Lights out at Kapooka, Cerberus, 1RTU

  1. It’s not a high school camp. Most people just passed out minutes after lights out. Although after a while once everyone was more comfortable, 10 minutes after lights out there was a highway of thongs shuffling down the hallway and every cubicle full of people wanking.

  2. Go to sleep and shut up. I need my sleep. If the RI's don't get you, one of the other recruits will. Don't be a jack cunt

  3. Only thing I remember after lights out is walking into the bathroom to see like 10 guys with irons and ironing boards or sewing kits going to town on their uniforms…that or doing a shit. Otherwise people just want to sleep especially if they have graveyard piquet

  4. There is no energy after lights out for “shenanigans”. You sleep. The only thing that would happen after lights out is having a shit that you don’t need to rush.

  5. Was it common for people to run off with the females? Also I'd imagine you'd get in huge trouble for it. The dorms are separated male to female correct.

  6. Try it and find out. It won’t work out well for you. Seems like a you’re already a bit of jack cunt if you’re already thinking about it

  7. in the first few weeks at cerb, When the RI’s called lights out and came through the hallways, if they heard the slightest talking, they would call a clear lower deck, still have ptsd from it lol

  8. I used to go to bed as soon as humanly possible at the end of the day, hours before lights out, and same with everyone in my cabin. Getting up at 4.30am wasn't hard when we figured that out which made life a lot better.

  9. In a word, there can be, yes. When you fuck up you might even become a funny anecdote or an actual change in policy and procedure.

  10. You get lights out. You go to bed. You realise you haven't sown everything you need too for the inspection tomorrow. You hide under the blanket sowing with a torch. You get caught and charged or infringed or something. You lose the course it's weekend and become hated for the rest of the time.

  11. I made the mistake of sitting up with 2 minutes to morning parade. I was gently made aware of my lack of intelligence, and the dubious life choices of my parents. Never did it again.

  12. Can you get hated for snoring? or is it quite normal given everyones fatigued and might just passed out and sleep through it? What attire would you be sleeping in?

  13. Pass out, 20mins later a very loud fucken siren is blasted through the hallways and you are out in the night carrying some heavy shit..... Fuck gives me a hard on hahaha

  14. You yell down the hall way, Duty NCO hears you, runs up to you and ram his giant stick up your arse, then hallway is called and everyone takes turn reaming you with the stick.

  15. Not smart to be fooling around. RI's are around. We used to call them night sweepers. You'll get boned in, infringed, and probably get the entire intake in trouble.

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