Wondering about deficiency.

  1. You need to check your ferritin. It needs to be 100-125 at least. You want your folic acid around 20-24. If you're not supplementing you should check your intrinsic factor,MMA and homocysteine. If you are supplementing those tests won't be accurate. Other B vitamin deficiencies can cause similar symptoms, especially thiamin,pantothenic acid and riboflavin. But all B vitamins are important for energy and neurotransmitters. 530 isn't terribly low but people can have symptoms when their B12 drops below 500. If your ferritin is low then your B12 could be falsely elevated and you could have a functional deficiency.

  2. Haven’t supplemented at all and don’t even see anything else on the lab results here besides B12 and folic acid. Probably going to have to order them offline myself to go in. Should it be first thing in the morning or does time matter?

  3. j894ty how much iron should one take to get ferritin up above 100? I take 26mg/day of iron biglycinate (megafoods blood builder) and my ferritin has not budged at all from the mid 70's over the last month.

  4. 500 is definitely a gray area for a lot of people. Japan's deficiency cutoff is 500 and I have presented neurological symptoms around that range as well (550 I think).

  5. Is there anything that would happen if I take too much? I’m going to test again and make sure I hit every wicket this time. Ferritin, folic acid, and b12 are the main ones I should be looking for right?

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