He needs a bigger boat..

  1. My wife said that on ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’ they had mentioned Wally. Apparently they had to make him his own floating couch to stop him from sinking more boats.

  2. T'other day I heard on a podcast about a walrus that sank several boats, so the marina operators made a big floating couch for him, and lured him to it with pheromones.

  3. I feel so a sense of awww and sadness due to the pollution the sea lion faces near the docks. But also I would chill with them with a 12 pack and drink 😂

  4. Does this really happen? Why would he want on the boat to begin with? Did they leave fish out? Lol. Like a grizzly in the woods if you leave food out at camp 🥺

  5. He's been doing it all up and down our East and South coasts for a while now. They built him a floating 'sofa' but he prefers the boats.

  6. I’m no marine biologist but couldn’t you just drive the boat away from the giant sea creature had you not abandoned ship so soon.

  7. Imagine being so rich that there are places you could park your boat and have sea lions climb aboard.

  8. You really don't need to be rich to have Animals on your boat. I've had a sea otter and a bear (seperate occasions) and my boat isn't worth over $3k

  9. Is this normal behaviour? Like this is normal but now we all have cameraphones? Or this guy is an example of climate change and we're too overwhelmed and saturated to see it as a warning sign?

  10. So legit question, if you happen to be on a boat and one of these guys was crawling on top of it, what are you supposed to do? Jump off?

  11. As a zoologist, seals are honestly some of the most disgusting animals I have experienced. This looks like a young walrus I guess.

  12. Epic! Let's hope that jumping onto boats becomes a new hobby for massive seals, and that massive yachts owned by rich wankers become their place of leisure.

  13. It's the bird he took home when he was drunk. He woke up pushed her out and fled. She's just getting back in

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