I hate myself so much

  1. You say you're weak, coward, people pleaser, liar, awkward. These features are so human and so normal. All of the people are weak, coward, people pleaser, liar and awkward. But they are either blind and stupid, or have no courage to face themselves. For me you are brave and strong that you face the ugly and dark sides of yourself. You are fucking cool. My advice: don't try to forget who you are. Get to know yourself, especially the parts that are ugly and bad. Accept them, integrate them and love them. Heal from trauma!

  2. my only advice is to find something you like doing and immerse yourself as totally in it as you can. make it the reason you get up in the morning; the reason you eat and keep yourself healthy; and the reason you tolerate this appalling illness we all live through. that’s how i’ve treated myself. it’s far better than living in suicidal misery.

  3. I will tell you this those who live with this shit are toughest people alive! Most people don’t get it , and most of them wouldn’t be able to keep on going ! The way I see it this have 2 sides one is bad other is good ! Living with this shit is awful yeah but your good emotions are also overwhelmingly positive ! Also don’t know how about you guys but I can almost read people and understand what they are very quickly thx to this condition .Tough part is to find what gives you those emotions and stick to it!

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