Made an amazing smoked flank steak with a homemade chimichurri - one of the best I've ever made. Recipe in comments!

  1. Mint in chimichurri! I've never thought of that, even though the mint family is large. How would you rate it vs a non mint chimichurri if that's cool to ask?

  2. Chimichurri is better when not made in a food processor. Also olive oil is the typical oil used.

  3. That looks rockin’. I grilled a bavette and two chuck eye steaks to absolute perfection tonight (no pics, too hungry), and made some fresh chimichurri to serve with it. One of my favorite combinations of things to eat.

  4. Damn, 140 is really high especially for flank. They turn really tough. I’d call that well done (almost) no higher than 125 for me thanx.

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