5 on a beep test should be a piece of piss. Sit ups are all mental and if you don’t get 100 on a bfa you’re weak minded. But best advice is don’t train for a PFA/BFA; find a training plan which suits you to get as fit as you can. Push yourself to be fitter than the standard and then it’ll be a piece of piss for you. Good luck.

  16. If you're a male you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll advance as a beginner. Your fitness and muscle gains will seem almost exponential at the start, if you focus on routine, consistency and good form.

  17. So just because you got 15 push ups doesn't mean you should be content. Remember the BFA is much harder. The best way to get better is by just doing, in relation to sit ups and push ups. However, take your max and do 70% of it with a minute break then do it again for a total of 3 sets.

  18. Hey, so just to clear it up I'm not at all content with the results I got from today, I was only posting what I had to highlight the fact that I'm not as fit as what I once used to be aha.

  19. I won't be able to comment on your mindset, that's a battle you need to win on your own. Regarding fitness, couple tips and tricks that I use when it's PFT season.

  20. Hey mate the best training advice I can give you is to start off buy jogging around the block, I comprised a circuit of 2.4km which when I first started it took 18min to complete, which I have now gotten down to 10min. I was able to know 5min off my time in just 2 week of doing the run 4 times a week. Also doing push-ups and sit ups every night would help a lot too. Do as many as you can in one set, then 10min later do as many as possible attempted for 50 a day till you can work it up to 100 a day. Same goes with sit ups. Running the beep test is not the way to train for the beep test. You wanna build your cardio up for it and that means running past that fatigue feeling you get which you don’t get when your participating in the beep test. Remember the beep test is to test your fitness ability, it is not a training schedule.

  21. 3.5 is what you get on the beep test or what exactly? Passing pfa to get into basic is one thing, getting through basic is the next. You wanna be as fit as possible cause you’re in for some pain otherwise.

  22. Doesn't need to pack march before going army as itll cost him money to get one and then itll just sit at home once he goes camp pookie, they'll build him up to it. He should be focusing on running and building up his legs instead

  23. Hey! I am on the same journey as you. Wanted to join for a long time and have started. I’m aspiring for the after PFA and the training I have to pass before military training for airforce. Contact your recruitment centre there is programs run like 8 week programs for M & F. That get you ready for the PFA. I did that course and managed to pass PFA requirements easy and now working on the after with the person who ran the course as my PT. I find it hard sometimes too to be motivated but think about why you want to do it. That’s what I do. And get excited about it. If you don’t get excited about why you’re not gonna be motivated. Message me if you need anything! Write down your goals! Everyone is at different stages and thinks of things differently so if you’re not a person who gets up and does it that’s ok baby steps! The process is on you 😊 also a good motivator to look up is David Goggins!

  24. honestly just start going to the gym. The hardest part about the gym is going to the gym but dont sleep on how satisfied you feel after a workout

  25. Your lifestyle obviously doesn't include much incidental activity, which means you will need to schedule it and make it part of your daily routine.

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