What items do you feel you constantly get in your beauty box(es)?

  1. Always a pallet that has garish colors that I'd never use. Once in a blue moon it's fine to get something a little off beat, but I rarely get eyeshadows that I'm like 'oh something I can use every other day'.

  2. Lately Ipsy keeps sending me a brush every single month. And I have a set of fude soooooo. I actually like and kept some of them but otherwise they get passed around.

  3. Yeah I get a lot of these too. I want open them and try them out but I resist because I’ll likely never use it and then it will be dry AF the one day I want to.

  4. I forgot to mention eye cream! I’m probably sitting on 4 unopened right now and have one coming in my Allure box as we speak- even though they sent me one last month. Ughh.

  5. Same! I am so overloaded with eye cream. And yet I think I’m going to subscribe to allure this month to get that Sunday Riley retinol eye treatment. I’m justifying it because even though I have so many eye creams/serums, none have retinol…I just wish I could find a 50% code or something!

  6. Mascara. I have 2 large Cosmetics bags overflowing. Even if I only use the mascara for a month it will still take at least 4 years to get through all of them.

  7. Lately my Ipsy and Wal-Mart's have been on a mascara overload also. PS I don't like the Mac mascara that came in the Walmart box.

  8. Bronzers and highlighters. It's taken me over a decade just to pan one of each of these items. I wonder if there's an "please send me once every 10 years" option on ipsy...🤔

  9. Face masks. Eyeliner. Mascara. Serums. I hate serums. They turn oily skin into a minefield of acne. And the highlighters. Highlighters don't need full size palettes. You use so little at a time.

  10. Black eyeliner, cheap eyeshadow singles, lip liners, and primer. I don't wear makeup, so it kind of sucks! lol

  11. 2019 was the year of the highlighter for me- I still have so many and i cancelled all my subscriptions a year ago! (Back on the bandwagon now though lol)

  12. Too much skin care. I’m set with what I have. Really I get the beauty boxes for cosmetics/ try new things. It’s hard to try new face creams or change them often because my skin doesn’t always react well.

  13. Dry shampoo and I hate dry shampoo. So bad for my scalp. I've given so much of it away that I have no one left to give it to. Straight in the trash.

  14. Eyeshadows:quads, singles, huge palettes even. I’m swimming in eyeshadows and probably have every shade they can possibly make. Thing is I barely wear it. Even when I wear makeup I typically skip shadow and eyeliner because eventually it gets in my eyes and it’s really annoying.

  15. I don’t mind eye cream, I’ll take all the anti aging I can get. And because I switch out my mascara every few months I never mind getting another.

  16. Mascara, lashes, primer and highlighter. I'm so overwhelmed and these are set to never. I get them in all my boxes.

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