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  1. This game was awesome! I don't remember any lies tho. I do remember broken shit like the assassin one shoting everything from behind. Just had to jump over people's head and then they were instantly dead!

  2. It’s wild that they haven’t done anything like this yet, especially when you see the massive success of fantasy takes on RTS. Battlefield systems would work really well with magic, dragons, behemoths, all sorts of funky stuff.

  3. I think a science fantasy genre would work well for BF. Or steampunk. I don't think straight LoTR style fantasy would work but there's a ton of different genres and settings they could explore that would work well with BF imo

  4. That won't be too bad ngl.. Personally, I don't like RPG/Fantasy Games so even a Battlefield set in Medieval Times would do very well.

  5. I'd be down with a fantasy battlefield. Staffs and magic, with chivalry's melee combat. Horses and chariots. Dragons that fly around. Make a siege mode with bots for added scale. Story can be lit. Can even sell your dumbass cosmetics like a merlin sniper mage or something stupid like that.

  6. At this point, sure why not. Not like bf2042 is getting saved and the previous ones felt numb too. Ever since about BF3 they just kinda dropped off on delivery. Hell, even BF4 never got the tank warfare game mode for some reason and that was fun.

  7. I'm curious how melee systems would work in a battlefield game. Would it be like far cry- kind of clunky but do able? Or for honor- which is like a duelling system? Or maybe more of a hack and slash like the old lord of the rings games?

  8. In a utopia Warner studios let Peter Jackson complete his LoTR series his way. This all leads to Dice making a LoTR like battlefield 3 and improved sequel like bf4. The Witcher of fantasy realistical mil Sim. Lol /s

  9. They don't even have the confidence to make a standard fist person shooter working now, how can I expect them to make something like this from scratch? I do love fantasy and if done well it could be good but I lost all of my expectations for the battlefield series now

  10. I've always thought Battlefield should make small spin offs with weird settings, kind of like Hardline. I would love a more arcadey take on the Napoleonic wars or even medieval battles. They could make like 3-4 maps and around 10 weapons and just release it as a standalone game without any DLC support. I'd love to play something like that with Battlefield's movement system and graphics.

  11. I'm not gonna lie, if visceral did a fantasy/diesel-punk/steam-punk Battlefield instead of Hardline it would be awesome.

  12. I'd love to see Dice make Battlefield:Renegade using the CnC franchise. I like the old school game but if they could tighten it up like they did the the Battlefront games they made, I'd be all over it.

  13. A part of the reason BF1 succeeded was because there were very few WWI-themed FPS shooters. A Medieval-Fantastical FPS would be even more refreshing.

  14. Honestly I think this is going to be the next Battlefield, because if it's not then I don't care for anything they release I would have 0 excitement.

  15. Yeah, but its a battlefield game so the swords will have no hitboxes, the arrows will fly backwards, snd the dragons will clip through the ground and fall into oblivion.

  16. There's lots of flying creatures in fantasy, like obviously Dragons, and others such as Pegasus, Griffins, and much more!

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