The "roaming" am-bull and mongrel put in an appearance today and attacked my chickens right in front of my wife. I wasn't home so they escaped with their lives.. keep your dogs under control! I am livid with anger. If I knew who owned them.. hope my hen lives.

  1. If I knew where they lived or caught them, perhaps. But the last call into county animal control was. Just shoot them, it's the law. Out here in the country folks don't take well to livestock being attacked. Animal Control told me to just deal with the problem how I saw fit. Biggest problem is I've never been here when they've come on the property and attacked.

  2. A couple summers ago I lost 2 hens, we let them roam in a small yard on our property. The following February I was up early with our newborn, heard a thud and found 2 dogs had killed our eldest hen (who had survived a different dog attack and a broken leg). I chased them off, my husband followed and got pictures. Within a half hour of posting on Facebook we knew where they lived. We left a note at the house, the wife called and said they don't care. I made a shitty Facebook post, shortly the husband called my husband, a shouting match ensued and eventually the couple stated that the instigating dog is going to live with family. Sounds like animal control had been called several times and my Facebook post was humiliating enough to be the final straw. I've never seen the dogs again, but our hens don't get the freedom they used to. Those people thought my 7 year old hen didn't matter and they should be allowed to roam. They didn't care if they attacked another dog, cat, chicken or person. But the Facebook post mattered to them.

  3. That is some next level idiot owner. Wow. Glad the horse put an end to the attacks if the owner didn’t managed it. Sad but if the owner is not willing, what the hell other than this could have been done…

  4. I can't believe someone let their dog mess with a horse. That's so obviously stupid considering how powerful a horse is.

  5. My neighbors don't leash their dog despite there being leash laws. It stays mainly on their property but comes into mine to dig through where scraps that have gone bad was dumped and got a chicken bone once stuck in it's throat. They still don't leash it... So whenever I let my girls out of the run I sit outside with them and watch them to make sure the neighbors dog doesn't come over. I think most it's done is bark at my chickens but if it ever goes after one of them. Would love to free range them buy worried about the neighbors dog killing them so they have limited free range time and it's only when I'm home or someone can sit out with them.

  6. Wow. Your neighbor really was astronomically stupid, careless and cruel to let such a dangerous dog roam. I'm curious about their attempt to sue you though. Did they file in small claims court or just send you a threatening letter? What did you do in response??

  7. It sounds like you know what you're doing, which is great! They can definitely make a full recovery once they get beyond the shock. We use a homemade Dakin's solution that is a miracle worker as well: 1 tblsp of bleach, 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 gallon of water (filtered if possible). Mix it up and spray on 3× a day. It can help to get some of the deeper wounds too.

  8. it could be worth seeing if your local garden center has any antibiotic that can be added to the feed? this could put your mind at ease with regards to the internal infection! otherwise it sounds like you’ve done everything you possibly can. All the best, rooting for you and madame hen! ❤️

  9. I hate that people let their dogs roam around and murder other people livestock. Even if the owners didn’t intend for their dog to roam that far, it’s completely irresponsible to let your dogs roam freely unless you’re out in the middle of nowhere on a giant farm or something… and that’s still irresponsible as the dog could do something to their own livestock

  10. In my area, the problem was feral dogs — the dogs had run away and were living wild, traveling in a pack. I honestly can’t even talk very much about our poor goats because I cry whenever I think of it. The dogs killed them all. It was horrible.

  11. I lost an entire flock to free roaming pit bulls. I despise people who let their dogs run free. Now we have an electric fence surrounding the run.

  12. I kicked the absolute shit out of my neighbours two Jack Russell terriers who were chasing my chickens. After I was done with them, the rooster stepped in and gave one a nasty gash on the side.

  13. that fkin rooster lol I can imagine him on the sidelines like "yeah that's right fuck him up" then when you're done he's like that one really weak dude who kicks the bad guy after he's already beaten up and its like yeah take that.

  14. Best of luck to your lady I’d say she’s gonna make a full recovery tho as long as you keep infection off, cause I had a hen who had her skin underneath the wing ripped clean off by a dog looked like a chicken cutlet but still attached and she made a full recovery and is still being a brat to this day their resilient little critters so I’d stay optimistic.

  15. As a dog owner… I fully support retaliation against dog aggression against farm animals. I’ve worked hard to train my Rottweiler but if he went after one of the goats next to us and my neighbors goat was in danger you bet your butt I’d not blame him or my dog. My lack of training is my fault and at that point I’ve failed myself, my dog, and my neighbor. People just don’t get it. Luckily My dog is well trained. (Knock on wood. Ha) I honestly don’t think dogs should be so easily available to people. They are still animals and people are so frivolous with them. Your dog got shot? Huh…. Maybe you shouldn’t have let him run off and destroy someone else’s property. (Of course they may not even know their dogs are getting out in which case hopefully they figure it out before their luck runs out)

  16. That’s so sad. I’m so sorry 😞 Did you find the ducks? How bad was it? I hope it wasn’t too gory.. I always worry about this stuff and the trauma that comes with it.

  17. I'm the neighborhood pariah because I've had to kill two dogs that were actively attacking my chickens on my homestead. One of the dogs had tags so I called the owner to tell them what happened and to ask for compensation for the chickens the dog killed. He basically told me to F myself and that if he ever saw me he'd fight me. Now everyone in the neighborhood hates me, and whenever one of their free-roaming dogs goes missing they call me and accuse me of killing their dogs, and oftentimes threaten me.

  18. If your wife has been attacked by these dogs then that gives all the right to shoot them. Where I live, if a dog bites a human that dog goes on a registry and if it bites again...that's it. I am a huge animal lover but if they attacked myself, my husband, my cats, they'd be a dead animal.

  19. I'm in San Diego county and it's legal to kill a dog that threatens livestock, including poultry. I'm assuming it's the same where OP is.

  20. Lost all my chickens to a neighbour’s dog a few months ago and am still not ready to start over. My heart goes out to you and your flock <3

  21. Sapphie lived through the night. She is clucking this morning and while clearly pained and limping. She is eating and drinking. Not out of the woods yet by any measure but the first hurdle of making it through the night has been crossed.

  22. Are you able to take her to a vet for pain meds and possible antibiotics? Irrigate her wounds with 1-2 liters of sterile saline and pack with antibiotic ointment. I have had chickens recover from pretty impressive wounds so shes got a shot.

  23. The same thing happened with my brothers live stalk but it was their neighbors dog. Draged some of their birds into their yard. Instead of apologizing he cleaned the feathers out of their yard (the neighbor) just acted like an dick. Dont be like this neighbor. Killed 5 ducks 3 turkys 2 roosters and 2 hens

  24. She has survived these very dogs before and has a scar on the other side of her face from them. I am never home when the attacks happen or the attacks would be stopped for good.

  25. I abhor the thought of killing dogs, they're doing what they do, untrained as it is, but do completely understand your desire to protect your feather babies. This is a terribly shitty situation and your county (where are you, btw?) sounds like a huge bag of dicks. Sadly, no one much cares about chickens as "livestock" because it seems to me that most people regard them as disposable. If the dogs came and hamstrung some cows or horses, I'd bet county would have more to say.

  26. I had a dog that would wait in the wheat just past my coop, he’d see us coming home and he’d trot away, but he did kill 2 of my chickens. I kept a loaded 16ga next to the back patio door and came home one day, caught him and fired at him (i intentionally aimed over him). Never saw him again, never had another issue.

  27. Yeah… take her out to the gun range and teach her to defend herself. I know this sounds bad but she needs to put those things down for attacking her and her property. I’m sorry about your little hen and I’m also sorry that your wife has had to survive this bull crap. No one deserves to be attacked by dogs. I feel so bad for you guys. This is a tough situation. It’s hard to decide that you need to do something like this.

  28. As at least one other comment I saw mention, if you're going to be out in the country - especially with an active, aggressive animal problem (wild or domestic) - your wife has got to learn how and be comfortable with your family's firearms.

  29. Agreed, it’s better to let the “owner” think it ran off than to tell them what happened. Logic dictates that if they’re the type to let their dog roam around and kill livestock and do property damage, they’re definitely not going to respond well to you having killed their dog. Best to just do it and go on with your day like it never happened, it isn’t worth risking an altercation with that type of person.

  30. Don't have chickens (and am confused as to why I was joined in this sub??) but people have a serious issue with controlling their dogs and it pisses me off.

  31. I lost 5 out of 8 of my hens last Sunday by the neighbors of them looked just like yours; hope your chicken feels better.

  32. Similar thing happened to me last summer. German short hair came in my yard and killed 5 chickens. Got it all on camera.

  33. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope your hen makes it! Chickens are tough. One of mine got as 3 inch mystery gash with a huge amount of visible muscle underneath… some antibiotic spray and a little time, that sucker scabbed right over. She never stopped laying the whole time.

  34. One of our hens was attacked like this last November. She healed up and is good now, she just took a few months off from laying eggs. Best healing luck to your hen!

  35. We lost our first 3 girls to a wild dog that made it into the yard. I checked on them, went in, my husband came home, went in, and in that hour long span they were mauled and two of their bodies taken. They left one girl's body and it was an awful sight.

  36. Are you able to give her some meds for infection? If you can, give her extra protein, Poultry Nutri-drench, electrolytes. I sure hope they can make it. Im sorry for the incident.

  37. This might be a wee out of place since I don’t have chickens yet, but I kind of feel like it’s going to be my responsibility to protect my chickens from the roaming dogs around.

  38. Fencing can be expensive, very expensive. But build a fortified coop and run with concrete around the edge to prevent digging. That will keep night attacks down.

  39. Another followup to those who still are reading. She was feeling feisty enough to hop out of the medical box. But it's clear she is still "fleeing it" and tired out fast and sat down.

  40. Make sure you tell all your neighbors! They may have similar experiences with their livestock or would like to be aware so they can keep their animals safe.

  41. Heyo! Dog owner here. I don't advocate for shooting animals for a natural predatory instinct that's literally been apart of them for billions of years. That includes wild animals who have few options due to deforestation. Can't really got into their territories and take away the natural methods they're used to and then blame them for improvising. I mean, they are what they are.... But, the blame for everything here definitely falls on the owners no question.

  42. So sorry! I had a combo of hawks? Roaming dogs and coyotes have ransacked my chickens this week too. Lost 2 rooster, 10 hens and 5 chicks...within 3 days

  43. Poor baby 😢 i had a bunch of chickens and put them in a unstable coop ( I was really dumb and it was when I first got chickens) and I woke up the next day to all of my chickens eaten expect for one that is living today 🥳 moral of the story don’t get a crappy coop and dont get one that u can actually dig into from the botton

  44. Similar story has a show rooster that a neighbours dog killed so I took the dead rooster and knocked on the door...told him that was a $200 chicken and he wrote my a cheque,not a horror story but not all dog owners are bad as much as I don't like dogs!

  45. Had about 6 different times where people’s fucking mutts have killed my birds, i get extremely angry cause just about all those times, they 1. Were not secured (let freely roam) 2. People are ignorant of the fact that dogs very much can kill.

  46. Poor baby! I hope she lives too. I have a neighbor with two pit bulls that are never leashed. I refuse to go outside when those things are loose in his front yard.

  47. my parents lost dozens to dogs since they where scared to do anything, but i'm a full citizen and the 2nd amendment does wonders, now i only lost a couple, i gave em a warning shot and he went again... i gave a direct hit in his heart so there was no pain, don't fuck with southern degenerates that have mental problems, even if your a dog.(i do feel kinda bad but that bastard dog tried attacking my neighbors kids, my dogs/cats, my foals, my ducks, my sheep, and even a bull and my chickens where just the last straw since i had my gun ready since i was finna hunt some deer)

  48. People who don’t train their dogs, especially pitties, and let them run loose are trash. Had my neighbors dogs get loose once and murdered several of my chickens and my ducks. I ended up getting a pitbull/border collie and he guards my chickens now, it’s really not hard to train a puppy to not kill animals…

  49. That's awful. I'm so sorry. We had a couple dogs kill 85% of our flock last year while my husband and I were at work. We started keeping them locked up in the coop unless we were home. One morning our indoor dog alerted us that something was going on outside. It was those 2 dogs trying to get in to the coop. My husband went out the back door and shot one right through the lungs, unfortunately I couldn't get out the front door and to our side fence fast enough to catch the one running off. He's still out in the neighborhood and I keep my fingers crossed every day that it never comes back because we are back to free ranging on our property. However, it didn't seem to be the instigator and it looked pretty bored fairly quickly. The other one was absolutely determined to try to get in to the coop.

  50. that my friend is illegal. you cant lure something on your property to kill it, its fine if you shoot it to defend you or your own property but you cant just set a trap.

  51. One of my neighbours dogs once jumped the fence and straight up just killed one of our hens when i was a little kid, the neighbors were lovely but their dog was in hind sight psychotic.

  52. I've had chickens survive ridiculous encounters. My favorite hen ended up with a naked neck and a huge gash across her throat from a fox attack, and she pulled through. Keep the areas clean and she should be all right, they are remarkably resilient creatures.

  53. Poor baby! I hope she does ok. I had a hen survive a very vicious rooster attack. He completely scalped the top of her head. I could see her skull and tendons. She healed wonderfully though and had a scar I always had to cover with blue Kote to keep her safe from the other hens

  54. I was riding a bike at night I'm the country, and 2 pitbulls charged me from somebody's front yard. They didn't have a fence to keep them in and at night they probably get more protective. So I was pedaling as fast as I can on this shitty old bike screaming at them to get away while they are chasing me and barking. I got away but if I was on foot I would have gotten attacked.

  55. Yes, healing up. I guess it is getting itchy because she has to be held to keep her from trying to peck at her wound areas.

  56. She is doing better and better. Her comb is now plump again so any blood/fluid loss is well past, so no dehydration risk anylonger.

  57. good way to kill your own animals, local wildlife, and possibly people. you ever watched a dog die from rat poison? it isn't some quick death. you have to watch that dog shake and puke and bleed and scream for a long time before it dies.

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