Hunter camouflage

  1. I was staring right at him looking for an animal, and I thought I saw a spider or a cat or something before I noticed it was a man.

  2. With that much camo this guy could just drop onto deer that pass under his tree stand like a leopard. That would make for one hell of a story.

  3. OMG. Wow. I thought that I was looking at an insect, maybe a walking stick hunting another insect. But the insect kinda looked a bit mechanical. Then I saw the bug’s head which became the cap and I FINALLY saw the hunter.

  4. From a treestand like that, it's very likely that he/she's hunting whitetail deer. They're definitely not hunting wild turkey - that's done from the ground in order to be as close to the target as possible.

  5. Wearing camouflage is not cheating. Cheating while hunting is laying fresh apples in front of your treestand, or hunting most species in the dark with a night vision rifle scope.

  6. So if he didn’t have a face covering would a deer passing by just see a disembodied face? Or is this just way overkill to begin with

  7. At first I thought the bow was a surveillance camera and was looking for the hunter. After a good 5 seconds I finally saw it.

  8. This picture appears to be from an ad for Realtree brand camouflage. The owner of Realtree is a guy from Columbus, Georgia who hand-drew his original patterns. His story is a tale of country-boy-make-good.

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