MBTI types !!!

  1. I’m a fellow INTJ. I’m also doing a PhD in psychology- and whilst psychologists do put a lot more store into the OCEAN model, I can’t resist neatly categorising everything I possibly can in life… and the MBTI is so much more fun for that!

  2. Most people who report their MBTI type on the internet, report their type as INXX. This is true whether they are autistic or not. MBTI isn't supported by science because it tries to put people's personalities into discrete categories, whereas personality traits naturally occur along a continuum with most people being intermediate. Big 5 (OCEAN) is a better model because it recognizes the continuous nature of personality traits.

  3. Maybe because more introverts are spending time on the internet than extroverts are? About the N verses S though, Idk why that would be more popular. I am S, maybe it's just that being S is rarer? Idk, its interesting though. Big 5 got the complete opposite of what I am like lol

  4. I’m an INTP. Most of the close friends I’ve ever made are nuerotypical INFPs, but our friendships usually end with a falling out due to lack of boundaries or co-dependency. I wonder if that’s a theme in INTP/INFP friendships or relationships. Part of this is my autism, me struggling to pick up social cues and not understanding proper boundaries. But I usually have an easier time keeping T friends at a healthy distance. Our bonds aren’t as intense but they are more stable and last longer (in other words, healthier). Thoughts?

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