What does faltz mean. Apparently there is an old bmw 5 series in my grandmas barn

  1. Rüdiger Faltz owned a BMW/Alpina car dealership and a BMW racing team in the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft in the 70s.

  2. Can we post BMW's like this that we're trying to sell? I don't have the money to fix mine and get it running but it's just sitting in my family's shed.

  3. Looks like a dealer sticker. From the previous comments, a dealer and or Alpina retailer/tuner/race team/whatever. Nice find! Judging by the color(cosmos black?) I would think this NOT to be a base model e34, but something a little spicier.

  4. Faltz is bmw old todays Alpina called them faltz-Alpina. It was a 3.0l engine race car for BMW. Really cool find i hope you post more OP sounds insane.

  5. So was this car your grandpa's or her husband now? I'm more curious about why it's hiding in her barn. Lol

  6. It looks Alpina-y. I looked up Faltz + E34 and there’s no info whatsoever so it might be something custom?

  7. My guess is that’s it’s the name of the dealership and nothing to actually do with BMW unfortunately. Still a really cool find!

  8. It’s a dealer logo sticker. Dealers used to (and some still) put stickers and emblems with their logo on vehicles they sold. It’s free advertising for them.

  9. Just tell your grandma you'll get rid of that nasty old thing in exchange for some help with chores around her house.

  10. If it's a 5' series, It's an E34 (3rd generation 5' series). Since the backlights don't fit to a predecessor, or newer generation of the 5' series at all. Even though I work at BMW in Germany, I don't have an idea, what this FALTZ could mean at all. Maybe some special edition...

  11. The spoiler is probably from Mattig or Hella, they both had an almost identical one with third brake light.

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