Tense feeling baby belly?

  1. The discomfort was unexpected to me the first time! And I find them different this time than with my first pregnancy. Mine have started in the last week or so whenever I'm on my feet a lot at work. Despite experiencing Braxton Hicks before, I didn't immediately realize they were happening. I just found myself thinking "when did this baby gain 10lbs" because my belly suddenly felt so heavy. Or sometimes I think baby is stretching but then it lasts longer than a stretch would, and happens again every few minutes lol.

  2. Sounds like Braxton hicks but the nausea is concerning as it is a sign of early labour (but also just hella common in pregnancy). The question is: are they rhythmic? And Are they growing in intensity? Do they calm down and go away if you’re relaxing or taking a bath? If the answers are: no, no, yes, then you’re probably in the clear. If the answers are: yes, yes, no, then you need to contact your care provider immediately.

  3. Definitely sounds like Braxton Hicks-drinking water, changing positions, moving around typically helps them ease up because they’re definitely not comfortable even if they aren’t painful! If dehydration is contributing to them that could also explain the nausea, combined with your nervousness about your body doing weird things you weren’t prepared for it to do. My nausea never went away and even though I take medicine for it I still feel nauseous occasionally later in the day if I’m really uncomfortable or my heart burn is feeling mean or I haven’t drank enough water.

  4. This is what Braxton Hicks felt like to Me! It took me by surprise because I didn’t realize it was anything more than general discomfort and anxiety for weeks- then it was like, “oh, duh”

  5. I got those for like the last 4 months in my last pregnancy. It was definitely weird feeling. It usually happened at the end of the day or if I "overdid it".

  6. It sounds like we may have experienced the same thing, but it wasn't Braxton Hicks. It was just that baby had flipped to face my spine and she was stretching her limbs and pushing against my spine now, which meant her back and butt was pressing up against my stomach. This was an entirely new sensation because she had always been facing toward my stomach. Also it felt like her arms were punching solely on the side and not all over like before. So it could be just that. But also call if you're at all worried, that's what they're there for.

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