Is Barb a show hen?!

  1. To add to this, I believe the APA also says that the ideal single comb should have 5 evenly spaced points, while this lovely lady appears to have a couple extra.

  2. Oh thanks for that info. We are in Australia and the show is more of a regional/country affair but that doesn’t mean the same rules don’t apply. I have another bird (also called Barb..long story) that perhaps would be better. I thought her lack of comb would mean she wasn’t a candidate but because she is only a pullet maybe that doesn’t matter? I will try and add her picture. …

  3. Also to add on Orpingtons have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, so there may be a lot of competition just with other orpingtons

  4. My family used to show a few breeds quite seriously when I was younger and living South Australia. Took out a lot of first places and even a couple champion birds of show. I went along and even helped out with paperwork etc. at some of the bigger shows.

  5. So Barb and Barb went to the show and got first and second place in the Orpington category! I’m very proud of the girls. But… apparently the judge is not really a soft feather enthusiast and I’m not sure how many OTHER Orpington’s were actually there is any….

  6. Pretty girl! Be careful if you do decide to show her. Avian flu is going on and it's highly advised NOT to expose your hens to other birds. Personally I would not risk it.

  7. I would bring her just because she’s so cute and fluffy. Who cares about “breed perfection”. They should have a category that’s just cutest hen or fluffiest hen or both.

  8. If this were a disney movie, Barb would be the pretty popular hen with the sweetheart personality that all the roosters fought over.

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