Who’s more annoying?

  1. “You solved it? Ah, but this is merely check detective. Soon I will be mating you. Wait, I meant chess! Chess you base, gutter minded savage!”

  2. The difference is, minus the elaborated schemes, Screwball is real. That makes her ten times worse. Plus, Riddler is so fucking funny and what happens when he loses is gold.

  3. Screwball wasn’t even entertaining. She was just annoying. At least the Riddler had his moments and was funny.

  4. Screwball is the absolute worst. I’d rather drive my bat-tank through a constant loop of riddler races (“still not a riddle, Eddie!”) than do a single screwball race.

  5. Screwball hands down. At least some of the Riddler challenges were interesting. She was incredibly obnoxious.

  6. The Riddler is funny annoying, always messing up, and then you punch him in the face. Screwball has a squeaky ass annoying voice and does literally nothing except set up cameras and scream. At least riddler is smart and is satisfying to lock up. I play the screwball challenges fucking muted

  7. Definitely Screwball. Most of her challenges aren’t even that interesting. That and I can list at least 2 funny moments I had with Riddler off the top of my head.

  8. Screwball is legit not fun. Like, actively annoying. Do not like her in the slightest. The Riddler is perfectly written and acted. Screwball is just.. not fun.

  9. As characters screwball easily like any time she speaks I become violently angry, as for what gameplay is associated with their side missions riddler all them fucking riddler trophies and breakable objects etc are so fucking tedious

  10. Okay so on one hand Riddler caused me severe PTSD when I hear "Riddle" and I have done his Riddles 3 times on Arkham Knight and on the other hand Screwball has a high pitched voice who wants followers and is essentially a TikTok/Instagram user who- Fuck Screwball is what I'm saying

  11. Their characters aside, I would rather find 100 trophies than do one of Screwball's challenges for a gold rating.

  12. I recently played SMPS4’s DLC’s, and my God, she’s sooo annoying. She’s talking as if she could even match the lowest set score on those challenges. At least Nigma could take on Batman in a fight with his mech, this bitch just ran away

  13. screwball without question. probably one of the most annoying characters ever and her voice drives me insane.

  14. Screwball cause Nigma can sometimes be funny when you start winning the races and when you die but screwball is just plain annoying

  15. Screwball for being generally annoying, riddlers annoying for his tasks more. I can stand him when he talks screwball I mute the game and just play on silent also the fact you have to play her missions in the dlc also makes me annoyed

  16. Screwball is just annoying to listen to, her missions are easy af. Riddler literally makes you collect 243 trophies all around Gotham, outside and inside previous locations, just to beat his ass. Fuck that guy ong bruh

  17. Screwball. I can tolerate Riddler. But every second Screwball talks I want to break out of the cut scene and punch her

  18. Screwball, at least Riddler is funny and I love it every time I’m getting his Riddler Trophies, he starts to get desperate.

  19. Screwball since yeah riddler is annoying too but unlike screwball you actually get to punch Riddler in the face repeatedly. Screwball you just chased atoind the map

  20. Screwball is a million times more annoying but Riddler’s mission are completely fucking annoying, specially in City

  21. Both are perfect representations of desperate attention seekers on the internet. Riddler is like a neckbeard, a delusional ass who thinks he's a 'genius' and gets obsessively pissed when people don't recognize it. Screwball is an annoying GenZ live streamer who values internet fame over morality.

  22. 100% screwball riddler is at least amusing and sometimes funny and his challenges are satisfying to complete. Screwball's ones are all so repetitive, easy and her voice is fucking annoying

  23. Riddle me this who's green and purple now about to be black and blue later because I am purposefully waiting till after i lock everyone else up to start collecting those stupid little trophies of his.

  24. Screwball, because 1) I have to hear nigma in smaller bursts 2) nigma has more than just the same few lines 3) voice is noticably less grating

  25. I think the riddlers funny, he’s not written to annoy the player like screwball is. You laugh at how much of a jackass the riddler is, and you just want to throw screwball off of a building

  26. At least I completed Screwball’s missions on my first play through. Faster than Riddler’s too, obviously, because there aren’t 400 trophies and challenges.

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