This kid will change your perspective on life in under 1 minute

  1. But how else will they get views and our parents be able to send this to us and share it with people they know on Facebook? /s

  2. Yea, generally the people (and by extension their kids, of course) that don’t care and would coach their kid to say something like this have plenty of money to the point that high-end goods aren’t of any concern. I’m not saying the message is wrong, but I know plenty of 1%era that wear comfortable but basic clothing because even tho they could afford infinitely better, they just don’t care - they buy what’s comfortable and easy to care for.

  3. You guys would be surprised at how mature some kids can be. They’re in the minority. But some of them just like to talk about the political and economic state of the world.

  4. We all joking about how this is super scripted but the kid low key killed the delivery lmao kid has big Nickelodeon energy

  5. I totally get the idea and running theme that he's been coached by his parents. However and this may not be the popular belief, this kid is clearly very, very articulate for his appeared age. Even if he was coached its obvious he's a very intelligent kid. Funny how many immediately bring him down that it's just a parent looking for karma when it's a black kid that's possibly gifted, but when it's a white kid it's nothing but the praise and WTG, and this kid has it! Sorry to say but the racial bias here is way to obvious.

  6. That's my thought is that this kid is basically summarizing a bunch of positive ideas about materialism that he was taught by a very wholesome and loving family. At the beginning it felt kind of unnatural but further on it's like he warms up.

  7. That kid was articulate for any age and whoever wrote it was very wise. I’m still not that wise and when I went to college they didn’t have cell phones.

  8. No it's annoying no matter what race. What's worse though is people who think everyone is racist and try to make everything about racism

  9. While I do think he may have “ extra “ parents ... this may not be far from who this kid is .... my lil brother started reading at a very young age and never liked kids his age .... at about 5/6 he talked like this on his own

  10. Funny. I remember getting teased for wearing filas when I was like 10 yo too. They had this plastic exoskeleton that I thought was cool, but apparently wasnt. I let it destroy me. My parents never let me spend money on trendy name brand stuff, but at least having 1 good pair of shoes became pretty important to me after that. Now I'm just happy to find anything that fits having 4e feet.

  11. Imagine feeling threatened by the intelligence of a young person. These comments are just yikes.

  12. The Sigma Male Grindset music made me think that the video was gonna end with him stealing the other kid’s shoes or something.

  13. Filas are bomb. Who would be making fun of Fila’s they were the shizz in the 90’s especially with the razor chunky heel.

  14. At that age, I would've shouted obscenities directed toward him, his mother, his sister, and the horse he rode in on.

  15. Why are so many people thinking this kid was forced to do this? I was this kid when I was a kid. I might not have videos of it but I was the one saying this kind of stuff. I’m confused. Like how could he have memorized all of that in one go as a 9 (?) year old.

  16. He has that Disney point down, for sure. I’ve seen this several times… I wonder if he watched a motivational speaker on YouTube. Good on him to have good stuff put in his noggin like that.

  17. Maybe instead of spending all the time rehearsing this with your kid you should trim your kid's fingernails and play with them...

  18. This is a kid reading the most basic self-help shit from a script. "Life-changing" if you're 12, maybe, lol.

  19. It's not often that my face physically cringes when I watch videos like this, but damn. Poor kid who probably got put up to this by his parents to get some likes online

  20. Everyone knows this already. No need to make an overly dramatic video like it’s gonna change someone’s life

  21. Finally, someone thinks the way I do. Material shjt doesn't mean shjt unless you like it and it serves a purpose. I have one pair of shoes, two pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 belts, about 6 shirts, a jacket, some socks, and some underwear. I can't tell you the brand of any of them, because I don't particularly care. My pc isn't very new, but it works for what I use it for. My TV isn't particularly high end, but it's big, decently loud, and displays a decent picture. I have my ps4, my Xbox one, my switch, and every previous generation of console aside from Sega, and I still use them every so often. But they aren't on display, they're in my closet. I have two cars, neither of them were new, but they work, for the most part (older 2000 one needs a new battery). I live in a small apartment with my wife, but it's cheap, and the landlady doesn't bother us, and provides the water

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